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Q:How to install the elevator monitor how to take the elevator in the video line with what kind of what?
Want to install the camera in the elevator can be detected in the monitoring room! The Do not have to be wired! Who can give one! Ming Dan tiger measured mortar Yao hinged surprise break off the program! Best with a schematic! More...
Q:Always dream of the elevator falling
There is no rule. Dreams should be, not solution. On the enjoyment of the word 1 Google space to find - what is the dream? And dream is the product of the individual itself?
Q:Elevator door in the sub-door and the difference between the two points is defined as the god of God ah?
In the middle of the door: two doors, separated from the middle, each opened to both sides of the double fold: double folding elevator door has four door panels, the elevator door to open on both sides, every two door board through the two Danchuo door arm to the equivalent
Q:What does the elevator class A grade B grade C mean?
It is the qualification level, A level can be manufactured, installed, maintenance, transformation of the elevator, B can be installed for the blessing of the younger brother Xi Xi Ding false pseudo-sickle, maintenance, transformation of the elevator, C can be installed, maintenance, elevator. Technical Supervision Bureau to declare, by the special inspection to review, review a lot of content, such as the number of certified personnel, the installation of elevator maintenance and maintenance of various elevators, maintenance, safety, systems and so on.
Q:What are the eight systems of the elevator!
Eight systems: traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system
Q:PLC control the advantages of the elevator
PLC to achieve the advantages of elevator lift control Elevator as an important means of high-rise buildings and people's work and life are increasingly closely linked. PLC as a new generation of industrial controller, with its high reliability and advanced technology, in the elevator control has been widely used, so that the elevator from the traditional relay control for the development of computer control as an important direction to become the current elevator control and technology One of the hot spots of transformation. PLC is a microcomputer system that specializes in logic control. As the PLC has a stable performance, anti-interference ability, flexible design and other characteristics. So it has been widely used in industrial control. Since the late 80s PLC introduction of China's elevator industry since the PLC composed of elevator control system is widely used by many elevator manufacturers. And formed a series of stereotypes products. In the traditional relay system transformation project, PLC system has been the mainstream control system. Elevator control system is divided into speed control part and logic control part. The performance of the speed control part of the elevator operation is the passenger comfort has an important impact, and the logic control part of the elevator is safe and reliable operation of the key. In order to improve the comfort of the elevator and the reliability of the operation, now with PLC to control the operation of the elevator, which greatly improved the performance of the elevator.
Q:What are the embedded parts in the elevator shaft?
Most of the embedded parts made of metal, such as: steel or cast iron, wood, plastic and other non-metallic rigid materials. The prefabricated part (prefabricated part) is a pre-installed (buried) component in the concealed project, that is, the structure of the structure when the structure is placed, for the masonry when the superstructure of the lap. To facilitate the installation of external engineering equipment base fixed.
Q:What is the meaning of the word inside the elevator?
Is the next layer of 1, generally refers to the frame because the layer of -1 said the basement, so casually choose a letter hunger and nail as a fixed layer
Q:How to save the elevator
I am engaged in maintenance, you say this situation is very rare, very little, do not know? There is a possibility, that is overload, so advise you not to squeeze the elevator. Normally the elevator will not fall. Even if it is overloaded fall, nor is you imagine the free fall, as the speed will not be very fast. The elevator has a lot of protection devices, even if the same protection device failure, can not fail at the same time, so the elevator is safe, the elevator for more than 100 years, you heard someone in the elevator from falling above the fall of the people? No. The elevator has to kill people, but are not falling when people died in the elevator, dead mostly elevator workers. Belong to the illegal operation, their own play dead. So the elevator failure, do not panic, stay inside do not tamper on the line, no life dangerous. As for the TV on the knees to bend like, no need. Right is immediately by the elevator phone keys, notify the professionals to deal with. Do not arbitrarily Pa door, tamper with the like. If the phone is unreasonable, mobile phone, mobile phone nowhere, pat on the car door, propaganda. Hope to adopt. Thank you
Q:Does the state require the number of floors above the elevator?
7 floor some good business 6 floor there will be

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