Panoramic Elevator

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1 Unit m.t.
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200 Units per Month m.t./month

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1.German technology

2.VVVF drive

3.Lower noise

4.Steady running

5.Competitive price

      Product name    Model  Speed (m/s)         Rated load (kg)
      Panoramic elevator    WO20        2.00 ---- ---- 800 1000 ----
       1.75 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.60 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.00 ---- 630 800 1000 ----

     Small machine room

      Panoramic elevator

  WO30        2.00 ---- ---- 800 1000 ----
       1.75 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.60 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.00 ---- 630 800 1000 ----

      Machine room less

      Panoramic elevator

  WON30        1.75 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.60 ---- 630 800 1000 ----
       1.00 ---- 630 800 1000 ----

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Q:What is the reason why the elevator door is always open and closed when not in use?
Elevator control cabinet in the elevator door system board failure, usually 3 tube or capacitor is broken, get the maintenance of the car to hurt the factory to sell it off the board I am the same day before the same problem, just repair.
Q:What is the size of a barrier-free elevator? As if to deep into the 2750 is it?
Into the depth of 2750? What is your data? Car or hoist? How could there be such a big size? Barrier-free, is to meet the use of people with disabilities, the arc of the old turntable turtle turtle open the door and the car size to meet the wheelchair access, usually 1000kg load elevator. There is room for elevator, hoist 2100x2200, car 1600x1500, open door 900x2100 machine room elevator, shaft 2200x1800, car 1600x1400, open door 900x2100 above is the conventional size, each slightly different.
Q:Elevator industry room emergency electric operation is what ah?
Emergency electric operation is in the room control cabinet to the elevator hit the emergency electric running file, you can short the various security circuits in the case of the elevator will be lifted to the leveling position, the people safely released. The main role is that in the elevator circuit does not pass, but also electric running the elevator, do not have to manually turn the car.
Q:No machine room elevator working principle
With the same room
Q:Vertical elevators between the two kamels distance 11m must be installed in the middle of the security door?
According to the national standard GB7588-2003 requirements: 3.16 hoist safety door emergencydoortothewell when the distance between the adjacent two-level kanyets more than 11m, opened in the middle of the roadway to the wells for the rescue of passengers with the door. There are two basic practices: 1, is the establishment of security doors; 2, in the case of some high-end office projects, from a layer directly to the 15 layer, the middle of the elevator are non-stop and can not set the security door, two or more parallel to the case, You can consider the elevator and the elevator between the real tiger harbor harbor fan locust song Wei attack line rescue each other, the elevator car to do special treatment, air bypass can be. This approach is a relatively large brand of mature, foreign use more.
Q:The main difference between the elevator and the engine room elevator on the installation
Organic room elevator and no machine room elevator, as the name suggests, is a separate room, a no separate room. General organic room elevator will be in the top of the elevator set up a separate room, called the elevator room. The main role is to put some related equipment in the engine room. No machine room elevator, that is not alone to leave an elevator room. Then the elevator some of the relevant equipment directly into the elevator shaft. From this point of view, the organic room elevator compared to the place, need to separate it with a room, no room, although not occupying the place, but the shaft had to do wide, deep point, because the equipment in the shaft. In addition, the structural professional impact is relatively large or no hook beam. General structure on the roof of the elevator room will be dedicated to set up a hook beam, its use is not used to lift the elevator, is used for maintenance. Such as the elevator is broken, you need to repair the time, have to hang up the relevant equipment and cars or pull up to repair, then you need to use the hook beam. There is a hook on the hook beam, is bent with a round steel bar, the hook will play a role in the maintenance. No machine room elevator related equipment is installed directly on the side wall of the hoistway, so do not need to set the hook beam, and the organic room elevator, you need to set up in the elevator room roof hook beam. This is the difference between the elevator room and the elevator room for the structural professional.
Q:The house has been renovated, no reserve wells, but now want to install the elevator, how to do?
Can be installed in the window of the location of an outdoor sightseeing elevator, is the kind of glass capsule type also appears on the grade
Q:What is the elevator device code?
First, the elevator equipment classification code by the four Arabic numerals, said: Second, the elevator registration code: registration code by the equipment classification code, administrative division code, registered year code, sequence code composition (a total of 20).
Q:Raise the height of 110 meters, do the machine room elevator feasible?
But at least the speed of at least 2.0 or more
Q:The use of the elevator
The elevator is based on the height of the building, the use and the difference of the traffic, and set the different type of elevator. The types of elevators are different and their uses are not the same. 1 passenger lift; elevator designed for transporting passengers, requiring a complete safety facility and a certain interior decoration. The most widely used. 2 cargo lifts; usually by people, mainly for the delivery of goods designed for the elevator. Mainly used in factories and warehouses. 3 medical elevators; elevators designed for transporting beds including patients, stretchers, and medical vehicles are used in medical centers. 4 sightseeing elevator; elevator and car wall at least one side transparent, can watch the scene of the elevator. 5 ships, elevators; elevators used on ships, usually used for large ships. 6 vehicle lift; used to transport the vehicle and the design of the elevator, used in the three-dimensional parking equipment. 7 other types of elevators, in addition to the above commonly used questions, there are special-purpose elevator. Such as cold storage elevators, construction elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighters with elevators, oblique elevators, nuclear island elevators and so on. With the continuous development of the economy, the type of elevator is also increasing, the future development of the elevator will be more intelligent.
Our elevator control system comes from Germany technology, it is very precise and efficient but operation is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. Our purpose is: Make qualified and safe elevator products for people. Up to Dec.1, 2012, we have exported more than 1000units elevators and 800units escalators to more than 30 countries markets. Most of elevators and escalators which had been installed are running very well.

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