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Guangxi Heqing Construction Machinery Manufacture, established in 2004, is a private enterprise specializing in R&D, designing, manufacturing, selling and leasing of construction machinery, mainly producing builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, temporary suspended platform, building maintenance unit etc.

Taking product sale and leasing as the basic market strategy, the company has effectively built “Heqing” and provided steady cash flow. On one hand, it pushes the independently developed builder hoist, mast climbing work platform, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other standardization products to Germany, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.; on the other hand, it energetically expands leasing business of builder hoist, superdeck loading platform, suspended platform and other products. Till now, we have established leasing branches in Guangxi, Beijing, Shanghai and etc. Besides, according to the different requirements of customers, our company actively develops design, production, sale and other business of building maintenance system, steel aluminum shuttering and other non-standard building machinery and metal parts.

High-quality technological management team and first-rate production and detection equipment lay good foundation for the steady development of the company. Its technology and management personnel, including many senior engineers, have college degree or above, and skilled workers mostly have vocational school degree or above. The company also has over 200 general and special production equipment and over 300 measuring instruments for detection. The company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2002, providing reliable guarantee for the management system and product quality.  

Our “Heqing” concern requirements of modern city construction and strive to provide products with advanced technology and rational price, furnish good technical support and pre and after-sales service for customers. We hope to create beautiful future with customers.

Corporate Vision

Vision:Become an ever-green construction machinery enterprise and maximally meet customers’ requirements
Core Values】  
Quality: High quality, innovation, safety and reliability.
              High quality is the basis of the enterprise.
              Innovation is the soul of the enterprise.
              Safety is reverence to life.
              Reliability wins the trust.
Service: Customer focused, customers are existence value of Heqing people, do what we have promised.
Responsibility: Attentive and responsible, brave to undertake and fully perform individual, company and social responsibility.
Hard Work:Industry, simplicity, perseverance and hardships are the source power of Yuhuaxing to achieve transnormal and leapfrog development.
Struggle:Concentrated reflection of brave advance, assiduous seeking, brave challenge and enthusiasm and progress of Heqing people.
Pioneering & Progress::Promote traditions, keep pace with the times, have the courage to innovate and pursue excellence in work

