New Slow Juicer 50W

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Product Description:

2014 new pasta maker with food processor

Product Name:

Pasta maker, Noodle maker

Technical specifications:


CB, CE, EMC, GS, RoHS    

Body material





200W 50HZ

Time set







*220/120V 50/60Hz Rated power:200W;

*Low Noisy DC motor 77db within distance 30cm. 75db(under working statues) within distance 30cm.

*Plastic body & PC container;

*Different 5-shapes plates for option;  

*Shut off automatically when the power reach 220W, and then restart by itself and keep working the bal. cycle after 10 seconds;

*Safety lock included;

*Different injection color for option;

*Customer can operate it automatically or manually according to customer's habits;

- Working way:

1.Auto Operation Press auto button, the machine will work 3 minutes for making dough.                                                                      During this process, customer can adjust the time of making dough, but 5 minutes is must.

2. After step 1, press the noodels button for making noodles;

3.Customer can choose the Auto button for making pasta automatically. The product works 5 minutes for making dough , and then 8 minutes for making noodles.

 Pasta maker function as above.                                                                                                        

Meat grinder function as below:                                                                                                                                                          

1. Feature: With DC motor,200W,safe, easy and low-noice operation.                                                                                  

2. Housing Material:  Plastic                                                                                                              

3. Optional Voltage : 100V~250V 50/60Hz                                                                                

4. With storge container for finished meat.                                                                                          

5. Power cord: two-round-pin plug with 1.0M length                                                                                          

6. Switch:ON/OFF/REVERSE                                                                                                                  

7. Accessory:  3pcs metal cutting   plate(3.0mm,5.0mm,7.0mm)
Food pusher,Sausage adapter, kibbe attachment                                                                              

8. Color: white,blue,black or to order                                                                                    

9.Approval: CE,GS,ROHS,LFGB

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Q:Is there a juicer that can be extracted and cooked?
Yes, now many brands have this, it is recommended to choose Joyoung and PHILPS have, the price is not expensive, but also practical.
Q:Which brand is good for Juicer?
You can get rid of these harmful substances by hand squeezer. The reason is simple. The proportion of pesticides and heavy metals is higher than that of water.
Q:How do you clean watermelon stains on the juicer?
The need for cleaning cleaning, use dry cloth wipe, wash with boiling water at best, it can make the cutter head gap at the end of the fine dissolved, cleaning is clean.
Q:How to use the juicer and how to maintain the juicer?
The juicer keeps those thingsFirst of all, after the juicer to squeeze the juice, the first to cut off the power supply, the separation barrel and cup machine, the machine first simple and clean, don't wait until the blender after those fruit residue and debris condensation to clean, so will be very troublesome. We have to deal with these bits and debris in time, and that's good for the juicer. Conditionally, you can remove the knife head, because it is easy to wrap around the fruit fiber and debris, it should be along the direction of winding, slowly dragged out these residues, and then clean the knife head. But I don't recommend removing the knife head every time, because it's not very good. Don't remove the cutter head frequently, so it's not advisable. We just have to clean it regularly according to the actual situation.
Q:What's the difference between a blender, a processor, and a juicer? How to make a choice
. Fruit juice machine and juicer, is dedicated to fruit juice, generally with juice function, relative to the operation of the machine, the noise will be much smaller
Q:How much is cheaper for a juicer?
According to the hand that more than a dozen fast enough; general electric one hundred; can go to seed peeling Liangbaisanbai like this. I mean domestic, and imported is more expensive.
Q:Fruit juice machine can not squeeze what fruit, fruit juice machine is not a cooking machine
Depth analysis:According to the method of residue storage, the juice extractor has two kinds of built-in fruit dreg box and separate type fruit dreg box. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient cleaning, and the advantages of the separating fruit dreg box are that the house is suitable for a large number of fruit juice families. Thus, it is convenient to pour the pomace at any time during the process of making, without opening the juicer.According to gear settings, there are two kinds of press gear, no gear and multi gear. The no position Juicer has only two switching states: open and stop, with the advantage of simple operation, especially for old people, children and people who don't like complicated operations. The juicer gear generally have low speed and high speed, move the third. Multi position juicer is suitable for people with high flexibility.
Q:What's the difference between a slow press and an ordinary Juicer?
The speed of the machine is not the same, the slow usually squeezed by the screw to press, similar to the manual method, this is now the mainstream, can retain more fruits and vegetables in the nutrients are not destroyed
Q:Pour in the fruit and turn on the switch. The juicer doesn't move
According to the different types of machines, the installation instruction method is different, there are roughly two kinds: first, no switch button type (such as 350), the cup buckle to the main card slot
Q:Which is the difference between a juicer and a cooking machine?
Lead: juicer and cooking machine is this time people's pursuit of convenience and health products, but a lot of people for their difference but do not quite understand, today Xiaobian for everyone from analysis of juicer and cooking machine, which is good. Recommend good reputation juicer and cooking machine for your reference, but also teach you how to operate, share delicious recipes together

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