Mirror & Etched Decoration Passenger Elevator

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1.German technology VVVF drive

2.Lower noise

3.Steady running

4.Competitive price

5.Etching decoration inside

Products name Model Speed(m/s)                 Rated load (kg)
   Passenger elevator WP20      2.00 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 ------

Small machine room

  Passenger elevator

WP30      2.00 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     3.00 ------ ------   1000 1250 1600
     2.50 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 1600

Machine room less

Passenger elevator

WPN30      1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600

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Q:What are the eight systems of the elevator!
The structure of the elevator includes: four large space, eight system four space: the engine room part, the shaft and the pit part, the car part, the station part. Eight systems: traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system
Q:Raise the height of 110 meters, do the machine room elevator feasible?
Hello, first answer yes yes i can do it. At present the conventional non-machine room standard elevator can do up to 90 meters, the speed of 2.5m / s, more than this data, to do non-standard design, the cost is more expensive, long lead times, conditions permitting Shibuya harm under the recommendations or consider the organic room elevator.
Q:How much electricity is the elevator every day?
(Note: floor 20 speed 1.75 load 800 synchronous host 17KW cell occupancy rate over 80% of the case) E = (K1 * K2 * K3 * K4) * P * T + E1K1 balance coefficient and The average load value of 0.8K2 ride rate of residential single staircase or less than the top of the reminder of the dare to drop who Dan OKorder Lian take the rate of 0.3K3 up and down the line to take 0.5K4 speed load lift height coefficient to take 0.5P rated power T time E1 standby Time consumption (control system, door machine power consumption, display, lighting) about 3KWHE = 0.8x0.3x0.5x0.5x17x24 +3 = 27.48KWH daily electricity costs 27.48x0.55 = 15.11 yuan per year electricity 15.11x365 = 5515.15 yuan data Verified for reference only!
Q:On the elevator frame advertising, who can specifically talk about it?
The most important thing is to see where your elevator ads are in the elevator. If it is in the office, like a car, cosmetics, mobile phones, watches, entertainment and so will do; if it is in the residential, tend to use some of the daily, such as the surrounding market, household items, jewelry, mobile phones, watches and so on.
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
There are two fans on the top of the elevator car. However, some businesses in the decoration of the elevator car when the top closed, so the basic fan does not work.
Q:Title: a woman was followed by a man, she went into the elevator and found the man also came in.
I can not think of the elevator on the line, because he was afraid of the camera so that the woman and the elevator into the elevator when there is no killing her, so he can not kill her in the elevator, this time by siren, and then no elevator waiting for the rescue The Those who said in the third floor elevator open moment by the door simply does not work, because the murderer certainly waiting on the third floor, she went to the third floor elevator opened, the murderer found that she would not come out on the fourth floor in advance (if the woman on the first floor of the murderer can also be ahead On the second floor) press the door button, this is because whether she press the upstairs or down the elevator outside the arrow can be seen, the murderer can reach the next level in advance, and then the murderer into the elevator and before, this time repeated Staged, so stay inside the elevator does not move, the police press the emergency by the sudden angrily get the whole button to have the opportunity to escape!
Q:What does the elevator room mean, who told me
Generally refers to more than seven or more, equipped with elevators in the high-rise residential buildings
Q:Dream dream to take a lift
Dream of sitting on the elevator to explain: · dream of sitting on the elevator, auspicious, indicates that their confidence in the future. Businessmen dream of taking a lift, · Staff members dream of taking a lift, the job will be improved.
Q:Whether the elevator can be combined with the fire elevator
Choose to try to rely on convenience evacuation of the elevator. For the main part of high-rise civil buildings, the floor area of not more than 1500 square meters, should set up a fire elevator; more than 1500 square meters, less than 4500 square meters, should be set up two fire elevators; each floor area of more than 4500 square meters , Should be set up three fire elevator. The fire shaft of the fire elevator should be set separately, and no other electrical piping, water pipes, trachea or ventilation ducts shall pass. Fire elevator should be equipped with front room, the front room should be equipped with fire doors, so that it has a fire and smoke function. Fire elevator load should not be less than 1000 kg, the car's plane size should not be less than 1 m × 1.5 m, its role is to be able to carry large-scale fire fighting equipment and life-saving stretcher.
Q:PLC control the advantages of the elevator
PLC to achieve the advantages of elevator lift control Elevator as an important means of high-rise buildings and people's work and life are increasingly closely linked. PLC as a new generation of industrial controller, with its high reliability and advanced technology, in the elevator control has been widely used, so that the elevator from the traditional relay control for the development of computer control as an important direction to become the current elevator control and technology One of the hot spots of transformation. PLC is a microcomputer system that specializes in logic control. As the PLC has a stable performance, anti-interference ability, flexible design and other characteristics. So it has been widely used in industrial control. Since the late 80s PLC introduction of China's elevator industry since the PLC composed of elevator control system is widely used by many elevator manufacturers. And formed a series of stereotypes products. In the traditional relay system transformation project, PLC system has been the mainstream control system. Elevator control system is divided into speed control part and logic control part. The performance of the speed control part of the elevator operation is the passenger comfort has an important impact, and the logic control part of the elevator is safe and reliable operation of the key. In order to improve the comfort of the elevator and the reliability of the operation, now with PLC to control the operation of the elevator, which greatly improved the performance of the elevator.
Our elevator control system comes from Germany technology, it is very precise and efficient but operation is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. Our purpose is: Make qualified and safe elevator products for people. Up to Dec.1, 2012, we have exported more than 1000units elevators and 800units escalators to more than 30 countries markets. Most of elevators and escalators which had been installed are running very well.

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