Convenient for use and clean blender DZ-2020

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$6.78 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 250W
Capacity: 0.5L
Convenient for use and clean
Great for smoothies, diet shakes & protein drinks
Blender jar can be taken our for personal use
BPA-free sport bottle
Cup material: TRITAN



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Q:How do you make the blender out of Joyoung without bubbles?
This is normal phenomenon, or you may add less water, add a little more water will be better.
Q:Forced type 50 mixer, mixing the amount of irrigation for one party
I. the meaning of 50 of the mandatory 50 concrete mixer models, respectively:50 is the mandatory concrete mixer discharge capacity, that is, the mandatory mixer production capacity of 50 liters or 0.5 cubic meters.Two. Brief introduction of concrete mixer:A machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency. There are several types of mixer, a compulsory mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer etc.. Note: mixers and automatic feeders must be cleaned inside, especially in winter, which prolongs life. Mixer is a mixer, because the mixer is usually the role of mixing and mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as mixer.
Q:When using a blender to make watermelon juice, do not need to remove the watermelon seeds?
Of course, or else the blade will be broken
Q:How many volts does the 2.2KW mixer use?
Depends on the product nameplate and wiring number. Power, 380V, 4 lines, 3 FireWire, plus 1 zero lines.
Q:How do you make a milkshake with a blender?
Add a bottle of milk with the biggest mixing cup, then add the fruit you like, and press it. Remember to put the fruit in the net, so that it will taste well
Q:Do you have to add water when mixing?
When making fruit, vegetables, juice or pulp, if the fruit and vegetables are low in moisture, add water, such as celery, apple, and soybean milk. If there is more water, you don't need it or less. Like watermelon, tomatoes.
Q:Concrete mixer inside sticky concrete how to do?
With no hoop what, this situation is usually appear after mixing unit to sink, because the mixer is no longer a level, and that a high axle always, you can try to adjust the feeding time, the time delay should be a good point to point axle is impossible.
Q:What's the difference between a blender and a blender?
Blender, some products are only a special mixer of the machine, the blender, there are juice, grinding and other functions
Q:Can a food mixer agitate the fish and break the bones?
You can't eat fishbone.. But you should be able to eat something like stone, the kind of bone that doesn't break.
Q:Mixer can't use reverse switch. Is there a button switch?
There is no button switch. The CIS switch is much simpler, but also very dangerous, compared to the AC contactor circuit controlled by the two line. Frequent use, easy to break down, and high risk of occurring.A machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency.The mixer is divided into forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer etc.. The mixer is widely used in coating, solid stirring dispersing and dissolving efficient equipment, ink, paint, adhesives and other chemical products, the device is composed of a hydraulic system, main drive, stirring system, steering mechanism, electric control box is composed of five parts, each part of the structure of the equipment is compact and reasonable.

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