Suspension Ceiling T Bar Galvanized /T Grid Groove System

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Product Description:

    Main Characteristic

    1. High grade galvanized steel as main material, non-deforming, fadeless,moisture proof and 


    2. Strong close fitting, high symmetry

    3. High load capacity

    4. Easy and fast installation, save installing time and labor cost

    5.Large production line and strict product inspection, larger quantity and better quality 

       are available








Main tee 

T24 Flat 38H Galvanized Suspended Ceiling T Grid 





Cross tee





Small cross tee





Wall angle





Thickness : 0.3mm,0.35,0.4mm



Inspection item


National Standard

Test Result



no damage


Hole Distance Difference




Difference of baking paint thickness




Width  Difference




Length Difference




Underside straight Limitation




Galvanized thickness




Load bending Limitation





Ceiling T Grid Proportion

Mineral Fiber Ceiling/PVC Gypsum Ceiling

1 m2

Main Tee

0.225 pcs

Cross Tee

1.35 pcs

Small Cross Tee

1.35 pcs

Wall Angle



1.Superposition joint part between main carrier and vice carrier or vice carrier and carrier is called point lap.

2.It uses lap structure to assembly, connection between joints dovetail very well. The joint face unknits and have a nice appearance.

3.There is a barb at the vice carrier joint, it can avoid loosing and falling from the infection of outside force.

4.Soleplate of main and vice carrier is zincification armor plate, which meets the national GB standard demand. We use baked paint zincifcation armor plate as baked paint panel,whoes capacity of zincification is high. It meet the national GB standard demand.

5. Raw Meterial is galvanized steel with 80-100g/sqm


1.Sample: small sample can be offered by free

2.OEM: OEM is accepted

3.MOQ: small order is ok

4.Test: any third party is accepted to test

5.Factory: Can visit factory any time

6.Delivery Time: small order is within 7days or according to your order

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Q:What is a Ceiling Grid?
It is the frame work for a suspended ceiling. Metal channels are suspended from tie wires in a grid pattern and ceiling tiles are dropped into the grid.
Q:I have a small chandelier I am going to hook to electricity.?
with common lighting you cant go wire is Hot or + or supply.white is neutral.neutral is the same as a ground.people will try to explain it differently but the ground and neutral are married in the fuse box.if the wires are crossed the lite wont know it.just attach ground to the mounting box it's incidental to your purpose
Q:How to use paint keel
Stereo Groove Paint keel. Three-dimensional groove paint keel to double-sided color coated steel strip as raw material, soft color, clear lines, three-dimensional sense of high dimensional accuracy, with tight, with metal ceilings and mineral wool acoustic board supporting the use of modern building interior Ceiling of the classic products.
Q:Light steel keel ldu, cb, ldc, cs what it means
Light steel keel according to the use of hanging keel and cut keel, according to cross-section of the form of V-type, C-type, T-type, L-keel. (1) product specifications series of keel main specifications are divided into Q50, Q75 and Q100. The main specifications of the ceiling keel are divided into D38, D45, D50 and D60. (2) Product marking method The marking order of light steel keel is: product name, code, width of section shape, height, thickness of steel plate and standard number. Such as cross-sectional shape of "C" type, width of 50mm, height of 15mm, steel plate thickness of 1. Smm of the ceiling keel marked as: building light steel keel DC 5 0 XIS XI. SGBllg sl (3) the appearance of quality light steel keel shape to be smooth, angular, cut not allowed to affect the use of burrs and deformation. Galvanized layer is not allowed to have skin, from the tumor, shedding and other defects. For corrosion, damage, dark spots, pitting and other defects, according to the provisions of the method should be tested in accordance with the provisions of Table 2-81. Appearance quality inspection, should be 0.5m away from the product under the conditions of bright light, the visual inspection. Light steel keel surface should be galvanized rust, the double-sided galvanized: excellent products not less than 120g / m * m, first-class goods is not less than 100g / m * m, qualified products not less than 80g / m *
Q:Light steel keel wall approach
Light steel keel gypsum board wall light steel keel wall material 50 type, 75 type, 100 type, 150 type several kinds.
Q:Decoration, said light steel keel gypsum board wall what is the use?
Light weight, strength to meet the requirements. Gypsum board thickness is generally 9.5-15mm, weight per square meter only 6-12Kg. Light steel keel with two paper gypsum board middle folder light steel keel is a good wall, the wall weight per square meter at 23Kg, only about 1/10 of the ordinary brick wall. With the gypsum board as the wall material, its strength can meet the requirements, the thickness of 12mm gypsum board longitudinal fracture load of up to 500N or more.
Q:what should I bid to install a 1500sq ft drop ceiling?
Depends on a lot of things, such as Ceiling height above. You must attach hanging wires to the structure above, so if you have to go up to 12' to attach the wires - it takes more time. And if the existing ceiling is really close 2-4 or less - it makes it harder to install the ceiling tiles,lights,etc. Grid pattern - 2'x4' is the normal grid pattern, but if it is 2'x2' pattern, that takes longer. The type of tile also matters. If it is regular flat panel type ceiling tile with no revealed edge - the tiles drop in quickly and the border tiles cut easily. If it is revealed edge tile that has a decorative edge that sticks down below the gridwork - this takes time to cut and fit, as it must be a really close fit to look right. A professional charges about $.90 per square foot for 2'x4' grid pattern with flat regular tile. For 2'x2' grid pattern-add $.20 per sq. foot. For revealed edge tile add $.30 per sq. foot. Obviously people who do this on the side and are not professionals will do it for a lot less.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, hanging bar, the main keel, sub keel, cross-keel spacing is how much
The distance between the main keel is generally between 80 and 120 cm, depending on the use of thick gypsum board, if the gypsum board thick, or double gypsum board, the main keel spacing is small, and vice versa can be appropriate Enlarge the number, but not more than 1.2 meters; hanging bar spacing, is the same, according to the size of the main keel to determine the distance between hanging bars and hanging bars, but the same can not exceed 1.2 meters; sub keel (50 keel ) Spacing, the general use of 9.5mm gypsum board when it is 30 cm, if the thickness of the gypsum board is 12mm, the distance between the vice keel can be enlarged to 40 cm. But here we are basically using 30 cm spacing of.
Q:Light steel keel performance and use
Long no rust, no deformation, the state installed on the light steel keel on the gypsum board, as A-class fireproof material.
Q:According to the specification ceiling light steel keel spacing is how much?
The main dragon spacing is 1 meter, vice-long distance is 30CM, hanging spacing is 1-1.2 meters

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