HSS-E annular cutter with FEIN Quick-IN DNHF-3

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D.O.C.  35mm
18mm Fein Quick-IN shank . Suitable on Fein Magnetic drills
Made of super tough high speed steel with mulit-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower feiction to reach better performance of endurance and removal of chips


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Q:What kind of drills are commonly used in CNC machining centers?
There are many kinds, mainly depending on what parts you use to process, and the machine tools are good enough. Can you use high efficiency drills?.
Q:What's the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 10mm?
Of course, if it is not a cylindrical drill, but a hole opener, it can be as large as 100mm and open a round hole on a low density material such as a large board.
Q:How big is the screw hole at the back of the torch chuck, Is it a rebound?
The bore of the torch chuck is a thread free bore with a degree of indentation. It is tight fit and not spinning!The drill chuck is in threaded buckle! Commonly used electric hand drill bit within 6 mm diameter 8 mm individual chuck Cocker!! 12-16 mm drill!The hole on the side of the chuck is the drill bit, the key, the axle hole, and no thread!
Q:The drill marked difference with hammer marks?
When the adjusting knob is pointing to the side of the tool is a hammer, impact drill function. The impact function used in wall drilling, drilling alone for wood, metal, and other drilling books
Q:What's the difference between a drill bit and a tap?
The drill bit is specially used for drilling, while the tap is used for tapping
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 60
A diamond bit is a drill bit for cutting edges. The drill bit is an integral bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance, it is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in 1980s. Field use shows that the diamond bit in the soft - hard strata drilling, have the advantages of high speed, more footage, long service life, stable operation, less accidents, downhole wellbore quality etc.. The diamond bit not only can be used for a long time, but also can be reused. The diamond bit recovered from the factory can be used almost as well as the diamond bit produced by the factory. It can save drilling cost in large amount.
Q:What is the geometric angle of the drill bit?
A TRUSCO bit is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid material and to expand existing holes. The TRUSCO bit acts on its head, and its cutting edge and the cross edge act as a tool. In order to make the taper surface of the cutting part not touching the workpiece, the value of the rear angle and back angle should be selected according to the material of the workpiece.
Q:How do you drill a drill?
2, drill clockwise in the same direction, drilling tail down about 10 degrees angle, sharpening;3, drill once rotated 30 degrees angle or slightly larger, pay attention not to sharpen all other cutting edge, grinding two or three times;The 4 supporting point does not change, and the drill rotates 180 degrees, with the same method sharpening all other cutting edges;5, after grinding, the drill will be vertical (to make it natural droop), and hold it in hand, check whether the grinding bit is symmetrical with its center line;In case of asymmetric grinding, the angle between the cross blade and the cutting edge should be 50 degrees --55 degrees;
Q:What drill can be used to break through high strength stainless steel plates?
Hard alloy, such as tungsten carbide and the like, or the surface of hard coating, such as titanium carbide can be, high strength stainless steel, hardness is not very high, a lot can be.
Q:What is the maximum diameter of the drill bit 1500W heavy hammer?
An electric rotary hammer drill with a safety clutch with a pneumatic hammer mechanism. Hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, can open 6--100mm in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials on the hole hammer in the above-mentioned materials on the opening of high efficiency, but it is not a hole in the metal.

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