TCT annular cutter with Weldon shank DNTX(K)-3

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D.O.C.  35mm

Weldon shank , with more stable clamping for stable cutting and finish of holes
Additional one hole on the shank of cutters≤40mm , fit arbors with 19.05 bore as well as quick-change system
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:What drills are used in stainless steel drilling?
We can also use stainless steel chip breaker, S carbide drill, four bit drill bit and indexable carbide drill.
Q:What's the angle of a standard twist drill?
How much is the standard twist drill angle - 118 degrees, drawing (the threaded hole is a blind hole at 120 degrees) according to the draw.
Q:What drills do you use for screw holes?
The threaded hole form, are processed in accordance with the bottom thread needs processing, such as M24 with 21 bit.
Q:How much is an alloy drill bit?
This need to see what factors such as specifications and brands affect. 10MM, for example, is about 100 of the average.
Q:What's the material composition of the electric hammer drill?
Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials.
Q:How do you drill a drill?
1 used to hand as a fulcrum, hold the drill, the other hand holding drill tail;2 bit cutting edge level against the wheel at the level of the outer edge of the cutting edge and the edge of the wheel angle is about 60 degrees or smaller (standard 58-59 degrees);
Q:Drills, drills, heating drills, will they be annealed?
So in need of cutting fluid filling drilling, cutting fluid can take away a lot of heat cutting when cutting, cutting temperature, and the cutting fluid can penetrate into the workpiece, cutting tool, the lubricating film formed between the chip and the tool and the workpiece, can reduce the friction between the chip, thereby reducing the cutting deformation of bue growth inhibition. And the cutting fluid can be a small chip away to avoid clogging timely or scratch the workpiece machined surface, reduce the surface roughness value, reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece and ensure the machining accuracy and improve production efficiency.
Q:What kind of steel do you need to drill?!
Some use ion implantation technology to inject titanium, nitrogen and carbon into the substrate at a certain depth, which not only improves the hardness and strength, but also makes them move when the drill is regrinding. Also, a diamond film is formed at the top of the drill bit by physical means, which greatly improves the hardness and wear resistance of the drill bit. The hardness and strength of cemented carbide are not only related to the ratio of tungsten carbide to cobalt, but also to the particle of powder.
Q:Why is the drill angle 118 degrees?
HSS high speed steel drill bit: vertex angle is generally 118 degrees, sometimes greater than 130 degrees, HM carbide drill bit: vertex angle is generally 140 degrees; straight groove drilling is often 130 degrees, three edge drill is generally 150 degrees.
Q:What are the differences between a twist drill and a construction drill? Where are they used?
Impact drills operate by rotating and impacting. A single shock is very slight, but a shock frequency of more than 40000 minutes per minute can produce continuous force. Used of natural stones or concrete. When the impact drill works, the drill chuck is provided with an adjusting knob, which can be adjusted in two ways: an ordinary hand drill and an impact drill. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

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