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Stainless Steel
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Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout
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Slow Juicer
1. 220-240V 50HZ 150W
2. Speed: 80rpm

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Q:My juicer is all right before, and I think it might be the switch there
You do not know the specific circumstances of the juicer, but one thing is certain, if the maintenance cost is very high, some parts of the country the maintenance fee equivalent to half of the new machine, but the machine principle is very simple, is nothing more than a motor, switch, and transmission lines, you can try to self check, first check the external plug, power supply, and the wires are broken, then check the appearance of the machines, to see if there are strong screws and plate joints, use tools disassembled, remember disassembly sequence, the disassembled parts neatly, external after removal of internal components can be observed, with a twist of the hand, see if there is a jam, transmission parts are damaged, with a multimeter measuring circuit, switch to find out whether there is damage, replacement parts.
Q:What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
The number of Watts in the juicer is large and small, depending on what you do with it. The juice is usually 2200W, so you can keep the nutrients in the fruit. Our domestic juicer is more than 2200W.
Q:Will the juicer add water?
A juicer belongs to the press. It's the juice of the juice. It doesn't need water. If it's a mixing class, add a little water, or else it's a batter.
Q:How much is cheaper for a juicer?
According to the hand that more than a dozen fast enough; general electric one hundred; can go to seed peeling Liangbaisanbai like this. I mean domestic, and imported is more expensive.
Q:Fruit juice machine can not squeeze what fruit, fruit juice machine is not a cooking machine
BlenderA machine that uses a motor to drive a blade at a high speed to stir, smash, and cut food is collectively referred to as a food mixer. Most of the mixers on the market are mixers, including a soybean milk cup, an abrasive cup, and a meat cup. There are also a small number of products is a mixer, and less than a functional module, consumers in the purchase must ask the owner clearly
Q:Juice can not replace the egg machine
No, because the egg beater needs continuous work, and the juicer doesn't work continuously. He works automatically for more than a minute and automatically cuts off the power. Because its motor is high speed motor, no fan cooling, when the temperature is too high, the motor temperature sensor will work, cut off the power supply, play the role of protecting the motor.
Q:There are several kinds of juicer. What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Types and advantages and disadvantages of juicer:1. low speed extruderThe juicer is mainly made from an internal spiral rod, which rotates at relatively low speed to grind the fruit, and the juice and pomace are discharged from two different outlets. Low speed extrusion juice machine juice extraction rate is high, and some vegetables can also juice, but just to cut the fruit, a little time.
Q:What's the difference between a slow press and an ordinary Juicer?
It produces high temperatures so that some nutrients in the fruit are oxidized, so the juicer must be served with ice. More commercial, general household, this Juicer generally hundreds of pieces.
Q:Part of the recipe for a juicer
Practice:Cut a fresh pineapple into cubes and let it soak in salt water for 30 minutes. Pineapple juice with juice machine, without water, sweet and sour palatability. A pineapple can squeeze two cups. Efficacy: grapefruit contains valuable natural vitamin P and vitamin C and soluble cellulose, is less sugary fruit. Vitamin P can enhance the function of the skin and pores, is conducive to skin care and beauty. Vitamin C can be involved in the synthesis of human collagen, and promote the generation of antibodies to enhance the body's detoxification function.
Q:Juicer Juicer more than 2 thousand than 99 blocks to where
Extrusion type juicer is the host in screw shape, it is used to squeeze out the juice, this juice contains the relative amount of slag centrifugal Juicer high, mainly in the screw extrusion filter, will also give out the slag pressure.Generally speaking, I personally love is low speed centrifugal juicer, because in addition to obtain pure fruit juice, the residue also contains some water, can use the pomace to do some other raw ingredients, really do not waste food principles.

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