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Electrical Juice Extractor


220-240V,50/60Hz,Power: 350W
Power cord total length 1.2M
With stainless steel  grater & stainer
High juice extraction rate
Separate juicer&pulp containers
With safety switch and temperature control
Skid resistant feet

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
24*22.5*3170*50*336pcs14.50 16.00 1530pcs3036pcs3798pcs

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Q:Soybean milk machine, VS juicer, VS fruit juice machine, that is more practical
Do you know the cooking machine? Cooking machine squeezed fruit effect is good, you can also play soy milk, but without heating function, to boil their own. Do not bother, I told you a common sense, soya bean milk machine is not boiled soybean milk, and its highest temperature at 86 degrees, there is no burning soybean milk containing aflatoxin, drink more than bad health. So, or burn their own drink, rest assured. So you can buy a cooking machine. You don't think I'm selling, it's my job experience
Q:I would like to ask the United States Juicer how to use, how to choose Juicer?
Third, juice machine function. A good Juicer mainly depends on the effect of the juice. A good Juicer should be squeezed thoroughly, and less moisture is contained in the pomace. This can be on the spot for sales people to demonstrate. And finally, choose a variety of different fruit tests. In this way, we can really test the juice extraction capacity of the juicer.Fourth, the juice machine parts should be of high quality, especially blades and other parts. These are the core components of the juicer. Check to see if the quality is good. The quality is durable, and there are no replacement parts. Can send more, let sales personnel send more.Fifth,The speed of the juicer must be uniform, slow, at least 100 RPM / min, the best 70-90 rpm. When the juicer rotates, there is no noise, it doesn't vibrate very much. Can the switch stop rotating at once?.
Q:Does the juicer come out of slag or without slag?
We choose things to choose cheap, good quality, so the quality of the big brand is good, but the price is expensive. The kitchen is too cheap, but the quality of.
Q:Want to know the difference between a juicer, a blender, a cooking machine?
Mixer function: contains juice extractor.But now the design of the business is a problemThat is, the simpler the function, the higher the effect
Q:What can I do if I don't drink very well?. Juice machine fried out of taste is better than eating directly, annoying ah!
Orange Juice: summer drinking solution quenching thirst, help eliminate fatigue. Strengthens the blood vessel, reduces the capillary fragility, prevents the capillary hemorrhage, the stomach intestines to inflate, to promote the digestion. It also helps prevent colds and coughs. Watermelon Juice: watermelon contains a lot of water, a variety of amino acids and sugar, heat Jieshu Jiapin is clear. It can also cure throat and mouth infections, and is also a lifesaver for urinary tract infections and dry stools. Apple juice: the attraction of apple juice lies in its intelligence and memory. In addition, the apple stomach, diarrhea, catharsis, can eliminate fatigue, it is rich in potassium can integrate excess sodium in the body to make it out of the body, it also has antihypertensive effect.
Q:What's the difference between a juicer and a hank machine?
A blender is a versatile one. See if you want to buy fruit or do you want multiple functions?. Juice squeezing fruit effect is better, the mixer is more functional
Q:Juice extractor is able to juice separation good, or not separated good? Why
Able to separate. The residue of some fruits really can not be swallowed, and in order not to waste, I suggest you still buy separate
Q:What is the continuous working time of the juicer?
Depending on the machine, and not quite the same, the average machine is 15 seconds -20 seconds, and then to rest for 15 seconds.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of juicer
According to the working principle of the function, the juicer can be divided into 3 kinds, as follows:1. low speed extrusion type juicer: it works by a screw rod inside, with 80 RPM rotation of low speed, the fruit extrusion and grinding, juice through the filter out, the residue from the slag discharge.
Q:Why are most of the fresh juice bacteria exceeded?
First, the juicer is prone to bacteria. Many restaurants, including the family, do not completely sterilize the juicer, leaving the juice residue hidden in the corner of the machine, making it a hotbed of bacteria. Moreover, the current market "Juicer" many are from some production licenses without the processing plant into the goods, not in line with the provisions of the state production and processing standards, there is no disinfection and sterilization facilities. Some are even made from recycled food containers, which are banned by the state because recycling containers contain residual harmful bacteria

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