Multi-functional Blender

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Multi-functional Blender


Multi-functional design and deluxe, streamline appearance
Power: 350W,220-240V,50/60HZ
Power cord total length 1.2M
Big capacity of 1.7L plastic jar with filter,grinder and chopper
With double safety protection
Two speeds with pulse
Uniqe designed stainless  steel blade
With temperature control
Non-slip rubber feet

FunctionMentionDimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
Bonly blender22*22*4467.5*45.5*466pcs15.50 17.00 1230pcs2292pcs2994pcs
B,G2 in 122*22*4467.5*45.5*466pcs16.00 17.50 1230pcs2292pcs2994pcs
B,G,C3 in 133.5*25*3276.5*34*666pcs16.70 18.20 996pcs1884pcs2376pcs
B,G,C,F4 in 1 33.5*25*3276.5*34*666pcs17.00 19.00 996pcs1884pcs2376pcs

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Q:Pour in the fruit and turn on the switch. The juicer doesn't move
(usually clockwise) turn the cup and hear the "bang" sound, which means that the microswitch is switched on and the power is on.
Q:What fruit juice is good?
All fruits have effects, and they have them. Natural fruits and vegetables can be skin care, they contain vitamin C and plenty of water, and these foods contain natural fragrance, beauty and skin care effect is even better. Specific: carrot, apple juice, raw materials: 4 carrots, 2 big apples: clean the carrots and leave the organic leaves at the top. Rinse the apples. Juice the carrots first and then squeeze them into the juice
Q:Is it nutritious to press fruit juice?
Fruit should not be squeezedNowadays, more and more families have bought juice machines, and they feel that fresh fruit juice is delicious and convenient. But nutrition expert reminds, besides the person with bad tooth, fruit had better not juice to drink, direct edible, more nutrition
Q:Precautions for the safe use of processor and juicer
Each part is not allowed to use more than 60 degrees of hot water and microwave oven disinfection, in order to avoid heating deformation damage. Contact with ingredients, materials are in line with FDA food certification, clean, hygienic and reliable.7, please do not put the host into water or other liquids, nor can it be washed under other liquids. Do not use wire balls, abrasive cleaners, or caustic liquids (e.g. gasoline or acetone) to clean products.8, with nuclear, hard seeds, thick skin or hard shell of fruits and vegetables, please remove it before processing.9, cloves, anise, fennel and other ingredients must be processed together. Otherwise, the plastic material of the product may be worn away. When processing the ingredients, the dry grinding cup may change color. Dry grinding cups are not suitable for processed foods, such as cardamom.
Q:SKG how does the juicer jam?
Hello, I don't know. Are you talking Juicer or juice machine?. If it is a juicer, you first knock down the handle of the juicer and then take the cover
Q:You can carry a juice extractor with a high speed rail
SureTrains, motor cars, high-speed rail, prohibited items:These items are prohibited from carrying on trains1. goods prohibited or restricted by the state;
Q:Own home with Juicer juice, do not know how to match well
[grapefruit + pineapple + Apple + Lemon + honey] the mixed vegetable juice is suitable for maintenance and repair after sun skin. [Kiwi + carrot + Apple + honey + Lemon] provides the brain and nerve vitality; prevent anemia, eye disease, asthma, diabetes; purify blood, beautify the skin; help hair development. Note: the carrots are last put. [celery + lettuce + pineapple + Apple + Lemon + honey] for women, men, lack of energy, stay up late to drink. To prevent freckles, sun, rough skin, with good cosmetic effect; enhance energy, nerves and effective on insomnia. Banana juice to promote energy, health, nourishing the muscles van Maitong rafter. Watermelon juice is clear summer heat diuresis, antiphlogistic, fall blood pressure. Mango juice helps digestion, seasickness, vomiting and sore throat. Pineapple Juice detumescence, digestion, cure nephritis, pharyngitis. Grape juice diuretic, blood strengthening Anshen, strong kidney, liver function. Orange juice, phlegm, stomach, heart disease and stroke. Grapefruit juice to reduce cholesterol, cold, cough and phlegm. Lemon juice, cough, phlegm, and help eliminate toxins. Pear juice diuretic, expectorant, remove toxins in vivo. Coconut juice protects against heart disease, cancer, skin and cough. Papaya juice, cough, lungs, help digestion protein.
Q:How do you clean watermelon stains on the juicer?
The method of cleaning watermelon stains on the juicer is as follows:The end of the knife can be blocked in the direction of its winding slowly drawn out, do not force too much, and other steel balls can be used to scrub, but not too hard, so as not to damage the knife head.
Q:Can a blender work as a juicer?
Juicer and blender are 2 concepts, the use of different should not
Q:Which juicer is better?How do you choose the right Juicer?
Appearance: it's important to have lots of friends, but the main purpose of our purchase is to use it. As long as the appearance is generous, fashion is good. Do not deliberately pursue these superficial.

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