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Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout
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Slow Juicer
1. 220-240V 50HZ 150W
2. Speed: 80rpm

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Q:Vegetables, fruit juice, which can be squeezed together?
(2) spinach orange juice[materials] spinach 30g to 70g, Korea dishes 80g to 100g, Liu Cheng (with skin), 30g to 40g, carrots and apples 150g to 200g each.Spinach and Korea dishes must be chopped up before it is easy to make juice.[instructions] spinach is rich in vitamin B1, can improve pernicious anemia, and so on, asthma, urticaria is also effective.
Q:Do you need water when the juice is squeezed?
Depends on what kind of machine you use. There is a stirring machine, juice and dregs are not separated. Want to juice is to add water. Of course, you can do without.There is also a juice extractor is separated from the juice residue, you do not have to add water.In fact, plus no water, not the machine requirements, it is your demand.
Q:How can I squeeze black sesame paste with a juicer?
If you want to drink more thick, you can put the paste into the pot and then cook, or directly with three kinds of raw water, broken water, and then cook
Q:How to judge the quality of a juicer mixer?
The blender is one with gravy, and the juicer is separate from the gravy.There are differences between the two. A blender can juice, but a juicer can only juice
Q:Will the juicer add water?
Do not add water, add juice, do not drink, tasteless and insipid.
Q:How much is the juicer zummo06?
According to the kind of ten fast enough; general electric one hundred; can go to seed peeling Liangbaisanbai like this.
Q:What are the nutritious vegetables and fruits to drink with a juicer?
Kiwi juice: contains a lot of vitamin C, heat fluid; papaya juice: Xiaozhi Runfei, help digestion of protein; Orange Juice: nourishing stomach, strengthen blood vessels, prevent heart disease, stroke, cold, cold and bruising; pear juice drink: autumn pear juice can be Runfei cough Fresh Juice: different fruits and vegetables if reasonable collocation, can also play a role in treatment of hot, the most cool than a cup of sweet and sour iced drinks! Health care products plus fruit juice... Thanks, fresh squeezed juice:
Q:What's the difference between a slow press and an ordinary Juicer?
The speed of the machine is not the same, the slow usually squeezed by the screw to press, similar to the manual method, this is now the mainstream, can retain more fruits and vegetables in the nutrients are not destroyed
Q:What are the functions of the cooking machine, the juicer and the blender?
Cooking machine: with many functions, it can process many foods. For example, Soybean Milk juice, jam, milkshakes, ice powder, etc., can also shred vegetables, put the meat into minced meat. But because there is no filter screen can not be used to filter residue of fruit juice.Mixer: mainly mixing, the function of mixing, crushing, juice (to have filter screen).Juicer: only pure fruit and vegetable juice.
Q:How much money a cane Juicer
1000 to 2500 or so. The price depends on the type and function.

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