Multifunctional Meat Grinder

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Meat grinder for coarse


*220-240V, 50/60Hz

*Multi-function: meat grinder for coarse/medium/fine grind

*On/Off/Reverse/Reset switch, safety circuit breaker to prevent motor burn out

*ABS housing, removable stainless steel tray and grind head, durable stainless steel cutting blade

*Easy to use and cleaning, compact design for convenient storage

*Power efficiency and stable performane, low-noise operation

*Various type of motor can be changeable to meet different performance

*VDE two round plug with power cord 1.2m

*3pcs metal cutting plate, food pusher, sausage sdapter, kibbe attachment.

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
41.5*29.5*27.561*43.5*56.64pcs24.60 26.00 820pcs1690pcs1930pcs

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Q:How do I use a juicer to squeeze lemon juice?
Matters needing attention:In strict accordance with the rules of usage juicer to operate must be when using juicer, use process do not use the included items will promote the food inside the machine, such as sticks, avoid finger on the machine in the process of the rotation of the motor not to open the lid.
Q:What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
The number of Watts in the juicer is large and small, depending on what you do with it. The juice is usually 2200W, so you can keep the nutrients in the fruit. Our domestic juicer is more than 2200W.
Q:The difference between soybean milk machine and juicer
And the steps to do soy milk almost, just because the fruit and vegetable cold drinks key, so do not heat, less than two minutes to do it.
Q:Which is the difference between a juicer and a cooking machine?
The difference between cooking machine juicer and cooking machine juicer and cooking machine is usually a lot of food processing functions in one machine, not only can juice, can do Soybean Milk, can also be stirring and crushing, but to add water. A cooking machine is a general term for all food processing machines. The juicer doesn't have the heating function. The soya milk is raw and must be boiled. A juicer is a vegetable or fruit juice made from vegetable juice or fruit juice. Price, juicer generally more than 100 is enough, here Xiaobian recommend to buy four in one juice mixer, which includes juicer, soybean milk machine, mixer, dry grinding machine. The price of the machine is usually two hundred or three hundred yuan.
Q:Is the juice extractor good or does the sauce mix well?
I suggest you use the blender. Because many nutrients are not in sauce, and a lot of fiber in the slag, it is recommended you choose food processing machine with multi functions. It can also juice residue separation, and mixing, because this kind of fruit like bananas, no juice, can stir.
Q:Buy a juicer, please tell me what kind of fruit and vegetable juice is good after exercise
Nie Nie R Meng Yuan tomato juice: can protect the skin elasticity, promote bone development, reduce freckles and facial pigmentation, and its vitamin P can protect the blood vessels, prevent and control hypertension. Lotus root juice: rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant proteins, vitamins and starch, there is a clear complement Qi and blood, and enhance human immunity. Both laxative and antidiarrheal, spleen appetizer, increase appetite. Sweet pepper juice: pepper is not a strong stimulation of ordinary chili, but it also has the function of reducing fat, reducing appetite, helping digestion and so on, and can prevent cancer by capsaicin
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
The juicer can squeeze potatoes.The main function of the juicer is to extract juice. It has a lot of power, so it is easy to squeeze the potatoes into small pieces. To squeeze Mashed Potato need to low, the potatoes cut into sheets, don't put too much, to cover, pressing, then boot, it doesn't fly.
Q:The motor of the juice extractor is burnt. Can you fix it? How do you fix it?
If you have this professional skills, you can certainly repair their own. No, of course, called professionals to repair. That is relatively safe. Generally there are brands of sweat machines have maintenance points
Q:Which is good, home Juicer or blender?
Function: 1, hit Soybean Milk the amount of dry beans soaked with water poured into the cup after hours, Soybean Milk installed filter, water right position, below the maximum water line to the scale Soybean Milk Cup began to start the machine, crushing. The water quickly turns white and cloudy, and the concentration is higher and higher. Often when grinding, grinding 2 home, such as pepper seasoning, pepper and other commonly used surface, there are also some food materials, such as the need to do Rice noodles steamed pork with rice flour, the Korean rice cake or Sichuan Ciba required yellow bean flour, need to use the blender grinding function. It can be said that the grinding function makes it possible to make more professional food at home. 3, the meat meat mixer function is generally suitable for small meat cutter, used for balls, dumplings and other food. 4, fruit mixing, fruit mixing is an important function of consumers concerned about a mixer, but also a function of consumers easily confused
Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juice machine function analysis: (also known as juice machine) do pure fruit juice. After starting the machine, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at high speed. The fruit and vegetables to the knife net from the feeding port, the knife will cut broken net spiked vegetable, the centrifugal force generated in the juicer cutter net high speed under the action of the Zhafei fruit knife into slag and juice boxes, piercing knife net inflow juice cup.PPE is polypropylene, usually commercially available PPE material, generally mixed with other thermoplastic materials such as PS (styrene), PA (polyamide, commonly known as nylon) and other materials composite materials. After processing, it has good geometrical stability, chemical stability, electrical insulation and low thermal expansion coefficient. This material is usually used for household items (dishwashers, washing machines), electrical equipment, etc.

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