Safe & Stable Passenger Elevator

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1.German technology

2.Advanced variable frequency (VVVF) drive

3.Fully computerized control

4.Steady running


Products name Model Speed(m/s)                 Rated load (kg)
   Passenger elevator WP20      2.00 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 ------

Small machine room

  Passenger elevator

WP30      2.00 ------ ----- 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     3.00 ------ ------   1000 1250 ------
     2.50 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 ------

Machine room less

Passenger elevator

WPN30      1.75 ------  630 800 1000 ------ ------
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 ------ ------


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Q:Power out, elevator can also use it?
Belong to the same line can not be used
Q:How to install the phone in the elevator, the telephone line is the effective distance?
Can be accessed from the elevator control cabinet through the cable to the car and then access the car, the telephone line of the effective distance of 5 km. Elevator telephone, generally refers to the elevator when the failure, for emergency calls for help. Based on the need for emergency assistance, requiring the elevator telephone with multi-call, automatic dialing and other characteristics, taking into account the elevator car in the complex environment, requiring the phone itself must also have anti-sabotage, anti-percussion, anti-jamming and so on.
Q:Why take the elevator tinnitus
Atmospheric pressure changes.
Q:Elevator industry room emergency electric operation is what ah?
Will the different elevator manufacturers describe how to force the closure of this function? There is the door is divided into large door sets and small door sets, door sets and small door sets of parameters which? Which heroes Dingzhuang melon melon cover cover sorrowful twins to help me, be grateful! The The More...
Q:Vertical elevators between the two kamels distance 11m must be installed in the middle of the security door?
Yes, according to the regulations must be added security door.
Q:What is the elevator shaft? What does it look like? where is it?
The hoistway is the elevator car and the counter-running space, which is the bottom of the pit pit, the hole wall and the top of the boundary, see GB GB7025-1997; As for the fall into the shaft, it is because the elevator hall door is not open Be careful to fall off (mostly elevator practitioners) or because the fault did not close the door to fall (mostly owners).
Q:No machine room elevator working principle
And the general elevator a principle, that is, the host control cabinet in the shaft
Q:There are several doors in the elevator
The elevator has a car door and hall door of the points, the elevator in the hoistway running, car door closed, hall door closed, the elevator can be safe to run. But after the door, the professional point called the flat area, car doors and hall doors are open, so passengers can do the elevator out of the elevator. Hall door is passive, is driven by the car door opened, car door above the door machine used to drive the car door. The elevator is of course a hexahedron. Up and down, around, inside and outside. The so-called outside is the side of the door, this side is the door to open the side.
Q:Analysis of the causes of broken wire rope in elevator
It is recommended to use an elevator wire rope with 8 * 19S + FC, 8 * 19S + IWR, 8 * 19W + FC, 8 * 19W + IWR. The rope used for the elevator is generally divided into steel core and core. In the case of elevated height is not very high, the speed generally 1.75m / s below will use the core of the core. At a speed of 2m / s to 3m, you will use steel core. When the speed is higher, such as 6m / s or 8m / s will use the steel band
Q:What is the width of the elevator?
To the amount of about not know, very simple, I have a friend to do the elevator, he is based on different places to design the elevator, so generally no fixed.
Our elevator control system comes from Germany technology, it is very precise and efficient but operation is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. Our purpose is: Make qualified and safe elevator products for people. Up to Dec.1, 2012, we have exported more than 1000units elevators and 800units escalators to more than 30 countries markets. Most of elevators and escalators which had been installed are running very well.

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