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YJ Series Elevator-high degree, a change from inside out

YJ series passenger elevator is a gearless elevator, which is researched and developed by Zhejiang Omlon Elevator Co., Ltd through the imported world advanced elevator designing and manufacturing technology, focusing on commercial and residential needs in China. The leading controlling technology of Omlon Company is integrated by the superb technique and mature permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine, which is highlighted the features of energy saving and space saving

Elevator car standard allocation:

Ceiling: Streak stainless steel and acrylic

Car wall: Streak stainless steel

Front wall: Streak stainless steel

Floor: PVC

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Q:Tangled title: the woman came home and found to be a man to track, when she walked into the elevator when the man came in.
First, the title itself is ambiguous ..... "the results of a woman dead" .... people are going to die, the title did not say a man killed a woman? You can live forever? The Second, men and women get together in the elevator for so long, did not start, there is only one reason, the elevator inside the monitoring of the reason why the elevator to "stay", is afraid of monitoring, so no elevator on OK, Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Third, there is always an emergency elevator inside the elevator button? Click on, the total will not be wrong, right? Fourth, there is a situation, the man is from the second floor of the stairs to the third floor, if the elevator inside the third floor is not the third floor? In other words, the stairs and the elevator is not parallel, such as I have seen a district staircase on the first floor, second floor, third floor ... elevator first floor, second floor, third floor (elevator inside the third floor is the fourth floor of the stairs, For some reason on the third floor will not stop ...
Q:PLC control the advantages of the elevator
Plc itself is stable, under normal circumstances will not crash problem. Plc programming flexibility, the procedure can be amended, you can also use the counter in the program, the timer and other design elevator operation times, if the party does not give money to allow the elevator to disable.
Q:Does the state require the number of floors above the elevator?
Housing construction use function is not the same, the provisions are not the same for the general residential buildings, seven or more residential or residential entrance floor from the outdoor design of the ground height of more than 16m residential must be set up the elevator. 12 or more high-rise residential buildings, each building should not be less than two sets of elevators, which should be equipped with a stretcher can accommodate the elevator.
Q:What is the elevator picker?
Are you talking about the elevator floor display? There are a lot of different names.
Q:Title: a woman was followed by a man, she went into the elevator and found the man also came in.
Because the woman is on the third floor, the man presses the second floor, so they are from the next to the elevator, and only sitting on the first floor, so the time can not be enough to kill the woman. So it is not certain that men are afraid of monitoring. To the third floor, due to the elevator start time limit, the man will first than the elevator to the 3rd floor. But he can also bluff to the third floor, but to the first floor. So the woman must press the top floor, so the elevator completely shut down. When the elevator on the third floor to open the door, quickly shut the elevator door, if the man went to the first floor of the unusual angrily get the whole pocket, then the top floor of the alarm and the elevator press the ground floor. And on the rooftop. Quickly hide waiting for rescue. If the man on the third floor and other women, will be the door folder. If the door does not have a security mechanism, then the man is afraid to get into the mud if there is a security mechanism, then the door will bounce back, this time against the men below the foot. And then on the top floor alarm
Q:What is the safety contact of the elevator?
The safety of the elevator contacts in all possible dangerous places will be from the top floor of the machine room through the hoistway, car doors, floor doors and so on to the bottom pit, these points are in series together, when these points are closed, When disconnected, as long as there is a group of contacts can not be closed elevator can not run.
Q:Elevator contactor
This is not a good way to say. Specifically you can look at your circuit diagram, combined with the actual circuit. In addition, the label on the circuit diagram corresponds to the label of the component in the actual circuit. Interlocking point as long as the principle and role of interlocking, you can understand
Q:Elevator industry, the traction machine has permanent magnet synchronous motor and permanent magnet asynchronous motor two, what is the difference between them?
AC motor to rotate requires two conditions: first, there is an active rotating magnetic field; second, there is a magnetic field driven by this active magnetic field. In general, the rotating magnetic field from the stator winding, three-phase AC power naturally formed a rotating magnetic field. The difference between a synchronous motor and an asynchronous motor lies in the source of the rotor magnetic field. The synchronous motor requires an excitation power source, or a permanent magnet, so that the rotor always has a magnetic field that can be driven by the rotating magnetic field provided by the stator. As long as the braking torque is reasonable, the final rotor speed can always reach the stator in the rotating magnetic field speed, that is, synchronous speed. This kind of motor is synchronous motor. Asynchronous motor is simply closed end of the whole family is relatively simple. The magnetic field of the rotor is derived from the rotating magnetic field provided by the stator windings to cut the current generated by the conductor in the rotor. In other words, the induced current generated by the rotating magnetic field cutting rotor from the stator produces a second magnetic field based on the rotor, and the rotor rotates due to the interaction of the two magnetic fields. The greater the difference in speed between the rotor and the rotating magnetic field, the greater the rotor current, and the stronger the effect of the two magnetic fields. As the speed increases, the rotor current is getting smaller and smaller, but never. This creates that the rotor speed must have a certain difference from the synchronous speed to maintain the rotating magnetic field to cut the rotor conductor. To maintain the continuous rotation of the rotor. The difference between this speed and the speed of synchronous speed is the slip rate. Asynchronous motor speed never reach the synchronous speed, so called asynchronous motor
Q:What is the elevator device code?
First, the elevator equipment classification code by the four Arabic numerals, said: Second, the elevator registration code: registration code by the equipment classification code, administrative division code, registered year code, sequence code composition (a total of 20).
Q:What are the eight systems of the elevator!
Eight systems: traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system

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