Multi-Functional Blender with filter

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Multi-Functional Blender with filter


1. 110-120V/220-240V
2. 50-60Hz/200-250W
3. VDE Plug,3*0.5MM²*0.8M
4. Pure-copper motor
5. 11000~22000 loop/min
6. CE certificate


Gift Box Size: 300mm*136mm*243mm
Carton Size: 615mm*423mm*501mm

Net Weight:  20.16KGS
Gross Weight: 21.41KGS

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Q:What's the difference between a mixer and a mixer?
Friend, mixing machine is the role of a variety of pigments and materials mixed processing after reproduction. The mixer is the production of one or more pigments after mixing.
Q:Milk mixer does not turn, the power supply is no problem, what is the reason?
Internal circuit breaker, or motor burned, find an electrical repair shop, half an hour can be done.
Q:What's the reason that blender makes meatballs without elasticity?
Mainly for meat grinder meat stuffing cannot, it is best to use the stick beating, as the meat fibers will remain relatively intact, and then stuffing, mixing water must be a bit (in one direction) and gas seasoning, cold water balls, water boiling skim seasoning. It must be delicious
Q:Can a food mixer make dumpling stuffing?
Meat is best not to dish, you can beat, but time can not be too long
Q:Why can't Joyoung blender work more than one minute?
Instructions on the instructions "do not work continuously for more than one minute."". Because Joyoung cooking machine mainly rely on the motor, so the motor has overheating protection device and waterproof device and so on protection.
Q:Can the blender squeeze the juice?
Some mixers can, and some can not. Mainly to see the structure of the mixer bar, if it can rotate, stir, and can be accompanied by cutting function, you can use as a juicer. Put the juice into the blender, the boot can be stirred juice, but the effect is not Juicer juice, the effect is good.
Q:What fruit is suitable for blender?
Not the wrong way, but to use some soft textureAnd then put on a certain amount of water and milk on the line
Q:Can a food mixer agitate the fish and break the bones?
Do fish to bone, otherwise the taste will be very poor. It can be broken, but there will be little scum
Q:Can you mix the thyme in the blender?
This is not right, passionfruit open to the inside of the flesh out can be manually stirred to come!
Q:What are the advantages of a horizontal mixer in comparison to a vertical mixer?
Plastic mixers come in many forms and are commonly used in vertical mixers. Mainly by motor wheel, motor, barrel, screw, discharge port, discharging port, pulley, windows, staircases, entrance, electrical box, circular chutes, feeding mouth etc.. The traditional vertical mixer has the disadvantages of bulky appearance, inconvenient maintenance and regular maintenance. The new mixer has many years of technical improvements, mixing, smoothness and uniformity, better than the ordinary mixer. Mainly for raw materials: plastic particles, plastic recycling materials, mobile powder.Structure: horizontal mixer "U" shaped barrel body, frame, drive motor, speed reducer, S mixing blades, electric control box and other components (can be customized according to customer requirements for heating), stirring blades using the material from both ends to the middle roll mixing, to achieve complete mixing effect, is powder, elastic body color masterbatch mixed essential machine polishing.

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