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1.good quality+stable running

2.Comes in color & design edges

4.different capacities

5.suitable for hotel, residence etc.

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Q:What is the meaning of a stock lift?
That is to say a hand to get a stock, from the lowest to get the highest price or the highest to the lowest, there are many times to buy or sell the opportunity but no operation.
Q:What is the safety contact of the elevator?
The safety of the elevator contacts in all possible dangerous places will be from the top floor of the machine room through the hoistway, car doors, floor doors and so on to the bottom pit, these points are in series together, when these points are closed, When disconnected, as long as there is a group of contacts can not be closed elevator can not run.
Q:Assassin's Creed 4 The first off the elevator on how
Assassin's Creed Is OK OK? The stairs are climbing up
Q:District elevator no signal tube should be how to do?
Need your property with the mobile and Unicom company connected with the signal receiver or installed a fault, you see if you are free maintenance or a taste of service
Q:Wow how the energy ship on the second floor
2 small BOSS were out of blue and red 2 key ~ synthesis ~ point of the door switch
Q:What is the meaning of the word inside the elevator?
Should be negative layer! See how people arrange, parking, shops. Upstairs is a few A to a few, generally downstairs on a layer of B1B2 slightly
Q:When the woman came home she was found to be tracked by a man
In fact, this problem is only a mess of our ideas. The elevator can not cancel the third floor, just closed when you can press the door button, open the door immediately rushed to the first floor, the elevator door will automatically shut down to the third floor. At this time to the first floor she can be rescued.
Q:What are the reasons for the elevator downtime?
Personally feel that, in addition to holding the hold is not tight, the other will not cause a decline. Door locks and security circuit if the problem, and finally also hold the hold and have to light hair scallion Gui Gui Phthalate Pharaoh, if the brakes no problem, no matter what the problem, will be locked. Under normal circumstances, the host any abnormal operation, the encoder can be detected, the inverter will be protected. Do not know what the concept of your decline is Is the loss of control, or the normal range of decline?
Q:Conan has a set is the body hidden in the elevator, which is caused by overload ah
50 sets of this set looked more horrible. The The
Q:What is the elevator room
The elevator room is the elevator floor is called the elevator room.

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