Slow Juicer Spin Dry Juicer

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Centrifugal Juicer
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Housing Material:
Stainless Steel
Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):
Rating (Rpm):
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
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* Healthy juicer
* 300W Induction Motor Juicer
* More efficient / More Juice / More Quiet / Long life

Product Name: Spin Dry Juicer

Voltage & Power: 220-240V~ 300Watts; 110V~ 300Watts

Copper Material Motor:Model 9440 AC Silent induction motor with 100% copper wiring.

Speed: 14,00-1600rpm

Button with Led light: Blue light

Bearings: Ball Bearings ( with 10 times longer life than bushings)

Type:New Design Centrifuge

Chute Mouth Diameter:75 mm

FilterMaterial: Stainless-steel [type-304]

Shape: cylinder & column

Size: 17cm diameter

Spout StyleRound-tube Spout (SS304)

K.B. Time: 30 min on; 5 min off

Material: Stainless-steel [type 430] housing + ABS

Product size: 23x23x45cm

Pulp Keeper Device: Unique design with ABS material

Product stability: Silicon rubber feet

Safety LockDouble safety-switch protection system

Overheating Protect: 120 C auto-shut-off protection system


Production Capacity: 2000pcs/Day/Line

Packing information: Each product in one gift box ( 3 layers)

2 gift boxes in one carton ( 5 layers )

Shipping information: 800 pcs/20FCL, 1600 pcs/40FCL, 1800 pcs/40HQ

Product Weight(gift box)Gross:  6.3kg;  Net.: 5.7kg

Carton Weight ( Carton)Gross:  14kg   Net: 11.4kg

MOQ800 pcs

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Q:Is there a juicer and soymilk machine integrated?
In addition, some of the juicer has bean grinding function, will be dried beans soaked, with the machine grinding out the pulp, after filtering, you need to milk into the pot heating.Now the market of soybean milk machine or Juicer can only do these functions, but to fully realize each other's functions, there has not been this type of machine.
Q:Do you need water when the juice is squeezed?
Hello, juicer use is not put on the water, according to the fruit you want to use. If the fruit itself is a lot of water, there is no need for water, such as watermelon and the like fruit. Water is not a lot of it, it is recommended to put less water, such as apples, pears and other fruits, you can also put yogurt and the like. Of course, if you use very little fruit, you need to drain the water.
Q:SKG how does the juicer jam?
The vertical upward direction of the knife net can be lifted down, and then the center seat can be taken down and cleaned. If you're talking about the original processor, if you're stuck, you just press the reverse key
Q:How do you clean watermelon stains on the juicer?
Juicer cleaning, it is best to use clean, otherwise it is difficult to clean. I have several ways to clean the juice extractor. You can try it:1. add 1/3 warm water and detergent to the mixing container of the extractor, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, then rinse with clean water.2. will filter the opposite side of the faucet, edge washed with gauze wash, it is easy to clean.3., the cutter head at the end of the fiber can be in the direction of its winding slowly out, not too hard, other can use steel wire ball scrub, but don't too hard, lest damage the knife head.4. use one hand index finger to cover the 3/4 at the faucet's mouth, forming a "water gun" to flush most of the pulp, and brush the edges a few times with a toothbrush.5 clean the juicer into small cup of water then add some crushed eggshells, stirring for two minutes, you will find that the juicer is bright as new, better collocation with vinegar and egg.
Q:Fruit juice, water or not?
Fruit juice to the water can also be, the following are some of the fruit juice approach reference:Prepare materials: Apple 150 grams, 200 grams of muskmelon, a little honey.Practice: apple and muskmelon peeled cut into appropriate blocks into the juicer juice, juice after adding honey seasoning.
Q:What fruit juice is there to match?
3, apple plus Hami melon, apple and Hami melon half and half, taste very fragrant4, apple with bananas, apples and bananas half and half5, Hami melon with orange juice, Hami Melon slice, juice, mixed with orange juice, half open
Q:What is the continuous working time of the juicer?
A juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruit and vegetable juice into a small household. It was invented in 1930 by Dr. Norman (Dr. Walker), who is famous for inventing the world's first juicer and is reputed to be the father of the active juicer. On this basis, later designers changed to different styles and different principles of juicer.
Q:Can soybean milk machine be used as Juicer?
Some soybean milk machines can be used as juicer.First: a part of soybean milk machine can only play soybean milk. Your home is the kind of heating after the beginning of broken beans, and then cooked soybean milk machine, it is not suitable for juice.
Q:How do I clean the strainer?
Pull it down, use a small brush, and some brands with a brush, do not match, then use a toothbrush, clean, dry or dry.
Q:How much money a cane Juicer
Manual hundreds of yuan, electric more than one thousand yuan.Sugar cane juicer is to cater to modern people's health, health, fresh fashion

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