Solid Copper Conductor PVC Insulated 1.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2 Electrical Wire and cable

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Product Description:

1. Product Specification

The products apply to electrical appliance, instrument, small electric tools, power lighting, telecommunication equipment with AC rated voltage(Uo/U) up to and including 450/750V.


2. Features:

a. Laying temperature: ≥ 0℃

b.The working temperature: the max working temperature of 60227IEC07(BV-90) and 60227IEC08(RV-90) are 90℃, others are 70℃ .

c. acceptable curved radius : the external diameter(D) less than 25mm, the curved radius isn't less than 4D;if external diameter is above and including 25mm, the curved radius should be not less than 6D. (D is the wire's actual outer diameter.)


3.Reated wire's specification


Itemold itemProduct descriptionSpecification(mm2)
60227IEC01BVgeneral purpose single core rigid conductor non-sheathed cable1core1.5-400
60227IEC02RVgeneral purpose single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core1.5-240
60227IEC05BVinternal wiring conductor's temperature 70single core solid conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-1.0
60227IEC06RVinternal wiring conductor's temperature 70single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-1.0
60227IEC07BV-90internal wiring conductor's temperature 90single core solid conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-2.5
60227IEC08RV-90internal wiring conductor's temperature 90single core soft conductor non-sheathed cable1core0.5-2.5
60227IEC10BVVlight PVC sheathed cable2-5cores1.5-35
60227IEC42BVBflat non-sheathed flexible wire2-3cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC43SVRInterior decoration lighting circuit flexible wire2cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC52RVVlight PVC sheathed cable2-3cores0.5-0.75
60227IEC53RVVgeneral PVC sheathed cable2-5cores0.75-2.5
60227IEC74RVVYPoil resistance PVC sheathed screened flexible cables2-61cores0.5-2.5
60227IEC75RVVYoil resistance PVC sheathed unscreened flexible cables2-61cores0.5-2.5
BLValuminum core PVC insulated wire and cable1core2.5-400
BVVcopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed round cable1core0.75-10
BLVValuminum core PVC insulated PVC sheathed round cable1core2.5-10
BLVVBaluminum core PVC and sheathed parallel cable2-3cores2.5-10
BVVBcopper core PVC insulated and sheathed flat cable2-3cores0.75-10
BVRcopper core PVC insulated flexible cable1core2.5-10
BVVRcopper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable1-3 cores0.5-2.5

Solid Copper Conductor PVC Insulated 1.5mm2,4mm2,6mm2,10mm2 Electrical Wire and cable

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Q:The wall was sideways opened a trough how to do ah?
PVC pipe. Iron pipe, trunking, bridge, hose, and so on. The The PVC pipe, trunking generally the most common, used in the kind of request is not very strict, not much bit line. Capital is not high, low cost, iron pipe bridge is mainly used in fire strict buildings, shopping malls, high cost, security, line points and more use of bridge hose used in the line out of the floor to the desktop section. Nice point of the ceiling. Overhead floor, are suitable for placement is not comprehensive, personal experience
Q:Which has, know the power of the electrical, choose the cable formulas. And explain it
Basically are refining, the wax is also used, the high cost of particles
Q:How long is the service life of the cable?
For corrosive environments, cable trays with suitable corrosion resistant coatings should be used
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
No problem with the copper, the home is no problem as if you take a twisted pair as a telephone line KVV with BV material, the process is not much difference in the production
Q:A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
Cable and 10kV power line parallel laying the minimum distance of 0.5 meters.
Q:Ask you a question: how the computer CD-ROM power supply 5V and 12V two lines? Another audio and video cable which group?
Cable bridge at both ends to be installed across the ground wire, ground wire diameter can not be less than 16mm2. Wire ends and wire ends of the middle box to be installed at both ends of the ground wire, grounding wire diameter can not be less than 6mm2. Full length bridge with the grounding system connected to not less than 2. Cable bridge is divided into trough, tray and ladder-type, mesh and other structures, by the bracket, arm and installation accessories and other components. Can be set up independently, can also be attached to a variety of structures (structures) and corridor stent, reflecting the structure is simple, handsome in appearance, flexible configuration and easy maintenance features, all parts are required galvanized, installed in the building Outside the bridge, if it is in the vicinity of the sea or belong to the corrosion area, the material must have anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, good adhesion, high impact resistance of the physical characteristics. According to the relevant provisions of the specification, galvanized cable bridge for a good grounding. galvanized cable tray direct board each fixed bolt contact resistance should be less than 0.005Ω, then the cable bridge can be used as a ground trunk (dusting cable tray should not be used as a grounding line), the resistance of each cable bridge can be the following formula Calculate: r = ρ · L / S where: ρ = 15 × 10Ω-6 / cm (20 ℃); L = length calculated by 100mm; S = cross-sectional area of ​​cm2. The unit resistance value of the ladder on the pallet is shown in Table 2. The unit resistance value of the cable duct is shown in Table 3 The resistance of each ladder (or each cable slot) after the installation of the cable tray is the total: R = R (r + 1 / 3r ') where: R - ladder, that is, (cable trough) total length of the total resistance (mΩ); r - ladder unit length resistance (mΩ / m)
Q:Why does the sparrow stand on the wire without electric shock?
AC power is a two-phase exchange of the power system, itself is positive and negative exchange, the electromagnetic effect can almost count the daily life of the free radiation are more than this number, and can rest assured that the general life supplies, the larger electromagnetic radiation from the DC Of electrical supplies, which only need to pay more attention
Q:What is the wiring principle in the home improvement circuit?
Section 4 "Downhole Cable" Article 466 No cable should be laid in the total return airway and the dedicated return airway
Q:Copper core power cable laying cable sets what fixed
SDH is a synchronous time division multiplexing device, the electrical interface of the 2M signal into the optical interface of the high-speed signal (the use of digital fiber optic patch panel SDHsynchronousdigitalhierarchy) 155M, 622M, 2.G, 10G, etc.). 2 trillion of the signal can be in the DDF above jumper, easy to connect. The optical path signal is spanned on the ODF and is interconnected with the optical interface of the cable or other device. Usually with the network, telephone, etc. are specific business, their communication distance is limited, are generally carried through the transmission network to expand the communication capacity, extending the communication distance. SDH is the main equipment of the current transmission network. DDF and ODF are mainly used in the machine room. The physical interface between devices is BTS-DDF-SDH-DDF-BSC-ODF-MSC or BTS-DDF-SDH-ODF-BSC -ODF-MSC Of course, bsc and msc may also have a section of ODF-SDH-ODF, see the specific circumstances
Q:What is the power cable accessories used to do?
Do not know what you want to ask? What about your situation? Normal or pregnant? Normal this radiation does not affect what, if it is pregnant, this is far away from the best. Pregnancy is most needed to stay away from the microwave!

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