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Slow Juicer
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Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout,Reverse
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Slow Juicer/Slient Juicer

Fruit Juicer/Silent Juicer

The Silent Juicer operates at 40-50 dB compared to the typical 80-95 dB of most high speed juicers.

•Full Ultem Juicing Screw Auger and Strainer (screen) - 8 times stronger than other plastics used in brands without Ultem components

•BPA Free juicing components include the juicing bowl/basket (Tritan), wiping screen (ABS with silicone rubber wiping fins), juice cup (Tritan), pulp cup (Tritan), feed tube (ABS) and tamper (ABS).

•Brushless AC, Powerful motor - 150 Watt 3 squeezing HP equivalent with gear deductions, makes fast work of hard veggies

Low Speed motor.

•Two step safety start system - All parts must be assembled properly in the first step, with the second step of locking the lid that activates the power switch.

•Easy to Clean - For cleaning between juicing cycles, just pour water into the juicer and it will self clean, ready for juicing again. After juicing, the juicing bowl and base come apart easily for cleaning.

•Built in handgrip for easy portability

•Stylish, compact design

Added Safety - the power switch is covered with a rubber protective cap to keep

moisture away when operating

•80RPM/NIM,avoid the juice be oxidated,keep the juice fresh.

• Lower Noise,quiet operation and easy to clean & use

• compact upright design

• more yield than ever before

• slower than ever before & maximum nutritional value

• affordable & quality construction guaranteed

• squeeze out of juice pure without impurities

• Reverse Rotation and Temperature Controller

• TWO 0.9L Cup and Two Mesh

Controls Type: Push Button

Certification: CE, GS, LFGB, RoHS, ETL

Power (W): 150

oltage: 110-120v/220v-240v 50/60hz

packing: color box 1 pcs/ctn

dimensions: 41*29*29cm

Carton: 360x290x310mm

g.w: 8.5kgs

n.w: 7.5kgs


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Q:The sealing ring of the blender cup can not be found. What can be used instead?
Go and install the car. The air conditioner's shop is going. They have the most complete sealing ring.
Q:What is the difference between a juicer and a blender? Which is better?
In fact, many functions of the juicer, not only can be squeezed soybean milk, you can also squeeze fresh fruit and vegetable juice, you can wring meat, you can grind chili powder, you can grind all kinds of beans and crystal sugar did not soak. If in addition to love to drink Soybean Milk, also love other drink fresh juice, or cook, juicer is a good choice, and the price is not expensive, and more, in addition to drink fresh Soybean Milk every day, can make some celery Fresh Carrot Juice or Tomato Juice to drink, when cooking is more convenient. Home is the juicer. Here is the introduction of the juicer and blender.
Q:How to use the juicer all kinds of delicious fruit juice?
3 drink vegetable juice at one time, not more than 500cc.4, drink vegetable juice, please warm in the mouth for a few seconds (such as mouthwash), drink it down, the effect is better.5, wash fruits and vegetables can be cleaned with salt water, it is recommended not to use detergent cleaning, because it is easy to remain in the fruits and vegetables.
Q:What is the continuous working time of the juicer?
Depending on the machine, and not quite the same, the average machine is 15 seconds -20 seconds, and then to rest for 15 seconds.
Q:The juice machine put ice Jiaocheng Smoothie it
1 、 a juice extractor with stirring function, which can be broken into small pieces of ice.First, a juicer refers to a pure juice extractor. A strainer is rotated to separate the dregs, and such machines do not make ice
Q:Soybean milk machine, VS juicer, VS fruit juice machine, that is more practical
I bought a new soybean milk machine, but also fruit juice functions, but the actual use, super bad. The juice needs to be added to the machine's water level, so the juice is not quite what it is. It says you can add milk, but you can't make a milkshake every time. What's terrible is that you have to add water to a certain water level. There is also a so-called "fruit and vegetable milk" function is not applicable, playing a soy milk for more than 20 minutes, what fruit so heated, and no nutrition. This is my experience, I hope I can help you. If you only drink Soybean milk, then make a dry bean milk, wet beans, soybean milk, grains of soybean milk on the line, and other soups, rice paste and other functions, the actual use of very few, it is not convenient. Don't listen to the sales staff have, buy a practical things back.
Q:Will the juicer add water?
Do not add water, add juice, do not drink, tasteless and insipid.
Q:Is it good to use a hand squeezer?
Times the juice squeezed out of the juice is not easy to oxidation. The traditional centrifugal juice extractor uses high speed crushing and cutting, in fact, it is the crusher, which completely destroys the nutrition protection layer of the pulp and seriously loses the nutrition. It is difficult to swallow after the juice is oxidized. Joyoung times juicy juicer, innovative juicy spiral press technology, low speed soft take juice, do not destroy the nutrition protection layer, juice is not oxidized, the original flavor is more nutritious. In front of the booth, the reporter saw the juice squeezed out of the juice is completely layered, and no foam, clear bottomed out, and the general Juicer squeezed out of the fruit juice layer of serious, foam thick.
Q:What are the nutritious vegetables and fruits to drink with a juicer?
Kiwi juice: contains a lot of vitamin C, heat fluid; papaya juice: Xiaozhi Runfei, help digestion of protein; Orange Juice: nourishing stomach, strengthen blood vessels, prevent heart disease, stroke, cold, cold and bruising; pear juice drink: autumn pear juice can be Runfei cough Fresh Juice: different fruits and vegetables if reasonable collocation, can also play a role in treatment of hot, the most cool than a cup of sweet and sour iced drinks! Health care products plus fruit juice... Thanks, fresh squeezed juice:
Q:How can the juicer grind the black sesame seeds?
If you are using a multi-function combination juicer, there should be a special grinding tool, put it on it.

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