SCD200/200P Frequency Building Elevators

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The frequency conversion building elevator has the following features.

1. Starting and braking are steady with no pounding.

2. The lifting or falling speed can be controlled.

3. Starting current is lower than rated current.

4. Mechanical wear is reduced, greatly reduce the mechanical wears of gear and rack due to no impact while starting, decease of brake wear is particular evident.

5. Power saves efficiently.


 SCD200/200P building elevator parameter 

       parameter name




rating loading capacity



      passenger number



rating rising rate



Max. promoting height



motor power 25%



cage size



650  mast section weight



650  mast section length



Counter weight weight



steeve rating rising weight



800   mast section length



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Q:What are the requirements of the fire function of the elevator?
1, in the first layer of firefighters with a dedicated landing button or switch factory shift bite to help save the trip to seek leopard 2, forced landing time <60 seconds 3, bottom of the anti-water or drainage measures
Q:The use of the elevator
The elevator is based on the height of the building, the use and the difference of the traffic, and set the different type of elevator. The types of elevators are different and their uses are not the same. 1 passenger lift; elevator designed for transporting passengers, requiring a complete safety facility and a certain interior decoration. The most widely used. 2 cargo lifts; usually by people, mainly for the delivery of goods designed for the elevator. Mainly used in factories and warehouses. 3 medical elevators; elevators designed for transporting beds including patients, stretchers, and medical vehicles are used in medical centers. 4 sightseeing elevator; elevator and car wall at least one side transparent, can watch the scene of the elevator. 5 ships, elevators; elevators used on ships, usually used for large ships. 6 vehicle lift; used to transport the vehicle and the design of the elevator, used in the three-dimensional parking equipment. 7 other types of elevators, in addition to the above commonly used questions, there are special-purpose elevator. Such as cold storage elevators, construction elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighters with elevators, oblique elevators, nuclear island elevators and so on. With the continuous development of the economy, the type of elevator is also increasing, the future development of the elevator will be more intelligent.
Q:Elevator contactor
This is not a good way to say. Specifically you can look at your circuit diagram, combined with the actual circuit. In addition, the label on the circuit diagram corresponds to the label of the component in the actual circuit. Interlocking point as long as the principle and role of interlocking, you can understand
Q:Elevator industry, the traction machine has permanent magnet synchronous motor and permanent magnet asynchronous motor two, what is the difference between them?
In general, there are old-fashioned elevator should be used mostly synchronous motor, because the synchronous machine mechanical characteristics and stability, but, nearly 20 years, asynchronous motor frequency drive has made rapid development, asynchronous motor characteristics of the software problem has been very good The application of the technology, such as direct torque control, makes the manufacturers claim that the characteristics of the asynchronous motor are equal to or higher than the characteristics of the synchronous motor. Therefore, the synchronous motor and the asynchronous motor are only two different periods and different application methods.
Q:How does the elevator work?
Both ends are attached to the car and the counterweight, winding in the traction wheel and guide wheel, the traction motor through the reducer after the speed of the traction wheel driven by the traction rope and traction wheel friction caused by traction, Car and heavy lift movements, to achieve the purpose of transport. The guide shoe fixed to the car can be moved down and down along a fixed rail mounted on the building shaft wall to prevent the car from skewing or swinging during operation. Normally closed block brake in the motor work when the loose gate, so that the elevator running, in the event of loss of electricity braking, so that the car stopped lifting, and in the designated station to maintain its static state for personnel and goods access. The car is a box component that carries passengers or other loads, which is used to balance the car load and reduce the motor power. The compensating device is used to compensate for the change in tension and weight in the movement of the hoisting rope, so that the load of the traction motor is stable and the car can be accurately stopped. Electrical system to achieve the control of the elevator movement, while the completion of the selection layer, leveling, speed, lighting work. Indicating that the calling system is always showing the direction of movement of the car and the location of the floor. Safety devices ensure safe operation of the elevator.
Q:What are the contents of the elevator property every day?
1) Various functions of the control box are normal. 2) the floor of the floor signal is complete, clear, monitoring device is operating normally. 3) The intercom with the fire center and the room is normal. 4) safety touch panel or photoelectric should be correct, lighting effective. 5) Car door and the car wall should be no collision, no friction. 6) car without clutter advertising. 7) The door should be safe and reliable, should be "room weight, idlers free" logo. 8) The room walls are complete, no holes. 9) The room should be ventilated and rainproof facilities, flat layer signs complete. 10) There are lighting devices, electrical outlets, fire extinguishers, intercom devices and so on. 11) There are elevator release wrench and wheel handle wheel, shaft lighting is good. 12) traction machine should be intact, cleaning, dripping oil should meet international standards. 13) The control cabinet should have no noise in the elevator operation. 14) The function of the switch is normal, oil twitch fleeing charcoal gongshou astringent abalone cup with oil. 15) car roof rope combination of complete, no rust, with anti-rust paint. 16) The door of the door deputy door lock is complete, the installation is correct, no rust. 17) each door door and foot cover slide complete. 18) floor and door frame without friction, no collision. 19) rail bracket without loosening, pressure plate firmly. 20) The horizontal distance between the shaft wall and the car's ground can not exceed the standard. 21) The station indicator signal button is clear and complete. 22) pit lighting, emergency stop switch is valid. 23) compensation chain, the buffer should be safe and reliable. 24) size track with oil access device.
Q:How many meters are needed to build a lift?
First, look at the norms, norms are more than 7 or 16.00 or more, the second is to see more than silver, such as the villa of the three, four can also be set up the elevator.
Q:How to install the elevator monitor how to take the elevator in the video line with what kind of what?
Want to install the camera in the elevator can be detected in the monitoring room! The Do not have to be wired! Who can give one! Ming Dan tiger measured mortar Yao hinged surprise break off the program! Best with a schematic! More...
Q:What is the meaning of elevator fire linkage?
Elevator fire linkage, refers to the fire alarm, the fire building all the elevator will be forced to the first floor. Elevator in the first floor of the fire switch, and fire linkage has nothing to do, in two cases: First, the fire is not set up automatic alarm building, elevator landing, the direct start of the first floor of the fire switch; Second, set up a fire alarm system Building, when the elevator down the function of failure or failure, you can directly start the first floor of the fire switch to start landing.
Q:What is the reason why the elevator door is always open and closed when not in use?
Close the door in question.

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