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Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout
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Slow Juicer
1. 220-240V 50HZ 150W
2. Speed: 80rpm

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Q:Buy a juicer, please tell me what kind of fruit and vegetable juice is good after exercise
The most proud of it is its rich vitamin C. Cucumber juice: can effectively promote the body's metabolism, weight loss, anti-aging, but also to calm the nervous system, enhance memory, adjuvant treatment of insomnia. Carrot juice: can enhance human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, especially suitable for patients with diabetes as an adjuvant treatment of food. It also protects the visual system, stimulates bile secretion, neutralizes cholesterol, increases intestinal wall elasticity, and calms nerves. Celery juice: stable mood, relieve anxiety and stress, is a good companion to the high pace of people, is the dietitian gave the night crowd will fill the recommendation, the most crucial is that the celery juice has obvious antihypertensive effect on patients with hypertension.
Q:How much money a cane Juicer
1000 to 2500 or so. The price depends on the type and function.
Q:What's P on the juicer?
Can complete its work content, or need to continue to operate the machine continuously, can achieve the cutting food request.
Q:What kind of juicer? How do you choose? How much would it cost to squeeze juice or vegetable juice for a few months? How much?
I feel you can buy a juicer juice and both children and adults can be used, and a cooking machine do rice paste for the baby to eat, wear what the minced meat cooking machine, the price is not expensive, the one I remember is not recommended, because not enough professional old.
Q:Own home with Juicer juice, do not know how to match well
All I know is that lemon doesn't mix with carrots, but white radish is not clearTomato + celery + lemon juice] this vegetable juice is a healthy drink to help you lose weight. [orange + carrot] beauty remove spot, lower cholesterol. Note: it's better to separate the juice and then drink it. [Kiwi + Apple + Mint Leaves] nursed back to the skin, nourishing and whitening, reducing wrinkles.
Q:What's the difference between a juicer and a good one?
There are three main types of juicer:It is a high power, ice Juicer speed is faster, high speed and easy to break the ice, and the functional area of upper body glass material is more rigid, more suitable for summer hot weather now, high-end products belong to the blender; in addition there is a milk shake and comprehensive Juicer broken flesh, stirring etc. the function, through the combination of multi cutters, realize most functions of general family needs, functional area of the outer wall of plastic; the last is the function of a single juicer, pure juice with comminution of food as the main function, the price is relatively low. The effect of juice extraction is an important factor in measuring the quality of a juice extractor. A good juice extractor should be thoroughly and completely clean. The water content in the pomace is less.
Q:Can a juicer be used to mince meat?
Usage method1. Align the center frame vertically with the main engine. Put it down and assemble in place.2. Press the bottom of the juice net on the motor wheel, press the force evenly, confirm the pressure in place, rotate several times to see if there is any scraper in the frame. (lift or disassemble)3, a top cover, and buckle clasp. (buckle with safety clasp, please buckle the upper button, then press down, you can snap into place. When the demolition is just the opposite, please buckle at the bottom of the open, to open the safety button)
Q:Is the juicer the same as the soybean milk machine? Which one is cheaper?
Yes, but the juicer and the soymilk machine are definitely different. If you want to buy, now many soybean milk machine can be used to squeeze juice, one machine dual-use, you can go and see. It may be a little expensive, but it won't be too much, but it's a few hundred dollars too
Q:What are the functions of the cooking machine, the juicer and the blender?
Cooking machine: with many functions, it can process many foods. For example, Soybean Milk juice, jam, milkshakes, ice powder, etc., can also shred vegetables, put the meat into minced meat. But because there is no filter screen can not be used to filter residue of fruit juice.Mixer: mainly mixing, the function of mixing, crushing, juice (to have filter screen).Juicer: only pure fruit and vegetable juice.
Q:The difference between juicer and soybean milk machine
The soybean milk machine is generally pressed after the automatic heating, boiling, after the completion of direct drinking, it is more convenient. In the procurement of such goods, you may pay attention to the brand name is not necessarily good, nor is it necessarily expensive, but in fact the principle is the same, the key is to compare the quality of the material, and the quality of after-sale goods.

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