TCT annular cutter with thread shank DNTL-4

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D.O.C.  50mm

M18*6/P1.5 thread shank , Suitable on Fein magnetic drills
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal


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Q:What's the angle of a standard twist drill?
If the front angle is too small, the bit strength decreases, the deformation increases, the torque increases, and the drill bit breaks easily. Therefore, a reasonable front angle should be sharpened according to the strength and hardness of the workpiece material. The front angle of the standard twist drill is 2 and phi is 118 degrees
Q:What's the difference between a UC drill and an ST bit?
The ST drill is easy to operate, easy to control diameter, more grinding times, and its range of use is relatively large. It can be used in general use, which is beneficial to general diameter drilling and double face plate and more than 6 layers of panels.
Q:Can HSS drill bits be drilled into stainless steel?
No, we should use alloy drill bit, drill vertex angle to 135 degrees, you can use the drill grinding machine repair grinding, our company is using Dongguan Muller machine drill grinding machine, grinding effect is good.
Q:What's the material composition of the electric hammer drill?
Electric hammer drill, mainly adopts the high quality alloy steel, the cutter head adopts Y hard alloy welded.
Q:Drills, drills, heating drills, will they be annealed?
When drilling cast iron, do not use or use 5% ~ 8% emulsion or kerosene. When drilling steel parts, use 3% ~ 7% emulsion. When deep hole machining or cutting speed is higher, feed amount should be large enough to supply enough cutting fluid to reduce the influence of thermal deformation on workpiece and improve the quality of machining.
Q:What size drills and taps are required for drilling M10's internal threads?
M10*1.5 (not considering tap tap for precision thread); if M10*1.25, with Phi 8.7 bit; M10*1.25 (without considering precision tap tap thread); if it is M10*1, with 9 bit;
Q:Is the drill fast to feed, easy to break, or slow to feed, easy to break?
The drill bit is fast to slow to feed off constantly does not matter much, mainly is the workpiece to be fixed, fixed, easily broken drill bit is tilted, fast heating feed is not easy to burn a bit empty, but also from the new rules, the drill bit, drill feed uneconomical, slow hair less heat, drilling accuracy high
Q:What is the minimum specification for hollow drill bits?
The minimum specifications of the hollow bit are: 12mm in diameter, depth of drilling 25mm and depth of 35mm
Q:Why do you always burn drills?
If it's made of stainless steel, there's also a drill, a cobalt white drill, which I've often used, though expensive, but super durable. If the ordinary drill, the speed of 500 to 800 minutes, on the high burning.A class of white steel line, color grinding when not, point to be around 118, as high temperature resistant. The speed is about 1000.
Q:What does SDS+ mean in a drill?
I happen to know this. SDS stands for "Special_Direct_System", which is said to have been invented by BOSCH, followed by inches, usually representing diameter, with 4 tunnels and 5 tunnels designed to be represented by X4 or X5.

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