Slow Juicer Spin Dry Juicer

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Centrifugal Juicer
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Housing Material:
Stainless Steel
Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):
Rating (Rpm):
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
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* Healthy juicer
* 300W Induction Motor Juicer
* More efficient / More Juice / More Quiet / Long life

Product Name: Spin Dry Juicer

Voltage & Power: 220-240V~ 300Watts; 110V~ 300Watts

Copper Material Motor:Model 9440 AC Silent induction motor with 100% copper wiring.

Speed: 14,00-1600rpm

Button with Led light: Blue light

Bearings: Ball Bearings ( with 10 times longer life than bushings)

Type:New Design Centrifuge

Chute Mouth Diameter:75 mm

FilterMaterial: Stainless-steel [type-304]

Shape: cylinder & column

Size: 17cm diameter

Spout StyleRound-tube Spout (SS304)

K.B. Time: 30 min on; 5 min off

Material: Stainless-steel [type 430] housing + ABS

Product size: 23x23x45cm

Pulp Keeper Device: Unique design with ABS material

Product stability: Silicon rubber feet

Safety LockDouble safety-switch protection system

Overheating Protect: 120 C auto-shut-off protection system


Production Capacity: 2000pcs/Day/Line

Packing information: Each product in one gift box ( 3 layers)

2 gift boxes in one carton ( 5 layers )

Shipping information: 800 pcs/20FCL, 1600 pcs/40FCL, 1800 pcs/40HQ

Product Weight(gift box)Gross:  6.3kg;  Net.: 5.7kg

Carton Weight ( Carton)Gross:  14kg   Net: 11.4kg

MOQ800 pcs

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Q:How do I use a juicer to squeeze lemon juice?
3, lemon before the juice, it should be cut into the size of the entrance to the juice machine block, and then put into the juicer.4, insert the power before the juice, and ensure the connection.5. Start the machine and make sure the motor is running properly.
Q:Fruit is washed directly after eating well, or juice press after good?
In addition, fruit juice to drink is harmful to children's health, easy to cause lack of exercise for children's teeth, facial muscle and muscle strength become weaker, and the regulating function of the eyeball is weakened. In addition, the long-term inability to chew, the jaw will become less developed, irregular teeth arrangement, upper and lower teeth malocclusion. After all children teeth should eat some rich in fiber, a certain hardness of fruit, in order to increase the child's chewing force, chewing movement and facial affect by ocular movement, accelerate blood circulation, promote the gums, jaw and facial development, both health and beauty.
Q:What's P on the juicer?
Can complete its work content, or need to continue to operate the machine continuously, can achieve the cutting food request.
Q:Which brand of juicer is good for you?
5, filter net is a key component in juicer, and it is also an important standard to evaluate the durability of a juicer. The ideal filter screen should be smooth, clean and easy to clean. The material is stainless steel.At
Q:Juicer Juicer more than 2 thousand than 99 blocks to where
Extrusion type juicer is the host in screw shape, it is used to squeeze out the juice, this juice contains the relative amount of slag centrifugal Juicer high, mainly in the screw extrusion filter, will also give out the slag pressure.Generally speaking, I personally love is low speed centrifugal juicer, because in addition to obtain pure fruit juice, the residue also contains some water, can use the pomace to do some other raw ingredients, really do not waste food principles.
Q:What's good for a juicer?
Still prefer the juice machine, pure taste, very good drink.
Q:What's the difference between a beater and a juicer? Is it necessary for a family to prepare two?
It's also good to use a beater for one machine. Now eat more fiber, and I make juice, usually in the mixer, stir it. It's a pity that the fiber in the fruit is filtered out if you use the juicer. I often break the tomatoes and then break them with my skin. The tomatoes in the sand will thicken when they break. I need a spoon to help them. Once, bought a sweet watermelon, as a result, put a tomato in, the taste is different.
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
Yes, but cut the potatoes into small pieces. After the juice, clean up in time
Q:Why does the juice press out when you squeeze it out?
Juice note:Fresh fruit juice should be drunk as soon as possible, in order to allow nutrients in fruit and vegetable juice is not lost, you should drink as soon as possible, if you can not drink, you can put in the refrigerator. It is worth noting that in storage, the fastest component of juice loss is vitamin C. Different kinds of fruit juice are preserved under different conditions, and the rate of vitamin C loss is not the same. It can range from 20% to 100%.
Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juicer plastic shell formal manufacturers produced for food grade polypropylene or ABS plastic, the material itself is not toxic, but is biologically inert, even by the debris into the stomach to eat will not be digested with corrosion, finally the stool excreted from the body, so basically do not have to worry about. The thing to worry about is that the flying blade smashed the side wall of the container and hurt the pieces.In other words, a good quality Juicer should not hit the wall of a container when used normally.

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