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High performance more comfortable.
Reliable driving system, safe and smooth operation.
Frequency conversion energy-saving.

The innovative technology of the sightseeing elevator.

Pollution-free elevator.

Extremely low electromagnetic radiation.

Elevator car standard allocation:

Top and bottom cover: Streak stainless steel plus decorative lights.

Ceiling: Mirror surface stainless steel

Panorama wall: Glasses with safe doubling

Front wall: Streak stainless steel

Handle: Stainless steel circular tube full-length handle

Floor: PVC

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Q:When the girl came home, she was tracked by a man when she entered the elevator.
If you see it, the child is still running on the side of the elevator door .. assault .. then, run away .. there is a chance .. either is the door .. do not say no. It was boring for a few times before it was a few times .. It was the two hands and the left and right, and when it reached the floor, it would not open the door.
Q:Hello, Hitachi Elevator is often a 38 fault is what reason. There are those cases he out of 38 failure, how to solve?
38 Run contactor disconnect fault
Q:The house has been renovated, no reserve wells, but now want to install the elevator, how to do?
Can you elaborate
Q:Recently a very hot online IQ question: elevator can take up to 10 people, you happen to be the first 10, into the elevator
Answer: a elevator is very normal 9 people, yes, that is normal, ordinary people, you go to the elevator, the elevator door open, you go in, the elevator did not move, so you quit, you think the elevator overweight, In fact, no, because someone outside the hold down the door button, this person is tracking you, want to kill you, you come out after he hid, you feel the victim, the alarm answer two elevator 9, you take the elevator Go, follow your people has been behind you, and you entered the elevator together, but you did not find that you entered the elevator, the elevator now a total of 11 people, you quit. Feel the terror of the track, and nine people in the elevator is likely to be the same prisoner, you answer the alarm three elevator is 9 individuals, but there is a corpse, and a hair into a tumbler Standing, you simply did not find that you go after the elevator does not move, you quit, the alarm personal tendency is the answer one and two, the answer two best, reference
Q:What is the meaning of a stock lift?
That is to say a hand to get a stock, from the lowest to get the highest price or the highest to the lowest, there are many times to buy or sell the opportunity but no operation.
Q:Elevator contactor
The upper side of the coil is marked A1 and A2 is the two points of the coil. (NC) Most of the points are often used to open the signal point, the main contactor you must understand, like the door lock contactor, emergency stop contactor, brake contactor, In addition to the coil point, normally open normally closed are part of the detection circuit, to a part of the signal, the process is to monitor the elevator power phase sequence, the correct after the main power contactor pull, emergency stop loop, emergency stop contact (110V, 36V), often open point to the motherboard signal, the inverter signal, the operation of the contactor signal, the door is closed, then the door contactor pull, and then the door line, elevator, inside the security line (110V, 36V) (110V, 36V), often open the closed point to the motherboard signal, the system signal, run the contactor signal, run the contactor coil is given by the emergency stop contactor signal and door lock contact The signal is given in series, the first two contactors closed, then run the contactor to meet the conditions closed, the coil point also need to give the motherboard control line running signal, and finally the brake contactor pull, feedback a holding point , This is mostly long closed Intestine spotted spotted posture. You better or more to observe its run-time contact closure of the order, no more difficult to see a few times to see clearly, there is more simple drawings, it is best not to see the drawings, easy to Mongolia, on their own To think, and then go to the drawings contrast, see do not need to understand later, remember solid. And then tell you a study of the ruthless strokes · ordinary people I do not tell him ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh turn off the elevator power, the contact with things stuffed, so that they pull, you use the table which point and which point, after their own Draw a simple circuit diagram, then disconnect the amount. Technology this thing is not who taught, are stolen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Q:What is the meaning of elevator fire linkage?
Only two kinds of start to play Cheong Chai leek to help blood explosion method, the first first-class fire switch manually start, the second building fire control room to start. The so-called fire linkage is to require the elevator to connect with the building's fire system, the building's fire equipment starts, the elevator must also start the fire state!
Q:How can the elevator handle?
First, (no matter how several floors) as soon as possible to each floor of the keys are pressed. Second, if there is a handle in the elevator, one hand clasped the handle. Third, the entire back with the head close to the elevator wall, was a straight line. Fourth, the knee was bent posture. concise!
Q:What is the size of a barrier-free elevator? As if to deep into the 2750 is it?
Each of the elevator manufacturers are not the same as the civil size, generally to the arc of the old side of the turtle turtle turtle is said to be square or close to the square. Roadway plane size: about 2300mmX2300mm (wide X deep) (different manufacturers are not the same, this is only about size, specifically to ask the installation of the elevator manufacturers)
Q:Dream dream to take a lift
It is true that some of your things dilemma

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