Meat grinder high power 1800W CE,CB

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Meat grinder  high power 1800W CE,CB


*220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1800W , 8830# full copper motor

*Multi-function: meat grinder for coarse/medium/fine grind

*On/Off/Reverse/Reset switch, safety circuit breaker to prevent motor burn out

*Alumium housing, removable stainless steel tray and grind head, durable stainless steel cutting blade

*Easy to use and cleaning, compact design for convenient storage

*Power efficiency and stable performane, low-noise operation

*Various type of motor can be changeable to meet different performance

*VDE two round plug with power cord 1.2m

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
35.5*26.5*25.555*37*534pcs24.60 25.80 1060pcs2200pcs2500pcs

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Q:What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
500-800, such as PHILPS juicer. Also, Bo crisp Chinese Red
Q:What kind of food can you make with a juicer?
Potatoes are best not to juice, and can not drink directly. Other vegetables are generally juice, drink, and if you feel bad taste, you can add a little sugarIntroduce several fruit juice practices:1., tomato, cucumber and water juice, add sugar can be eaten2., banana juice with water, add milk and sugar, you can eat banana milk shake(above applicable machine)If the ordinary juicer is in use, you can process the juice, such as adding things, heating, freezing, mixing, etc., will make the juice better
Q:What's the difference between an extractor and a juicer?
The most obvious difference between the two is the use of different;Also known as extraction solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction (as distinct from the solid-liquid extraction, leaching, extraction (also known as) used in petroleum refining industry), is a kind of liquid extraction solution immiscible with the dual or multi-component solution, to achieve mass transfer separation separation process. Is a kind of widely used unit operation. Extraction machine common ultrasonic extraction machine, microwave extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine, extraction machine using the compounds in two immiscible (or slightly soluble) solubility or the distribution coefficient of solvents, the compound transfer from one solvent to another solvent.
Q:How can I start my Juicer?
2., the first use of the product several times, the motor sends out a bad smellRule out: This is not an abnormal phenomenon. If it is used repeatedly, the product will still send this odor. Please send it to the service point for inspection3. use in shutdownPossible reasons: (1) low voltage; (2) excessive force push bar; (3) motor temperature control protection;Methods of elimination: (1) check whether the voltage is too low; (2) push the bar gently; (3) stop 20~30 minutes and then use;
Q:Can the juicer break the cookies?
Personally, don't use a juicer to break cookies. The smell will also affect the cookies.
Q:What's the difference between a slow press and an ordinary Juicer?
It produces high temperatures so that some nutrients in the fruit are oxidized, so the juicer must be served with ice. More commercial, general household, this Juicer generally hundreds of pieces.
Q:The juicer suddenly stopped working
A function of continuous operation shall not exceed 2 minutes, stirring / conditioning / cooking function of dry grinding function of continuous operation shall not exceed 1 minutes, the meat function of continuous operation shall not exceed 30 seconds, as you failed to achieve the desired effect, disconnect the power to cool for 2 minutes before processing. To complete any of the above functions, stop 2 minutes for a cycle, continuous operation 3 cycles, must stop for 15-20 minutes, until the motor cooling after work. This method is beneficial to prolonging the life of the product.
Q:What juice can I squeeze from the juicer?
In addition, peel the thick fruit to be peeled, such as: orange, orangeThe large fruit to go nuclear, for example: nectarine, peach.There is also a bitter fruit in the fruit, such as oranges.Hope to be of help to you
Q:Can a juicer be used to mince meat?
Usage method1. Align the center frame vertically with the main engine. Put it down and assemble in place.2. Press the bottom of the juice net on the motor wheel, press the force evenly, confirm the pressure in place, rotate several times to see if there is any scraper in the frame. (lift or disassemble)3, a top cover, and buckle clasp. (buckle with safety clasp, please buckle the upper button, then press down, you can snap into place. When the demolition is just the opposite, please buckle at the bottom of the open, to open the safety button)
Q:Bought a juicer, want to do some mask. To some whitening, freckle, acne, go black, skin and so on, the more the better! I heard that juice can lose weight, or give some fried fruit, whitening, in short, the more the better!
Here are two anti acne mask for your reference...Anti Acne Mask: yolk shrinkage maskIngredients: 1 tomatoes, 1 cucumbers and 2 eggsAppliances: juicer, glass or bowl, stirring bar or stirring chopsticks, filter spoon.Efficacy: repair acne, damaged skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, is an excellent antioxidant, can help the skin effectively anti-aging; yolk can shrink pores, so that scar tissue is new, so that the skin smooth and smooth.

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