Slow Juicer with CE

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Centrifugal Juicer
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Housing Material:
Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout,Reverse
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):
Rating (Rpm):
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
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Model Number:
Product name:
Slow juicer
Silver/Red/White/Black and to be oder
Stainless steel
NO-load speed:
load speed:
Motor's torque:
No load cuttent and input power:
Motor weight:
Material of screw:

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Packaging Detail:1pcs/ctn carton box or with industrial neutral packing,also can make OEM packing
Delivery Detail:after confirm payment within 15 days


orange juicer machine
1)for whole fruit juicing
2)2 speed switch with safety system
3)stainless steel
4)CE.ROHS appro

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Q:What fruit can not be squeezed by a fruit Juicer?
Advantage:In the electric food processing machinery, only this machine can produce pure fruit juice. To drink pure fruit juice friends must look for the purchase.Shortcomings:Single function, except for pure fruit juice, other basic can not do.
Q:I want to use a juicer to squeeze watermelon water without using water or sugar
No, but if you want dessert, you can add some sugar
Q:What's the difference between an extractor and a juicer?
The difference is not very big. It is recommended that you look at [me]. Compare the functions and related parameters of both, so you can tell what the difference is.
Q:What's the difference between a juicer and a hank machine?
A blender is a versatile one. See if you want to buy fruit or do you want multiple functions?. Juice squeezing fruit effect is better, the mixer is more functional
Q:Which juicer is better?How do you choose the right Juicer?
Listen to the sound: the best power to try, to hear the Sound Juicer is not big, in the safe and stable operation, especially a little attention is when closing the juicer to listen to no harsh voice, if there is the existence of this juicer.
Q:Buy a juicer, please tell me what kind of fruit and vegetable juice is good after exercise
The most proud of it is its rich vitamin C. Cucumber juice: can effectively promote the body's metabolism, weight loss, anti-aging, but also to calm the nervous system, enhance memory, adjuvant treatment of insomnia. Carrot juice: can enhance human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, especially suitable for patients with diabetes as an adjuvant treatment of food. It also protects the visual system, stimulates bile secretion, neutralizes cholesterol, increases intestinal wall elasticity, and calms nerves. Celery juice: stable mood, relieve anxiety and stress, is a good companion to the high pace of people, is the dietitian gave the night crowd will fill the recommendation, the most crucial is that the celery juice has obvious antihypertensive effect on patients with hypertension.
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
You'd better boil the potatoes and mash themLandlord, are you sure that the potatoes fried out of juice to drink? Well, deep fried, please.
Q:The motor of the juice extractor is burnt. Can you fix it? How do you fix it?
Open the rear end cover of the motor, and find out the overload protection tube (a small metal tube). Pick it out and short it will do!
Q:Which is good, home Juicer or blender?
Function: 1, hit Soybean Milk the amount of dry beans soaked with water poured into the cup after hours, Soybean Milk installed filter, water right position, below the maximum water line to the scale Soybean Milk Cup began to start the machine, crushing. The water quickly turns white and cloudy, and the concentration is higher and higher. Often when grinding, grinding 2 home, such as pepper seasoning, pepper and other commonly used surface, there are also some food materials, such as the need to do Rice noodles steamed pork with rice flour, the Korean rice cake or Sichuan Ciba required yellow bean flour, need to use the blender grinding function. It can be said that the grinding function makes it possible to make more professional food at home. 3, the meat meat mixer function is generally suitable for small meat cutter, used for balls, dumplings and other food. 4, fruit mixing, fruit mixing is an important function of consumers concerned about a mixer, but also a function of consumers easily confused
Q:Is the juicer functioning as a powder machine?
What kind of machine is that? Some Juicer with several boxes, there are playing powder, there is stirring, there is juice, there is meat.

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