0.5 L Mini Blender DZ-1019 Safety System

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China main port
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1000 unit
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500000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Table Blender  DZ-1019 


Product Introduction

AC motor
One speeds. Glass chopper jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance


Product Application

Food and fruit blender


Product Advantage

Big capacity, easy operation, easy cleaning


Product Specifications

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 300W
Capacity: 0.5L
AC motor
One speeds. Glass chopper jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance


Product Photos




0.5 L Mini Blender DZ-1019 Safety System

0.5 L Mini Blender DZ-1019 Safety System




1. Can you send us samples?

     Yes, we can support with one free sample, you just need to pay for the freight cost.

2. Can you accept small order?

    Yes, we can accept trail order, this means the beginning of coopeartion. But the price is different according to quantity.

3. Can you do our brand?

    Yes, OEM and ODM is welcomed.

4. Do you have quality control system?

    Yes, from in coming material to finished products, each step has QC inspecter.

5. What's your payment term?

   TT and LC is all welcomed

6. What's your factory production capacity?

    40000~50000pcs per month, this is changes according to differnt products.


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Q:Can the cycloidal pinwheel reducer be used as a mixer?
Yes, the vertical cycloidal gear reducer is OK. The stirring objects should not be too viscous. The vertical cycloidal reducer used in the kettle is a special reducer for mixing.
Q:The milk mixer stops for a while
This is because you do not have normal shutdown after the program caused by confusion, you can reset him, should be able to solve the problem
Q:What's a good recipe for mixing fresh fruit juice with a blender in the summer?
Pineapple apple juiceIn fruit, pineapple has the highest levels of enzymes. Between two meals, drink a cup of pineapple, apple juice, not only can use the rich enzyme to appetizer, but also can supplement vitamin C, is very beneficial to health, especially suitable for children who do not want to eat. Because many children go to dinner time, they become nothing to eat, how to coax nothing to bear fruit. In this case, do not force the child to eat dinner, and if you give him a cup of pineapple, apple juice, taste good, he will certainly be happy to drink. Insist on a drink every day, appetite appetite will be able to open. Of course, adults can drink the same effect, it should be noted that do not use canned apple juice or pineapple juice, must use freshly squeezed fruit juice.Production method: pineapple 1/6, apple 1, cool water 200 ml.. Pineapple, peeled diced apples, add water into the blender mixing, you can drink.
Q:How do you make a milkshake with a blender?
Vanilla Milkshake:1: fruit amount, according to personal preference. Juice can also be used. A large glass)2: vanilla ice cream 3 spoons.3: a large cup of milk.Practice:First put the fruit into the blender, add the milk, beat evenly, add vanilla ice cream, beat 2, 3 minutes, you can.Another drink based on milk, the taste is equally sweet and delicious, beneficial to the skin, refreshing, rich in vitamin C.Ingredients: about 400 ml, 1 small mango, 2 kiwi fruit, 200 ml low-fat milk, 2 fresh lemon juiceProduction: Mango peeled, sliced, such as in the mixer. After the kiwi is sliced, leave a small piece. Add the remaining portion to the mango. Stir it with milk and lemon juice. Stir and pour into the fruit cup. Place the kiwi on the surface of the milk shake.
Q:Mixer do the original grinding soybean milk is good, or now grinding soybean milk good?
Depending on your taste, you can.Soy protein in soy milk is a good vegetable protein, can provide the body can not synthesize themselves, must be absorbed from the diet of 9 amino acids. Soy protein can also increase the rate of fat burning, so that excess cholesterol excreted, so that the blood cholesterol levels remain low, thereby softening the blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure, prevent obesity. There are two ways to make soybean milk. The first is to use boiled beans (some will add defoaming agents, thickening agents, flavoring agents, flavoring agents and so on.). Second: use baked beans
Q:How to select submersible mixer
Selection and attention of submersible mixer:Each 500 cubic meters volume with 1KW power transfer distance to 60Nm or more, after actual inspection, received better effect. Some small wheel speed, speed can not achieve this effect.  Circular pool, runway type pool, ring type pool can reduce 10% power, square pool, rectangular pool, triangle pool must increase 10% power, the pool type is larger, power can be reduced.  For every 10% increase in dielectric density, power must be increased by 30%.  Square pool, rectangular pool can also be considered in the size of the impeller, spiral angle, installation position, the position of the inlet and outlet, and so on, so there is no dead angle or small dead angle.  As for the flow rate problems, there are many pushing mixers, which have to provide the relevant data of the original flow rate, pool type, section length and the required velocity. The company can provide the appropriate products. This is a rather complicated process. For selection, contact your supplier.Installation height of submersible mixer:(1) impeller diameter less than 1 meters, pool bottom to mixer center X=, impeller radius +0.7 meters.(2) impeller diameter 1 meters above, according to radius +1 meters.  (3) the installation height can be increased or lowered according to the depth of the pool.
Q:How do you squeeze peanuts with a blender?
Just look at what you're a mixer, and you can look at the Oriental CJ, which has taught you. The container is washed peanut into the mixer in turn the lid, put on the machine, and then rotate the containers, it will operate, at about the same time, then the container to turn in the opposite direction, you can turn things around, to serve.
Q:When you beat an egg, put the eggs in a blender, OK?
Usually fried eggs or steamed egg soup, there is no need to put in the mixer beat, both time-consuming and laborious, sent to paste like, not delicious, the effect is general. Unless the homemade cake is turned down, the eggs in the blender are good, and there is no need to use the blender.The food mixer is a full gear drive structure, and its power transmission system has high standard design, high strength, high technical requirements, stable operation, strong and durable. Can be used to stir cream, cake liquid, stuffing, egg and pasta and so on.In life, machines are not omnipotent, they can be used at some time, and most of them need not be used.
Q:Does the home mixer work with a lid, stirring, or removing the lid and stirring?
It's better to have it covered first. It's not safe to hold the lid if it doesn't cover it. The mixture doesn't fly yet. That's all!
Q:Can wine grapes be smashed with a blender?
The factory usually uses grapes to go to the crusher to break the grapes, and they don't break the grapes. Grape seed will be broken into astringency, but you won't break the seed with the mixer, when Wine after fermentation, filtration residue, a small amount of lost. When the factory is large, it is collected and sold to grape seed oil (supercritical extraction), which is of high value.

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