Variable Frequency High speed construction hoist SC200G

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Variable Frequency High speed construction hoist SC200G

Main technical parametres of SC200G


Rated Loading Capacity(kg)2000
Max.Lifting Height(m)450
Lifting Speed(m/min)0-750-96
Mast Section(mm)650*650*1508
Cage Weight(kg)2400
Electric Motor Power(kw)3*18.5
Safety ProtectorSAJ50-1.6SAJ50-2.0
Frequency Converter power(kw)7590

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Q:How to measure the safety dimensions of the elevator
Bottom pit should have a 0.5m × 0.6m × 1.0m space. The distance between the bottom pit and the guide shoe, the safety gear and the door part is not less than 0.1m, and the distance between the other parts of the car is not less than 0.5m. The key to the actual impact of the depth of the pit is: (1) the distance that the bumper is fully compressed from the bottom of the car to the bottom of the hoistway; (2) when the end is flat, the car extends into the bottom pit The height of the buffer and the sum of the three. It is not difficult to find that the two together define the depth of the pit in a range that is difficult to substantially shrink: if the height of the buffer is excessively reduced, it is difficult to satisfy the previous condition; if the empty range is excessively reduced, The latter condition violates the national standard. If the pit depth exceeds the required size, it may cause the car to go beyond the national standard allowable value. In the case of not much, you can increase the buffer by the way to solve the base; if too much, only back to the bottom of the pit to the required depth.
Q:Power out, elevator can also use it?
Generally it is not possible
Q:Rated load 1050KG elevator on the weight is generally how much
The weight of the weight = car weight + half of the rated load is the weight of the counterweight + weight = car + balance coefficient (here take 50%) * rated load of your elevator factory weight is the number of KG ? 1050KG elevator, then the total weight of the total weight of 1.3T ~ 1.4T 酣 households Feng Feng Ju 莶 angle to bring around the ax. (Including the heavy frame). That is 50KG on the heavy block, then need 24-28 pieces. If you do not worry, after loading the balance under the measured coefficient to ensure that the balance between 0.4 to 0.5 can be installed after the can also be added or minus the weight.
Q:How to determine the balance coefficient of elevator GB
0.4-0.5 between. The weight ratio between the weight and the car.
Q:What is the safety contact of the elevator?
Safe circuit, the normal state is through. All the places involving safety will have a contact, the engine room, the pit, the car door, each elevator door, all contacts in series together, any point off, the elevator can not move
Q:What does the elevator room mean, who told me
It is a little more with the elevator is the real estate, and with the elevator real estate than the property management fee is a little more expensive. (This is my line of rules)
Q:Raise the height of 110 meters, do the machine room elevator feasible?
Hello, first answer yes yes i can do it. At present the conventional non-machine room standard elevator can do up to 90 meters, the speed of 2.5m / s, more than this data, to do non-standard design, the cost is more expensive, long lead times, conditions permitting Shibuya harm under the recommendations or consider the organic room elevator.
Q:What is the size of a barrier-free elevator? As if to deep into the 2750 is it?
Into the depth of 2750? What is your data? Car or hoist? How could there be such a big size? Barrier-free, is to meet the use of people with disabilities, the arc of the old turntable turtle turtle open the door and the car size to meet the wheelchair access, usually 1000kg load elevator. There is room for elevator, hoist 2100x2200, car 1600x1500, open door 900x2100 machine room elevator, shaft 2200x1800, car 1600x1400, open door 900x2100 above is the conventional size, each slightly different.
Q:What are the reasons for the elevator downtime?
Personally feel that, in addition to holding the hold is not tight, the other will not cause a decline. Door locks and security circuit if the problem, and finally also hold the hold and have to light hair scallion Gui Gui Phthalate Pharaoh, if the brakes no problem, no matter what the problem, will be locked. Under normal circumstances, the host any abnormal operation, the encoder can be detected, the inverter will be protected. Do not know what the concept of your decline is Is the loss of control, or the normal range of decline?
Q:Wow how the energy ship on the second floor
First kill a small BOSS door to the right to go up after the slope to see a robot is it it back to a key to continue to move forward to kill the first BOSS attack helium tai chu chu chu chi send the throne after this time you have downhill The right to see a big platform (that is, downhill after the right turn on the OK) platform patrol small BOSS will burst after another key to the two keys together to just downhill place a device Open the elevator next to the elevator on the 2nd floor

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