China Mainland Bar Equipment Hand Stainless Steel Korea Slow Juicer

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Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel
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China (Mainland)
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All Type Kitchen
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Packaging Detail:Wooden Package or Plywood Case
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Slow Juicer
1. Large capacity pomace tank;
2. Low noise;
3. automatic, manual, commercial or household;
4. Easy operation

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Q:The difference between soybean milk machine and juicer
Because I want to drink juice, so I went back to buy a juicer Joyoung, can not tell the juicing function of chicken ribs, then, the juice yield is very low, is full of fine slag, slag is separated, if it is stirring cup thick, so I would like to add some water, or squeezed carrot like the water squeezed out like a thick porridge, ha ha.
Q:Will the juicer add water?
A juicer belongs to the press. It's the juice of the juice. It doesn't need water. If it's a mixing class, add a little water, or else it's a batter.
Q:Juice extractor is able to juice separation good, or not separated good? Why
The highest two can be, and that would like to choose which kind of juice is convenient
Q:Do you want to use the juicer to squeeze the juice?
Preparation materials: watermelon 200 grams, cucumber 100 grams, honey and lemon 1/3.Practices: first, watermelon, cucumber (peeled) together into the juice machine juice. Two, after the completion of the lemon and honey flavor can be added
Q:Fresh fruit juice with a juicer, do you need the fruit peeled?
Leather is very nutritious ha, but must be carefully cleaned. Oranges generally eat less skin
Q:Generally what fruit juice for children to drink better?
Direct eatingNowadays, more and more families have bought juice machines, and they feel that fresh fruit juice is delicious and convenient. But nutrition expert reminds, besides the person with bad tooth, fruit had better not juice to drink, direct edible, more nutrition.
Q:How much money a cane Juicer
Manual hundreds of yuan, electric more than one thousand yuan.Sugar cane juicer is to cater to modern people's health, health, fresh fashion
Q:What's the difference between a beater and a juicer? Is it necessary for a family to prepare two?
It's also good to use a beater for one machine. Now eat more fiber, and I make juice, usually in the mixer, stir it. It's a pity that the fiber in the fruit is filtered out if you use the juicer. I often break the tomatoes and then break them with my skin. The tomatoes in the sand will thicken when they break. I need a spoon to help them. Once, bought a sweet watermelon, as a result, put a tomato in, the taste is different.
Q:Which brand is good for Juicer?
The speed of your hand is essentially no centrifugal force, so the harmful substances are basically squeezed out of the fiber. Perfect with the separation of the juice. Most electric juicer first uses the cutter chip to crush into fine powder instead of pressing, and also uses high speed rotating throwing juice.
Q:Buy a juicer, please tell me what kind of fruit and vegetable juice is good after exercise
Nie Nie R Meng Yuan tomato juice: can protect the skin elasticity, promote bone development, reduce freckles and facial pigmentation, and its vitamin P can protect the blood vessels, prevent and control hypertension. Lotus root juice: rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant proteins, vitamins and starch, there is a clear complement Qi and blood, and enhance human immunity. Both laxative and antidiarrheal, spleen appetizer, increase appetite. Sweet pepper juice: pepper is not a strong stimulation of ordinary chili, but it also has the function of reducing fat, reducing appetite, helping digestion and so on, and can prevent cancer by capsaicin

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