Safety system for detachable knife blender DZ-1018

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$6.10 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
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250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 300W
Capacity: 0.5L
AC motor
One speeds. Glass chopper jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance


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Q:Can a blender dry powder be used to mince meat?
Reluctantly, but not ideal, capacity is still small, so I'm going to buy a meat grinder, meat and vegetables can be done: Joyoung professional meat grinder JYS-A800, my family love dumplings.
Q:What kind of drinks can you make with a blender at home?
See what is thrown in directly (except the living creatures)
Q:Why can't Joyoung blender work more than one minute?
The mixer so small appliances, but also with so much power generator can work for a long time, of course, the engine overheating is to the problem. This point is to note, I have had the painful experience of similar
Q:Would you like a vegetable juice, a juicer or a blender or a cooking machine?
Juice, look what vegetables, hard, okay?
Q:Ask for great God, broken wall cooking machine, mixer, juice machine, what's different, which is better to use?
More people buy food machine broken now, because the function relatively complete, in addition to wall functions commonly used, can also be soup, grinding and so on, there are so many kinds of food machine now. But also a lot of brands, Oster aoshida
Q:Can homemade wine be served with a blender?
Breaking the grape seed made the wine taste a little different, but it didn't make any difference. I broke it when I started doing it, but it was a little troublesome at last. Not very good filter...... Yes, it doesn't matter. After a few days of fermentation, it naturally goes on
Q:How many cubic meters does a concrete mixer mix with concrete?
JS5001/750/1000/1500/2000/3000 mixer JS series soil mixerAccording to the model, a set of 500 sides, 0.5 sides, 750 plates, 0.75 sides can be determinedThe smallest roller mixer is 0.3 parties
Q:Can I beat fresh chili peppers in the blender?
Yes, it's chili sauce. It takes a long time to eat sour pepper. It tastes good in noodles. Chili peppers are chili powder, which can be made into chili oil
Q:How do you squeeze peanuts with a blender?
Method 1Ingredients: fresh peanuts, 1 cups olive oil, 2 scoops of honey or 2 spoons of sugarPractice: 1 Wash peanuts, fry (avoid flavor), and then to the blender for peanut butter. 2. olive oil, sent to a slightly lighter color, add honey (sugar) and peanut butter together to beat evenlyMethod 2In a blender of peanut oil into cloudy standby, crushed peanuts sugar into fine mud, side dozen the side from the charging hole slowly add peanut oil, till the suitable viscosity. If you like to eat some grain, leave a small portion of coarsely ground peanuts and add a little at lastMethod 3Material Science:. 12. Peel the peanuts. 1/8 cup oil. 1/4 cup white sugarPractice:1. Heat the pan in medium heat.2. Reduce the oil and peanuts. Stir fry until most of the peanuts are golden brown. Stir fry.3. Peanut kernel.4. Mix the peanuts and sugar in the blender.Experience:. Oil mainly acts as a lubricant and leaves a lot of oil.. If you do not like sweet, you can add less sugar.. Fried peanuts must be medium heat, hot pot, cold oil. Often stir fry, oil and heat more often flip, about 15 minutes.. Peanut kernels should be boiled and cooled so as not to continue to heat and paste in the pot.. When stirring the peanuts, the peanuts are blocked under the blender or attached to the wall of the blender. It is recommended to turn off the mixer, and then use chopsticks to place the peanuts in the middle so as not to be in danger.. If you like peanut butter with peanuts, don't stir it for too long, or stir it up and add the coarse peanuts.Peanut pulp1. Soak peanuts in warm water for 20 minutes and peel.2, will be peeled peanut into the mixer, add water a number, stirring 30 seconds later, will stir the peanut pulp into the pot, depending on the number of people can add water, fire boil, add rock sugar, small fire boil for 15-20 minutes.
Q:How do SUPOR mixer make soybean milk?
The mixer should have added that the Internet filtering grinding Soybean Milk net cover good beans into the water slowly into my doubts is very strange how slag waste after grinding to boil to drink

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