Convenient for use and clean blender DZ-2020

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$6.78 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 250W
Capacity: 0.5L
Convenient for use and clean
Great for smoothies, diet shakes & protein drinks
Blender jar can be taken our for personal use
BPA-free sport bottle
Cup material: TRITAN



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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete mixers?
Labor saving, quick, mixing evenly. The biggest drawback is the clean-up is difficult, the scene must have power supply, operation, lack of anti touch facilities
Q:How big is the power of the JS-750 mixer?
This depends on the manufacturers, mainly to see the motor power of the mixer, js-750 stands for only 750 liters of material
Q:Can you mix the thyme in the blender?
The flesh and seeds can be dug and some water is added. The blender is broken into juice.
Q:How do you make soy milk with a blender?
Because the blender out of the slurry is thick, no Soybean Milk machine fine, so when playing Soybean Milk, to repeat the lobby, that is to say you beating with a minute pause, repeated two times, Soybean Milk will play out very smooth very good drink.You can use other methods to make other drinks.
Q:How many volts does the 2.2KW mixer use?
There are single-phase 220, there are three-phase 380, such as single-phase motor, there is a larger capacitor on top
Q:Fruit with a mixer into a fruit puree, and then consumption, its nutrition will be lost?
Nutrition will certainly be part of the loss. After eating should be eaten immediately
Q:Joyoung blender fish you can do
Yes, but only half finished. The mixer can only break the fish, stir it into meat, make it into balls, need other tools, or make it into a ball shape by hand.
Q:750 how much concrete does the mixer mix in an hour?
If you consider the appropriate non engineering reasons for the loss of time, an hour will be 12 or so.In fact, 15 per hour is a great amount of words pouring concrete roof under normal circumstances can irrigate more than 120 square meters, one thousand square meters of building a team around it.
Q:Forced type 50 mixer, mixing the amount of irrigation for one party
Double axle forced type Js500 type mixer rated discharge capacity of 500L (+) / every mix (tank) material is 0.5m3 (cubic meters); the rated feed capacity of 800L (L). The maximum productivity is 20 to 24m3/h (cubic meter / hour)
Q:What accessories does the concrete mixer have?
Concrete mixer: mainly composed of mixing barrel, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device.Concrete mixer function:To make the composition homogeneous on both macroscopic and microscopic levels;Destroy the agglomeration of cement particles and promote the development of dispersion;Destroy the initial hydrate film wrapping layer of cement particles;To promote collision between particles, friction, dust and film to reduce the impact;Increase the frequency of the movement of each element in the mixture and the crossover frequency of the trajectory, and accelerate the homogenization.

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