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Drywall steel profiles are widely used in buildings for ceiling & partition systems with different kinds of boards, such as gypsum board, calcium silicate board, magnesium oxied board, fiber cement board... Drywall steel profiles are made of galvanized steel, and can be installed easilly. Besides, thermal and acoustic insulation products maybe filled in partition system to provide a safe and fire-resistant wall, and create a quiet environment.


Specification of Drywall Steel Profile:

Size: Different series of sizes for different markets

Thickness: By production standard or to order

Length: normal 3m/piece

Zinc-coating: normal 50~60g/m2, or to order


Packing of Drywall Steel Profile:

Pcs into a bale (normally pack by tapes), bales into containers / wagon


Delivery of Drywall Steel Profile:

From Xingang (port) or Tianjin (station), 3 weeks in receipt of advance payment


Installation of Partition with Drywall Profiles and Accessories:

1. Marking

2. Fix the stud and track

3. Install the steel channel

4. Install the boards

5. Jointer application (accessories, screw, jointer, tape, insulation material)




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Q:Light steel keel more than how high is not allowed to use? What are the requirements within the permissible range?
Light steel keel wall height can not exceed six meters, As for the distance, it is useful for sixty centimeters in the past, but it is 40 centimeters now, but it is thirty centimeters if we perform standard according to national building interior decoration.
Q:Light steel keel wall noise cotton is asbestos it? Are there any harm?
Yanmian products are used high-quality basalt, dolomite as the main raw material, after 1450 ℃ high temperature melting after the use of international advanced four-axis centrifuge high-speed centrifugal fiber, while spraying a certain amount of binder, dust, After the collection by the collection of cotton, through the pendulum method, coupled with three-dimensional method of cotton after the curing, cutting, the formation of different specifications and use of rock wool products. Rock wool is a skin irritating cotton product, direct contact with the skin is caused by irritation, such as redness, itching and so on. Other hazards are temporarily unknown. Yanmian advantage lies in the safety of fire, heat insulation sound insulation. Such as other mineral batons are of this nature. If you are worried about sound insulation cotton hazards, you can use polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, is currently the most widely used safety and environmental protection sound insulation batt.
Q:Drop ceiling and recessed lighting. In what order do I install?
Otter Face lol
Q:120mm light steel keel wall keel model is how much
Light steel keel routine with 75 partition keel, plus 2 layer 12 thick gypsum board is nearly 100 thickness
Q:What are the meanings of the letters in the CB, DB CS, DF DM of the light steel keel?
CS: C-type superior keel, should refer to the ceiling 60 bearing keel: 60 * 27 * 1.2, DF: ceiling cover keel or ceiling vice keel or ceiling to pay keel anyway are covered keel, DM is the main keel (main) The ceiling carries the keel
Q:How do I install dropped ceiling in basement?
Get your layout, mains will run every 4 feet perpendicular to your beams. You need a wire every 4 foot down each line a main will run. You can attach the the wires that hold up your mains to your joist by looping them over a beam or you can get screw eyes and screw them into your beam and run your wire through the eye of the screw. Ties these wires and leave them hanging down about 8 below your desired ceiling height. Get a level mark 1 above the height you want your ceiling in 2 corners, pop a chalk line and screw your wall molding with the top touching the chalk line you popped. If you are new at this the easiest way to start your layout is to cut the tab off 1 end of the mains, put the cut end on your wall molding attach a hanger wire to hold the main in place. Do the same with another main and hang. Measure 4 foot from the wall mold and snap in a 4' tee to connect the 2 mains together. Tees will go every 4 foot connecting the mains to each other. Then snap in a 4' tee between the 4'ts in the same direction of the mains. This creates a 2x4 grid pattern. If you want 2x2 grid you will insert 2' tees in between the 4' tees. You will need to tie the hanger wires into the mains and remember to keep them level. (run a string from side to side to keep level if you don't have access to a laser). Also remember to check your grid to make sure you are keeping it squared, measure a 2x4 rectangle from corner to corner diagonally to make sure each measurement is the same. (dropping in a tile from time to time will help you keep square as you go. main.main.main.main.main.main t .............t..............t.............. e.(4' tee)..e.(4'tee)...e.(4'tee)...e.(4'tee) e ............e.............e............e... main.main.main.main.main.main
Q:Light steel keel sticking wood finishes is not to block the blockboard?
Do the purpose of grass-roots two, One is leveling, to ensure the completion of the flatness of the surface; The second is to facilitate the surface layer fixed.
Q:Will the ceiling ceiling light steel keel models and specifications is what
Light steel: refers to the use of relatively small steel made of steel, it is characterized by relatively light, but the hardness is great.
Q:Basement insulation.....?
All good advice. Even with new windows you may still have some leakage there. If they are not properly installed and insulated around, they are no better than the old. IN the attic you need to make sure there is still air circulation. When we moved into our home someone had blown in insulation in the attic, but covered and plugged all the vents. That was an uncomfortable summer. SOme cheap ideas.... Caulk any cracks around your foundation. Every place that 2 different maerials meet should be cau;ed or filled. Run a bead of caulk around the exterior of the windows and doors, including the bottoms. If you have large spaces to fill get some expanding foam. Ask your power/oil company about an energy audit. They are usually free and you get free suggestions from a professional, info about incentives on energy projects, and free goodies like lightbulbs and low flow heads.
Q:Removal of light steel keel
The hole in the material on the fill on the material chant, or the appropriate words to be a decoration to cover him There's no good way Rent the house you add light steel keel wall to do what, plus also use marble glued to the keel ah, Tile hole the most troublesome, if the landlord did not comment on the use of marble rubber tonic color patch can see if The wall must be re-brush about, not just the hole, there must be rust and the like
SUNFLOWER,is one of the leading building materials manufacturers in China. The company has the ability of producing light steel keels, baking finish keels for different uses as well as the supporting materials.The company possesses highly automated production line, great productivity, stable product quality, complete detection means and advanced supporting capacity.Our products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the standards of GB/T13381.1-92 and GB/G14823.1-93.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Bazhou, China
Year Established 1994
Annual Output Value US$ 5 Million - US$ 10 Million
Main Markets China; Russia; the US; France; Germany; Japan; South Korea; the Middle East; Southeast Asia; Australia; South Africa and many other countries and regions
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 12000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average