TCT annular cutter with thread shank DNTL-4

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5000 pc/month

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D.O.C.  50mm

M18*6/P1.5 thread shank , Suitable on Fein magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:How long the hand-held electric hammer drill?
Hard alloy electric hammer drill body made of high quality alloy steel, the knife head is welded with hard alloy.
Q:Specification of plastic expansion plug and collocation of drill bits
For domestic expansion parts, there is no size standard, so there is no way to tell you how many sizes. Plastic expansion pipe, to measure its body diameter (regardless of some special products, such as some foreign use, there will be a large part of the stay outside), due to the expansion strength of plastic parts, and the product itself is relatively small, so with the same size a bit, and not boring a bias is too large, so as not to affect the aperture.
Q:What's the difference between a twist drill and an impact drill?
Impact drill is based on the modified twist drill to make it suitable for a variety of operational requirements, the shape can understand it, handle + spiral twist drill is simple, impact drill for spiral handle + + flat head.
Q:How big is the 6 bit that the worker says?
The default length units for machining and mechanical drawing are millimeters,
Q:Which material, gb1436 and 6542, has a good drill?
6542 refers to the content of various elements in this material. For example, 6542 is W (tungsten) content of about 6%, Mo content of 5%, Cr content of about 4%, V content of about 2%.
Q:Impact drill and electric hammer drill is what is the difference?
Hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, can open 6--100mm in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials on the hole in the hammer on the opening of materials of high efficiency, but it is not a hole in the metal.
Q:Do we need drill bit for cast steel drilling?
Drill metal is generally black drill bit, drill material is generally high speed steel, in general metal materials (alloy steel, non alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metal) drilling, with the use of metalworking drill bits. However, pay attention to drilling on the metal material, not too high speed, easy to burn drill bit edge.Now, there are some gold plated with rare hard metal films, which are made of tool steel, which are hardened by heat treatment. The tip is made into two equal angles with a slight inclination to form an acute corner. Drill steel, iron, aluminum that has no heat treatment, in which aluminum is easily sticking to the drill and is lubricated with soapy water when drilling.
Q:When tapping M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10, how big bits of drill (ordinary steel) are used?
Extrusion tap:Screw - pitch: D=d1-0.49P P = 2. In the case of M10x1.5, hole size D=10-0.49 * 1.5=9.27. (recommendation 9.3)Screw - pitch: D=d1-0.42P P = 0.8. In the case of M3x0.5, hole size D=3-0.42 * 0.5=2.79. (recommendation 2.8)Therefore, cutting tap hole were recommended as follows: 3.3, 4.2, 5, 6.8, 8.5
Q:I want to buy an electric drill with requirement is about 3MM bit penetration with ordinary bowl to eat what to buy an electric drill to much power and strength
At present, domestic electric drill clamping diameter to 10mm. The power in the 300W-750W range, but also with positive and reverse stepless speed, to your requirements for the use of 300W single direction can speed drill start steady good control, the price is slightly high. When punching to clamp is glass hole, mounted on an electric drill, follow light pressure in vertical direction, and the water cooling in the drill point. Main point: the workpiece must be fixed to the vertical force, the drill hole can not be aware of, suddenly shaking or will cause cracking of porcelain. For bulk opening, the best selection of drill. Optional hand drill type: J1Z-6A 230W 6mm J1Z-10A 300W the clamping diameter; and the clamping diameter above 10mm; J1Z-FF02-6A 230W reversible variable speed clamping diameter 6mm; JIZ-FF-10A reversible variable speed 300W and above the clamping diameter of 10mm. Add water tools can be an empty beverage bottle, a small hole in the bottle cap, after irrigation, gently pinch the bottle body, the water will be shot to the drilling hole, it is best to operate two people in order to ensure safe and smooth.
Q:What size of drill should we use to drill 10 holes?
Use Phi 10 bit. Use drill chuck quality is good (without obvious shaking) electric drill hole, no margin problem.

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