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Product Description:

2014 new pasta maker with food processor

Product Name:

Pasta maker, Noodle maker

Technical specifications:


CB, CE, EMC, GS, RoHS    

Body material





200W 50HZ

Time set







*220/120V 50/60Hz Rated power:200W;

*Low Noisy DC motor 77db within distance 30cm. 75db(under working statues) within distance 30cm.

*Plastic body & PC container;

*Different 5-shapes plates for option;  

*Shut off automatically when the power reach 220W, and then restart by itself and keep working the bal. cycle after 10 seconds;

*Safety lock included;

*Different injection color for option;

*Customer can operate it automatically or manually according to customer's habits;

- Working way:

1.Auto Operation Press auto button, the machine will work 3 minutes for making dough.                                                                      During this process, customer can adjust the time of making dough, but 5 minutes is must.

2. After step 1, press the noodels button for making noodles;

3.Customer can choose the Auto button for making pasta automatically. The product works 5 minutes for making dough , and then 8 minutes for making noodles.

 Pasta maker function as above.                                                                                                        

Meat grinder function as below:                                                                                                                                                          

1. Feature: With DC motor,200W,safe, easy and low-noice operation.                                                                                  

2. Housing Material:  Plastic                                                                                                              

3. Optional Voltage : 100V~250V 50/60Hz                                                                                

4. With storge container for finished meat.                                                                                          

5. Power cord: two-round-pin plug with 1.0M length                                                                                          

6. Switch:ON/OFF/REVERSE                                                                                                                  

7. Accessory:  3pcs metal cutting   plate(3.0mm,5.0mm,7.0mm)
Food pusher,Sausage adapter, kibbe attachment                                                                              

8. Color: white,blue,black or to order                                                                                    

9.Approval: CE,GS,ROHS,LFGB

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Q:The juice machine put ice Jiaocheng Smoothie it
The second is through the blade, the fruit and water into pieces, without slag. This can beat ice
Q:Do you want to use the juicer to squeeze the juice?
2, apple pineapple juice ~ to solve your brain, flower, apple, pineapple juice can have this effect, also has to promote the appetite and beauty, bloodIngredients: vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, phosphorus, cellulose and so on.Prepare materials: 150 grams of apples, 200 grams of pineapple, lemon 1/2.Practices: first, apple, pineapple peeled, cut into the appropriate block, into the juicer, juice. Two, after the completion of the juice, add lemon flavor can be.
Q:Part of the recipe for a juicer
Practice:1. wash and peel Sydney and cut into the size of the juice extractor.2. bananas peeled, cut into sections.3. wash the lettuce and wrap it up with bananas.4. lemon peel, cut into four pieces, go to the core.5. put all the ingredients into the juicer and press them into juice.Experience: add honey and ice cold juice can make more sweet. Efficacy: beautify the skin, eliminate fatigue. This juice comes with carrots, so it can prevent and treat constipation.Material: Strawberry 10 grains; 1 apple carrot; 1; honey 2 tablespoons lemon juice; the amount of ice particle number.
Q:The working principle and circuit diagram of the juice extractor
Three different working principles of a juicerI. high speed centrifugal juice extractorThis is the current domestic market is the most common type of extractor, its working principle is to use the knife net thousands of revolutions per minute of the high-speed rotation of the fruit pieces, a strong centrifugal force to jet into the juice juice cup, while the fruit residue is thrown into the slag collecting barrel. Different brand models of high-speed centrifugal Juicer also has material, power, size of the feed port difference, the selection should pay attention to choose power, feed big mouth.
Q:How do you make ice cream with a NUC Juicer?
Make:1, BAXI made ice cream ball, Sheng into the ice cream cup 2;2. Pour the juice and fresh cream on the ice cream (according to personal taste);3, bananas and kiwi slices, placed on the ice cream;4, the last inserted waffles as a decoration. Features: bright color, rich fruit.
Q:What is called "Juicer" point moving file is how to work?
According to the key point by the rotation of the motor, general is used for the test run, or just do not want to break with a break. Slow - full speed - about every 1400 minutes, turn around! Fast - speed, speed of about more than 2 thousand and 800 rpm, playing with juice, soybean milk
Q:How can I start my Juicer?
2., the first use of the product several times, the motor sends out a bad smellRule out: This is not an abnormal phenomenon. If it is used repeatedly, the product will still send this odor. Please send it to the service point for inspection3. use in shutdownPossible reasons: (1) low voltage; (2) excessive force push bar; (3) motor temperature control protection;Methods of elimination: (1) check whether the voltage is too low; (2) push the bar gently; (3) stop 20~30 minutes and then use;
Q:Can a juicer be used to mince meat?
4, try the machine, to see whether the work is normal, such as noise or vibration is too large, can be installed, the juice network for another position, pressure to join, there is a good effect.5, first vegetables, fruits and other peeled off to the core, wash spare, head larger than the mouth of the feeding, please cut small.6, put the juice cup in the mouth of the juice, the large set of slag bucket is placed in the slag outlet.7, open the machine, the fruits and vegetables into the juicer, with the pushing rod under pressure, you can squeeze the delicious fresh fruit juice.8, after the extraction of juice juicer, some for the convenience of customers, the juice containing device is external, need to pour the juice into your cup.9, pour out the residue, ready to wash.
Q:What are the nutritious vegetables and fruits to drink with a juicer?
Kiwi juice: contains a lot of vitamin C, heat fluid; papaya juice: Xiaozhi Runfei, help digestion of protein; Orange Juice: nourishing stomach, strengthen blood vessels, prevent heart disease, stroke, cold, cold and bruising; pear juice drink: autumn pear juice can be Runfei cough Fresh Juice: different fruits and vegetables if reasonable collocation, can also play a role in treatment of hot, the most cool than a cup of sweet and sour iced drinks! Health care products plus fruit juice... Thanks, fresh squeezed juice:
Q:Can the juice machine grind rice into powder?
It depends on what Juicer you are. Like the brand of three hundred or four hundred, of course, no problem, not to mention rice, corn is no problem. But they don't want to hope.

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