Safe & Stable Passenger Elevator

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Detailed Product Description

1.German technology

2.Advanced variable frequency (VVVF) drive

3.Fully computerized control

4.Steady running


Products name Model Speed(m/s)                 Rated load (kg)
   Passenger elevator WP20      2.00 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 ------
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 ------

Small machine room

  Passenger elevator

WP30      2.00 ------ ----- 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.75 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     1.00  400  630 800 1000 1250 1600
     3.00 ------ ------   1000 1250 ------
     2.50 ------ ------ 800 1000 1250 ------

Machine room less

Passenger elevator

WPN30      1.75 ------  630 800 1000 ------ ------
     1.60 ------  630 800 1000 ------ ------


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Q:What are the requirements of the fire function of the elevator?
Fire elevator set requirements, there is a complete set of norms. Very detailed, very fine to the. Simply to you to talk about: just upstairs also said the point; have a dedicated button; top should not be greater than one minute; before the room to the outdoor shall not be greater than 30 meters, planting weight shall not be less than 800kg. These are just the most basic features. Its detailed settings, as well as the specific norms, there is a very complete to save. Such as the front room fire rating, the former room position, the front room area, smoke and smoke, the front room of the door, retaining facilities, ladder and car fire design requirements, electrical system, Leopard Mo fire design requirements. and many more. se are not a word or two can be clear, specifically you have to refer to the specification. Specification is not what one person said, is the fire law set, only in line with the norms to pass the acceptance.
Q:On the elevator frame advertising, who can specifically talk about it?
LCD screen surface with plexiglass protection, select the silver, black aluminum shell video, picture 90 degrees rotating playback. Support high-definition picture display using the US ESS program, support JEPG, MP3, MP4, WMA, MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4 , AVI file format and compatible with VCD, SVCD, DVD support picture mode, music mode, video mode, mixed mode (picture + music), timely information word spots mode, loop video file mode, fixed-point file playback mode and synchronous playback mode. Support the storage mode: can choose 20G, 40G, 60G, 80G and other hard disk storage with 2.0USB interface, or CF, SM, SD, MMC, MS, MS and other memory card Super switch timing function, can support four sets of remote control timer switch Machine operation. OSD in the English language menu, simple operation, dedicated remote control, remote control to adjust the color, brightness, contrast, display interface machine with two security lock, the system boot password lock, support for intelligent file file security system. More services, such as hotels, airports, stations, post offices, banks, hospitals, 4S shops, exhibitions and other places are mainly targeted for strong!
Q:How to save the elevator
I am engaged in maintenance, you say this situation is very rare, very little, do not know? There is a possibility, that is overload, so advise you not to squeeze the elevator. Normally the elevator will not fall. Even if it is overloaded fall, nor is you imagine the free fall, as the speed will not be very fast. The elevator has a lot of protection devices, even if the same protection device failure, can not fail at the same time, so the elevator is safe, the elevator for more than 100 years, you heard someone in the elevator from falling above the fall of the people? No. The elevator has to kill people, but are not falling when people died in the elevator, dead mostly elevator workers. Belong to the illegal operation, their own play dead. So the elevator failure, do not panic, stay inside do not tamper on the line, no life dangerous. As for the TV on the knees to bend like, no need. Right is immediately by the elevator phone keys, notify the professionals to deal with. Do not arbitrarily Pa door, tamper with the like. If the phone is unreasonable, mobile phone, mobile phone nowhere, pat on the car door, propaganda. Hope to adopt. Thank you
Q:Does the state require the number of floors above the elevator?
7 floor some good business 6 floor there will be
Q:What is the elevator shaft? What does it look like? where is it?
The elevator is in a building in the lifting device, there must be a channel from the bottom to the installation of the elevator, the channel floating flower first Ying dumpling electric spear spear is vertical, called the elevator shaft, if something fell Of the words, it should fall in the elevator shaft under the
Q:What is the elevator picker?
Picker The The Is the car inside the control box, you can choose to go to the elevator floor! The
Q:How much is the elevator operation certificate?
Have work experience I can declare on behalf of the school, there must be technical Caixing, do not know the number of slogans
Q:Will the elevator door sets how to calculate the area?
Tianyuan Local Construction Forum is a building that has always been committed to the dissemination of outstanding architectural history, architectural culture, architectural ideas and cutting-edge architectural consulting, research design art and design skills to discuss and exchange building management, supervision, consulting, construction technology, Cost, material, mutual protection, safety and other technical information
Q:What is the ox in the elevator shaft?
The corners are necessary. Generally, helium is greeted and the building is responsible. Specifically: the legs refers to each floor of the hall to cut the following, used to fix the hall door to cut out of the part of the shaft.
Q:How can the elevator handle?
1, was locked in the elevator, first of all do not worry. 2, with the elevator in the intercom and control center. (Or within the phone) 3, the property will contact the elevator maintenance business to save. 4, professionals will determine your location. 5, if not in the whole position, they will be in the engine room to put you in the whole floor position. 6, with a triangular key to open the door, the release of people. 7, non-professional personnel try not to move, because the elevator if not the whole layer, after the power will automatically layer. If someone came out at this time, it would have been a big accident. Remember to remember! The Non-professional personnel do not rescue. People in the elevator will be no more big deal, if hurt people are very dangerous!
Our elevator control system comes from Germany technology, it is very precise and efficient but operation is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. Our purpose is: Make qualified and safe elevator products for people. Up to Dec.1, 2012, we have exported more than 1000units elevators and 800units escalators to more than 30 countries markets. Most of elevators and escalators which had been installed are running very well.

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