Safety system for detachable knife blender DZ-1018

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$6.10 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
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250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 300W
Capacity: 0.5L
AC motor
One speeds. Glass chopper jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance


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Q:Is the sand ice machine the same as the mixer?
The ice machine is designed for small appliances making smoothies, cocktails, iced cappuccino, ice cream, yogurt, strawberry milkshakes, Sprite store, a banana milkshake, ice coconut pineapple, papaya orange honey ice smoothies, fresh fruit such as sand ice ice drink provided by the Smoothie.A machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency.
Q:750 how much concrete does the mixer mix in an hour?
If you consider the appropriate non engineering reasons for the loss of time, an hour will be 12 or so.In fact, 15 per hour is a great amount of words pouring concrete roof under normal circumstances can irrigate more than 120 square meters, one thousand square meters of building a team around it.
Q:How many volts does the 2.2KW mixer use?
Depends on the product nameplate and wiring number. Power, 380V, 4 lines, 3 FireWire, plus 1 zero lines.
Q:Can a blender dry powder be used to mince meat?
Not at all. The shape and angle of the blade should be a little bit different, and the cup should be different. Don't try it. What should you do? Why don't you do it?.
Q:What delicious and simple dessert can a blender make?
Homemade dessert - crispy fried milkIngredients: fresh milkIngredients: flour, sugar, egg white, flour, baking powder, butter, custard powder, olive oilOperation:1, fresh milk, flour and custard powder poured in the mixing bowl;2, the pot into the butter, boil, add water and sugar, stir, pour into the milk, stirring constantly into paste;3, pour in the flat in the drizzle with olive oil, cooling the refrigerator to harden after removing the dice;4, flour and water, baking powder, corn flour, tune into a slurry with crispy milk;5, the pot into the oil till the 60% heat, chopped ice cream rolls the batter into the pan, fry until golden brown.
Q:Recommend mixer. A machine that sorts food into a paste.
You can buy food machine ah, now there are many sell food machine, SUPOR, Joyoung, Midea, Royalstar, PHILPS, and so on are doing duck brand. Processing machine can do soybean milk, dry powder, all kinds of fruit juice and so on, should be able to meet your needs. Appliance monopoly, such as Suning, Gome, five-star, Yongle, or online can buy, the price in 100 to 1000 range, about two hundred or so will be enough.
Q:The milk mixer stops for a while
This is because you do not have normal shutdown after the program caused by confusion, you can reset him, should be able to solve the problem
Q:What's the point of the mixer?
Electric is the switch, press it and press it. When the power is pressed, the power can be connected, and when you let go, you disconnect
Q:Fruit with a mixer into a fruit puree, and then consumption, its nutrition will be lost?
The loss of nutrition is of course not because you have to heat it or put what lossy structure of the things just smash it. Its essence is not destroyed but the fruit is really going to eat fresh no matter the whole or broken if it can be consumed immediately as soon as the volume of it after all if the protective film outside of you break after the fruit was gone to save time may be shorter
Q:No mixer how to beef crumble ah
Cut the silk with a knife, then cut the pork into small pieces and chop it directly. Just see how much you want to break

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