TCT annular cutter with Weldon shank DNTX(K)-3

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D.O.C.  35mm

Weldon shank , with more stable clamping for stable cutting and finish of holes
Additional one hole on the shank of cutters≤40mm , fit arbors with 19.05 bore as well as quick-change system
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:What drill does 42CrMo use to drill better?
Drilled outlet, rotary car hole boring other shapes
Q:The installation method of the electric hammer drill?
General electric hammer head has a jacket, when the machine is running it is moving along, you put up this set of hammer drop down, then put the drill insert, loosen the coat. There are four grooves on the drill bit, and there are small steel balls in the coat to hold the drill bit
Q:To do the M4 screw hole, what size holes must be drilled first?
According to my experience in the industry, since you are an aluminum piece, you should use kerosene or kerosene and cutting fluid when you tap. This will make the tapping more smooth and protect the tap and thread. In addition, the general aluminum pieces should be steel wire screw, otherwise, the teeth are easily broken.
Q:What is countersunk drill, flat head drill?
Flat drill: literally, a drill without head angles, somewhat similar to a milling cutterBut at the time of processing
Q:What bits of percussion drills are made of?
Cemented carbide: an alloy material made from powder metallurgy by hard metals and bonded metals of refractory metals.
Q:How big a drill bit does the M6 screw hole need?
M6 drilling, according to 0.85*6---0.9*6, this is a bit to see what interval selection, but also the rest of the material, and to what degree of precision, such as the country with the more stringent requirements you should check the mechanical manual hole base shaft tolerances, and the material is also related to comparison large, such as electric drill is to use wood to choose a smaller bit.
Q:How do you tell which materials are used in the test?
Cutting different materials depends more on the shape of the cutting edge. Different cutting edges are used for different materials. Experience is very important. Take a look at the schematic diagram of the drill edges.
Q:How do the new pros or cons drill the drill bit without the key?
This is the hand chuck chuck, is divided into two parts, the front end is used for elastic, rear end is fixed, you want to unload the drill, left to right back to the front to turn in the opposite direction can be loose, Anhui, Bozhou, great electrical firm opened, welcome patronage. Address is: Wanfu market, B building, No. 76-77, which is the general agent of broad brand. Cost-effective
Q:What are the tools, drills, and any of the machine tools made of?
High speed steel means containing more tungsten, chromium and aluminum alloy elements such as the tower of metalwork of steel, commonly known as steel or stainless steel.The machine is characterized by simple manufacture; high hardness (63 ~ 66HRC), wear resistance and heat resistance (about 600 - 660 C); have sufficient strength and toughness; have good craft; can bear greater impact; tool manufacturing complex shape, such as special lathe tool, milling cutter and drill, broach and gear cutter; but notIt can be used in high speed cutting. Grades and properties of commonly used high speed steel.The hardness of high speed steel after quenching is HRC63 ~ 67, and the red hard temperature is 550 ~ 600 DEG C, and the allowable cutting speed is 25 ~ 30m/min.The bending strength and impact toughness of high speed steel is high, can be cast, forging, welding, heat treatment and machining, has good grinding performance, the grinding quality is high, so it is used to manufacture complex shape of tools, such as drill, reamer, milling cutter, and also used for low speed machining tool and forming turning tool.Commonly used high-speed steel grades are W18Cr4V and W6Mo5Cr4V2 two.
Q:Sharpening of drill angle when machining different materials
For drilling soft materials, the drill points can be sharpened. As to why such a grinding bit is made, it is because the harder material can hold the bit, so that the bit does not swing too much, and the diameter of the drilled hole can meet the requirements. Soft material drilling, if the drill is relatively flat, because the material is relatively soft, can not cover the drill bit, so that drilling out of the size of the hole is too poor.

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