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Centrifugal Juicer
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Automatic Pulp Ejection,Non-Drip Spout
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Hurom Juicer
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The HU-400 is a single gear juicer with the difference of a juicing head that that sits on the vertical axis.


The HU-400 is faster and almost self-feeding. This model is a juicer and drink maker and is a dispenser style machine similar in appearance and usage to a centrifugal juicer.

It can efficiently produce a range of health drinks made from soaked pulses, grains , beans

and produce.

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Q:Can a blender work as a juicer?
Juicer and blender are 2 concepts, the use of different should not
Q:Which is the difference between a juicer and a cooking machine?
Lead: juicer and cooking machine is this time people's pursuit of convenience and health products, but a lot of people for their difference but do not quite understand, today Xiaobian for everyone from analysis of juicer and cooking machine, which is good. Recommend good reputation juicer and cooking machine for your reference, but also teach you how to operate, share delicious recipes together
Q:Why is the garlic green after it is squeezed out of the juicer?
The nutritional value of mashed garlic1, strong bactericidal. Sulfur compounds in garlic has Qiqiang antibacterial and antiphlogistic effect, on a variety of bacteria, bacillus, fungi and viruses are inhibiting and killing effect, is a natural plant currently found in one of the strongest antiseptic.2, prevention and treatment of cancer and cancer. Germanium and selenium in garlic can inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cancer cells. It is found that the lowest incidence of cancer is in people with the highest levels of selenium in the blood. The National Cancer Organization says garlic tops the list of the world's most cancer fighting plants.
Q:What fruit juice is good?
Watercress and apple juiceIngredients: 1/2, watercress, 3 sweet applesPractices: wash raw materials, juice, drinking.Effect: this mixed juice is a very good body detox. It can clean the blood, reduce cholesterol, crushing kidney stones and bladder stones, also can be used as a diuretic and laxative.
Q:What's the difference between a juicer and a good one?
You can buy it in three simple ways:Look, see the product color and texture, if the functional area of the plastic outer wall of uneven color, or a bubble in which transparency is not high, mostly due to the recycling of plastic parts in direct contact with the population, so the best choice to ensure the products more healthy;
Q:Precautions for the safe use of processor and juicer
Each part is not allowed to use more than 60 degrees of hot water and microwave oven disinfection, in order to avoid heating deformation damage. Contact with ingredients, materials are in line with FDA food certification, clean, hygienic and reliable.7, please do not put the host into water or other liquids, nor can it be washed under other liquids. Do not use wire balls, abrasive cleaners, or caustic liquids (e.g. gasoline or acetone) to clean products.8, with nuclear, hard seeds, thick skin or hard shell of fruits and vegetables, please remove it before processing.9, cloves, anise, fennel and other ingredients must be processed together. Otherwise, the plastic material of the product may be worn away. When processing the ingredients, the dry grinding cup may change color. Dry grinding cups are not suitable for processed foods, such as cardamom.
Q:How do you make ice cream with a NUC Juicer?
Apple ice cream ingredients: Apple 500g, white sugar 150g, fresh milk two bottles.Process: wash the apples, peeled and sliced, coring, Jiaocheng paste, add sugar and 1000 grams of boiling water, add boiling milk, stir, put into the container after cooling in the refrigerator to freeze branding.
Q:Why is the juicer connected after the power supply, the juicer is ringing, the button is not lit, did not respond?
And don't put too much in at one time, no more than 1/3. Try again! (watermelon juicy drink ah? What apples are squeezed? Ha ha!)
Q:What is the continuous working time of the juicer?
According to different machines, is not the same, the general machine is 15 seconds -20 seconds, and then take a rest 15 seconds, in fact, you juice, there are 15 seconds is enough, your juice cup must be full. If it's a household machine, that's the case
Q:Can the juice machine grind rice into powder?
Yes, it depends on what Juicer you are. If it is a multi-function juice machine, it is a mechanical way to squeeze fruit or vegetable into juice. With soybean milk, mixing, dry grinding, three in one. If it's just a single function, it can only be squeezed.

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