0.45L Mini Blender DZ-2009G Two Speeds Glass Jar

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China main port
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1000 unit
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500000 unit/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Plastic and Metal Brand: OEM Capacity: 0.45L

Product Description:

Mini Blender  DZ2009G


Product Introduction

Mini size
Two speeds, Glass jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Cute appearance


Product Application

Food and fruit blender


Product Advantage

Mini capacity, easy operation, easy for travel


Product Specifications

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 180W
Capacity: 0.45L
Mini size
Two speeds, Glass jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Cute appearance


Product Photos


0.45L Mini Blender DZ-2009G Two Speeds Glass Jar

0.45L Mini Blender DZ-2009G Two Speeds Glass Jar

0.45L Mini Blender DZ-2009G Two Speeds Glass Jar

0.45L Mini Blender DZ-2009G Two Speeds Glass Jar







1. Can you send us samples?

     Yes, we can support with one free sample, you just need to pay for the freight cost.

2. Can you accept small order?

    Yes, we can accept trail order, this means the beginning of coopeartion. But the price is different according to quantity.

3. Can you do our brand?

    Yes, OEM and ODM is welcomed.

4. Do you have quality control system?

    Yes, from in coming material to finished products, each step has QC inspecter.

5. What's your payment term?

   TT and LC is all welcomed

6. What's your factory production capacity?

    40000~50000pcs per month, this is changes according to differnt products.


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Q:350 concrete mixer contactor circuit wiring method
Between the button and the contactor dynamic shock interlock, that is to say it is transferred by the reverse button no reaction, mainly on the contactor normally open and normally closed contact is transferred to the exchange, through the normally closed contact reversal contactor control line, reverse after a normally closed contact is transferred, pay attention to the wiring the power line can keep the package.Can 24V or 220V coil and 380V, which is on the above A1 and below A2 connected 220V 101 fire on the line, this is the 220 signal to the thermostat to AC contactor, AC contactor coil actuation, the air above the 380V conduction switch.A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand, aggregate and water and mixes them into concrete mixtures. The utility model is mainly composed of a mixing barrel, a feeding and discharging mechanism, a water supply system, a prime mover, a transmission mechanism, a frame and a support device, etc..
Q:How many years can the concrete mixer last?
It will take 5 years to return
Q:How many tiles are there on the concrete mixer at the construction site?
The power of the concrete mixer on the site is 75KW
Q:What's a good recipe for mixing fresh fruit juice with a blender in the summer?
Pure mango juiceIngredients: 2~3 mangoesMethod: peel the mango, remove the core, stir it and then drink immediately.Effects: as with papaya juice, mango juice is also a very strong nutritious juice, so you need a spoon when you drink. Mango juice is a powerful antioxidant that has a good protective effect on health and is said to have some resistance to certain cancers. In particular, it is very beneficial for the kidneys and clean blood. Since mango juice is too strong, it should be mixed with other fruit juices normally. But if you want to drink quickly and enjoy the taste of mango, you can also drink it separately with mango.
Q:When you beat an egg, put the eggs in a blender, OK?
It is better to use chopsticks to stir up nutritious points, and the effect is better
Q:How about four in one juice mixer? Well, I'll consider buying one
In fact, now Soybean Milk machine on the market can juice, but I think the meat juice and you'd better not with a meat, after all parasites, if wash clean, easy to breed bacteria, the mechanism of Soybean Milk Soybean Milk can directly drink, because the production will be heating; said four one, in fact is a means of business promotion, now Soybean Milk machine can be realized, there is beauty, I feel good, clean people say good buy, said the water rushing down, in fact is a fool, do you think it could not Soybean Milk beans out of oil ah, but red is not completely wash clean, so don't listen to the sales statement, with normal thinking to distinguish between true and false, can.
Q:What kind of mixer do you have?
Classification by type of operationBy operation with cycle operation and continuous operation two.The three processes of feeding, stirring and discharging of the cycle operation are carried out according to a certain time interval, that is, according to the parts mixing system.As the mixing of various materials have been accurately weighing, so mixing quality is good. Most of this type of operation is used.The three processes of continuous operation are performed continuously in a longer barrel. Although its productivity is higher than that of cycle operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the mixing ratio of each material and the difficulty of mixing time. Use less.
Q:Concrete mixer lifting motors often burn what reason?
1, the mixer is far from the transformer (undervoltage or pressure drop), the voltage is not measured when starting and the working voltage of the motor is raised2 the upper hopper is loaded with more material and the motor load is large. The current can be measured when feeding3 hoist motor brake belt tightTerms of settlement1 change the thick power cord2 work with less feeding3 loose brake band
Q:What kind of mixer would you like?
Hello, your question seems to be our product can be solved. We are the production of liquid mixer professional manufacturers, we have a patent product can be without disassembling the mixer, by lifting the blender mixing barrel directly removed, very simple, but do not know the specific parameters of the mixer and you want to understand the specific configuration, if can add our QQ 776330204 into details, we can according to your specific requirements of the project. For you to have a visual understanding, here give you a picture to see first.
Q:Can the soymilk machine be used as a mixer?
Generally speaking, I think my uncle often uses two

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