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Q:What is the size of a barrier-free elevator? As if to deep into the 2750 is it?
Each of the elevator manufacturers are not the same as the civil size, generally to the arc of the old side of the turtle turtle turtle is said to be square or close to the square. Roadway plane size: about 2300mmX2300mm (wide X deep) (different manufacturers are not the same, this is only about size, specifically to ask the installation of the elevator manufacturers)
Q:Elevator door in the sub-door and the difference between the two points is defined as the god of God ah?
In the middle of the door: two doors, separated from the middle, each opened to both sides of the double fold: double folding elevator door has four door panels, the elevator door to open on both sides, every two door board through the two Danchuo door arm to the equivalent
Q:How to set the elevator shaft
Oh, you are asking the elevator shaft in the budget of the project problem, there are the following items 1, the implementation of steel reinforcement corresponding project 2, concrete concrete implementation of the corresponding project < ; 3, the template in the fixed in a proprietary, is the elevator shaft wall template, in practice, you can also use the shear wall project 4, elevator shaft frame This is the scaffolding in the project 5, you see the construction organization design, There is a corresponding process requirements, there will be no drawings such as bolts and other materials, this do not forget to calculate
Q:Whether the elevator can be combined with the fire elevator
Choose to try to rely on convenience evacuation of the elevator. For the main part of high-rise civil buildings, the floor area of not more than 1500 square meters, should set up a fire elevator; more than 1500 square meters, less than 4500 square meters, should be set up two fire elevators; each floor area of more than 4500 square meters , Should be set up three fire elevator. The fire shaft of the fire elevator should be set separately, and no other electrical piping, water pipes, trachea or ventilation ducts shall pass. Fire elevator should be equipped with front room, the front room should be equipped with fire doors, so that it has a fire and smoke function. Fire elevator load should not be less than 1000 kg, the car's plane size should not be less than 1 m × 1.5 m, its role is to be able to carry large-scale fire fighting equipment and life-saving stretcher.
Q:Will the elevator door sets how to calculate the area?
Length of length, bevel edge edge.
Q:How much does the increase in the number of stops for an elevator?
This score is a new elevator installation or an old elevator installation. If the old elevator to install the cost may be high, the room to move, all the wire rope to move. If the new elevator installation, 8-10 also about 6000, but also depends on what you need to configure. If more than 16, there is a cardinal problem. Is to double the child attack powder chatter mad Wei Wei two. hope this helps
Q:What is the meaning of the word inside the elevator?
Should be negative layer! See how people arrange, parking, shops. Upstairs is a few A to a few, generally downstairs on a layer of B1B2 slightly
Q:How to determine the balance coefficient of elevator GB
The balance factor (K) is a familiar and unfamiliar parameter for elevator professionals. It is known because we all know that the traction elevator has a balance of the weight of the configuration, all know that the national standard in the provisions of the balance coefficient should be in the range of 40% to 50%. (1) directly weighing P and W balance coefficient K is not a mysterious parameter. In the final analysis it is to configure the weight of the weight of the weight, so the balance coefficient K is determined by the balance coefficient design value to configure the weight. This method is cumbersome to operate, and the other parts of the weighing is difficult to achieve without omission, generally not applicable. (2) According to the known K value, the weight of the weight is determined from the balance coefficient K. When the load corresponding to KQ / H is loaded in the car, the static moment on both sides of the traction wheel should be balanced. If you know the design value of the balance factor, simply load the load and verify that it is balanced. The easiest way to verify is to release the brake on the mainframe, and use the manpower to feel the torque balance on both sides of the traction wheel on the hand wheel to increase or decrease the weight. (3) According to the existing weight, it is recommended to use the method of measuring the traction motor current on the national standard. The basic principle is: when the elevator for uniform operation, the traction motor shaft output torque converted to the motor shaft, the elevator mechanical transmission resistance resistance torque (referred to as resistance torque)
Q:Elevator contactor
The upper side of the coil is marked A1 and A2 is the two points of the coil. (NC) Most of the points are often used to open the signal point, the main contactor you must understand, like the door lock contactor, emergency stop contactor, brake contactor, In addition to the coil point, normally open normally closed are part of the detection circuit, to a part of the signal, the process is to monitor the elevator power phase sequence, the correct after the main power contactor pull, emergency stop loop, emergency stop contact (110V, 36V), often open point to the motherboard signal, the inverter signal, the operation of the contactor signal, the door is closed, then the door contactor pull, and then the door line, elevator, inside the security line (110V, 36V) (110V, 36V), often open the closed point to the motherboard signal, the system signal, run the contactor signal, run the contactor coil is given by the emergency stop contactor signal and door lock contact The signal is given in series, the first two contactors closed, then run the contactor to meet the conditions closed, the coil point also need to give the motherboard control line running signal, and finally the brake contactor pull, feedback a holding point , This is mostly long closed Intestine spotted spotted posture. You better or more to observe its run-time contact closure of the order, no more difficult to see a few times to see clearly, there is more simple drawings, it is best not to see the drawings, easy to Mongolia, on their own To think, and then go to the drawings contrast, see do not need to understand later, remember solid. And then tell you a study of the ruthless strokes · ordinary people I do not tell him ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh turn off the elevator power, the contact with things stuffed, so that they pull, you use the table which point and which point, after their own Draw a simple circuit diagram, then disconnect the amount. Technology this thing is not who taught, are stolen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Q:How can the elevator handle?
If you are a power outage, you should immediately press the big numbers from the big numbers, so that you can make the elevator each layer buffer. And then their legs into the arch, tiptoe to protect the body! The body close to the wall, his hands as far as possible to protect the walls. If the elevator is broken, you should press the elevator inside the alarm to inform the outside, or call (but the elevator inside the signal is not very good).

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