SCD200/200P Frequency Building Elevators

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3 unit
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500 unit/month

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The frequency conversion building elevator has the following features.

1. Starting and braking are steady with no pounding.

2. The lifting or falling speed can be controlled.

3. Starting current is lower than rated current.

4. Mechanical wear is reduced, greatly reduce the mechanical wears of gear and rack due to no impact while starting, decease of brake wear is particular evident.

5. Power saves efficiently.


 SCD200/200P building elevator parameter 

       parameter name




rating loading capacity



      passenger number



rating rising rate



Max. promoting height



motor power 25%



cage size



650  mast section weight



650  mast section length



Counter weight weight



steeve rating rising weight



800   mast section length



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Q:What are the requirements of the fire function of the elevator?
1, in the elevator room with the fire system linkage interface, and in the fire alarm linkage, forced down to the first floor and automatically open the door. 2, in the first layer of fire with a push button.
Q:How to set the elevator shaft
There is a special quota, 01 quota is 3-85,04 quota is 5-29, according to the design conversion.
Q:Staircase, staircase hall, elevator, elevator hall, front room, ladder, elevator room difference
Oh, you take the definition of these, to find a high-rise building, to that contrast under the like, these are a definition of auxiliary tripod-lang visit Temple poem, you do not know, as long as you know the boundaries of his door All right...
Q:What is the meaning of a stock lift?
This is a metaphor on the stock up and down, up and down, used to buy those who bought the stock after the profit, those who failed to sell in time. Buying a stock is relatively simple and selling it requires a lot of skill.
Q:What is the meaning of E and F in the elevator?
E emergency stop f fire
Q:Assassin's Creed 4 The first off the elevator on how
Assassin's Creed Is OK OK? The stairs are climbing up
Q:Why the building of each service area unilateral arrangement of the elevator should not be more than 4?
Just to prevent more than 4, the elevator came to see it, because the elevator hall into the deep limited, it may not know the elevator door opened. The The
Q:What does the elevator room mean, who told me
It is a little more with the elevator is the real estate, and with the elevator real estate than the property management fee is a little more expensive. (This is my line of rules)
Q:Raise the height of 110 meters, do the machine room elevator feasible?
But at least the speed of at least 2.0 or more
Q:Elevator door in the sub-door and the difference between the two points is defined as the god of God ah?
In the middle of the door: two doors, separated from the middle, each opened to both sides of the double fold: double folding elevator door has four door panels, the elevator door to open on both sides, every two door board through the two Danchuo door arm to the equivalent

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