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Spiral and Mesh used UNITEM PEI,
Electromagnetic induction swithc ,
Large torque AC induction Motor,
Reverse rotation Temper

2014 hot Slow juicer (low speed juicer)

Spiral and Mesh used UNITEM PEI,
ELecgtromagnetic induction swithc ,
Large torque AC induction Motor,
Reverse rotation Temperature Controller,

Two 1L cup and Two mesh,

Tofu box and clean brush,





1pc/gift box,1giftbox/carton

carton siez:390X305X350MM



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Q:Juicer is low speed slow grinding and fast wall breaking, which is good?
Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, juice machine (slow Juicer grinding) professional lies in the juice rate of 90% or more, the slow speed does not destroy the vitamin, can drink pure fruit juice and pomace fiber did not go with it is a day wasted; broken cooking machine let the fruit juice with nutrition, high nutrition had broken. The products sold by the merchants have their own emphases,
Q:Do you want to use the juicer to squeeze the juice?
Preparation materials: watermelon 200 grams, cucumber 100 grams, honey and lemon 1/3.Practices: first, watermelon, cucumber (peeled) together into the juice machine juice. Two, after the completion of the lemon and honey flavor can be added
Q:Fruit juice machine can not squeeze what fruit, fruit juice machine is not a cooking machine
Single function juice extractor (also called fruit juice machine)Functional analysis:Make pure fruit juice. After starting the machine, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at high speed. The fruit and vegetables to the knife net from the feeding port, the knife will cut broken net spiked vegetable, the centrifugal force generated in the high-speed operation of the knife net under the action of Zhafei fruit knife into slag and juice boxes, piercing knife net inflow juice cup.
Q:Is the juice extractor good or does the sauce mix well?
I suggest you use the blender. Because many nutrients are not in sauce, and a lot of fiber in the slag, it is recommended you choose food processing machine with multi functions. It can also juice residue separation, and mixing, because this kind of fruit like bananas, no juice, can stir.
Q:Fruit juice, water or not?
Apple pineapple juice to solve the brain, flowers, apples, pineapple juice can have this effect, but also to promote appetite and beauty, bloodIngredients: vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, phosphorus, cellulose and so on.Prepare materials: 150 grams of apples, 200 grams of pineapple, lemon 1/2.Practices: first, apple, pineapple peeled, cut into the appropriate block, into the juicer, juice. Two, after the completion of the juice, add lemon flavor can be.
Q:Is there one machine that can be used for both soya bean milk and juice?
Now the market of soybean milk machine or Juicer can only do these functions, but to fully realize each other's functions, there has not been this type of machine.
Q:Fresh fruit juice with a juicer, do you need the fruit peeled?
Leather is very nutritious ha, but must be carefully cleaned. Oranges generally eat less skin
Q:How can I start my Juicer?
4., fruit juice contains more pomacePossible reasons: (1) the breakage of the net; (2) the residue of fruit in the juice plate is moreMethods: (1) change the net; (2) clean the juice plate5. abnormal vibration or noisePossible reasons: (1) the network is not installed in place and the operation balance is poor(2) product placement is not smooth or Ottomans fall off(3) high voltage;Rule out: install the net in place; place the product stably or install the foot pad; check whether the voltage is too high
Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Do not scrape off the plastic chip, it sticks in the esophagus, intestines and stomach and so on, can not row, can not digest.
Q:Can soybean milk machine be used as Juicer?
Second: if the soybean milk machine is broken beans and cooked separately, that is, the first broken beans, cooked after the kind of cooked, you can use the beans when the juice squeezed out.However, compared with professional juicer, there is a certain gap between using soybean milk machine and professional juicer. Squeezed juice, not pure juice (with water), as well as the juicer juice so delicate, taste so good. However, the use of soybean milk machine to squeeze juice is also more convenient, you do not need to buy another juice machine, you can leave a lot of pocket oh.

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