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Single Gear (Masticating) Juicer,masticating juicer
Blade Material:
GE Ultem PEI
Housing Material:
Stainless Steel
Automatic Pulp Ejection,Dish Washer Safe,Non-Drip Spout,Reverse
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):
28*16*40 CM
Rating (Rpm):
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Slow Juicer, JT-2014 (stainless steel version), High juice yield
Cold press juicing, squeezin, no oxidation.

whole Slow Juicer, JT-2014 (stainless steel version), High juice yield
Cold press juicing, squeezing, no oxidation.

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Q:What's the difference between a blender and a juicer?
A machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency. There are several types of mixer, a compulsory mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer etc.. Note: mixers and automatic feeders must be cleaned inside, especially in winter, which prolongs life. Mixer is a mixer, because the mixer is usually the role of mixing and mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as mixer
Q:Bought a juicer, want to do some mask. To some whitening, freckle, acne, go black, skin and so on, the more the better! I heard that juice can lose weight, or give some fried fruit, whitening, in short, the more the better!
Making method:1., tomatoes, cucumber washed, peeled, into the juicer, juice backup.2., eggs in order to filter spoon, the yolk and egg white separation, take yolk reserve.3., tomato, cucumber juice and egg yolk into the vessel, stir well.Anti Acne Mask: two red mud maskIngredients: 100 grams of red bean, a little waterUtensil: a kettle, a blender, a glassware, or a bowl.Efficacy: with detoxification effect, can promote the rapid discharge of skin oils, effectively control acne, make skin more tender and more healthy refreshing.
Q:How do you squeeze fruit?
There are two kinds of fruit juice extractor, the first is through stirring, juice and dregs are separated, drink juice, slag, do not. The second is to add water to stir, squeezed out of the juice is, juice and slag are together, you can drink a piece.Look, what you write is squeezed out is mud, there may be second kinds, in pressing apple must add appropriate amount of water, will become juice.
Q:The working principle and circuit diagram of the juice extractor
Low speed extruderThis juicer is loved by many people, its working principle is to rely on a screw rod internal at 80 RPM low speed rotation, extrusion, grinding of fruits, fruit juice through the mesh outflow from fruit residue discharged from the discharging port.Advantages: low noise; comparison of crisp fruit juice squeezing rate, fruit residue from very dry, do not waste, the leafy juice rate can be satisfactory.Disadvantages: fruit cut into small pieces, a bit again to fill in time; press juice thicker, it is mixed with fine pulp fiber, especially the apple, squeezed out is almost the best.
Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juicer plastic shell formal manufacturers produced for food grade polypropylene or ABS plastic, the material itself is not toxic, but is biologically inert, even by the debris into the stomach to eat will not be digested with corrosion, finally the stool excreted from the body, so basically do not have to worry about. The thing to worry about is that the flying blade smashed the side wall of the container and hurt the pieces.In other words, a good quality Juicer should not hit the wall of a container when used normally.
Q:How do you make ice cream with a NUC Juicer?
4, stir into the cream bowl, continue to stir. If you do not like egg ice cream, you can directly in the cream to add their favorite jam, evenly mixed;5, mix good food into the refrigerator freezer, frozen, about 2-3 hours later you can eat. If you take it out 2-3 times during freezing, it will taste better.Crown ice cream ingredients: for personal taste of BAXI ice cream ingredients: fresh fruits such as bananas, kiwi fruit juice, cherry juice; general; he Huafu cream cake.
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
The juicer can squeeze potatoes.The main function of the juicer is to extract juice. It has a lot of power, so it is easy to squeeze the potatoes into small pieces. To squeeze Mashed Potato need to low, the potatoes cut into sheets, don't put too much, to cover, pressing, then boot, it doesn't fly.
Q:Is it nutritious to press fruit juice?
Fruit should not be squeezedNowadays, more and more families have bought juice machines, and they feel that fresh fruit juice is delicious and convenient. But nutrition expert reminds, besides the person with bad tooth, fruit had better not juice to drink, direct edible, more nutrition
Q:Vegetables, fruit juice, which can be squeezed together?
(1) Korea vegetable juice[materials] Korea food, 200g, carrot, 200g, apple 200g.Korea dishes must be chopped up first,Squeeze the juice into the juice and make a cup sooner or later.[effect] this is the representative of vegetable and fruit juice. It contains rich potassium, has the function of maintaining salt balance, and has a preventive and stabilizing effect on hypertension and vascular sclerosis.
Q:Can a blender work as a juicer?
A blender can also make juice, but not juice. It is a mixture of water and easily beaten fruit

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