Two speeds and glass jar blender DZ-2009G

Ref Price:
$6.88 / watt
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 watt
Supply Capability:
250000 watt/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 180W
Capacity: 0.45L
Mini size
Two speeds, Glass jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Cute appearance


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Q:Can homemade wine be served with a blender?
No, the bomb is broken. The reception is bitter
Q:What type of reducer is used in the mixer? 1
Generally, the hardened gear, helical gear reducer and planetary reducer are used, and they are also useful for cycloidal pin gearThe best selection of a second tier brand licensing, price can also, can see more contrast.
Q:Can multi function mixer make high quality bread?
No general, domestic stirrer power is too small, and want to make high-quality bread, must be rubbed into the bar, once the dough rib, great resistance, multifunctional mixer is small power can not move, the two is easy to burn out the motor coil overload.If you want to use the mixer and noodles, you must buy the special type of bread room, but it is not as good as your hand rubbed out, delicious.If you want to make the bread, do not want to force the road, the lazy man's advice is to use high gluten powder, save trouble.
Q:Do you want the blender to bring the juice out?
If you can't filter the juice, you can put a little water.1, fruit juice is a fruit as raw material, through physical methods, such as press, centrifugal, extraction and other juice products, usually refers to pure fruit juice or 100% fruit juice.2. The juice is divided into clarified juice and cloudy juice according to its shape. Clarified fruit juice clarified transparent, such as apple juice, while cloudy fruit juice is even cloudy, such as orange juice; according to the content of fruit juice is divided into pure fruit juice and fruit juice drinks.
Q:Recommend mixer. A machine that sorts food into a paste.
You can buy food machine ah, now there are many sell food machine, SUPOR, Joyoung, Midea, Royalstar, PHILPS, and so on are doing duck brand. Processing machine can do soybean milk, dry powder, all kinds of fruit juice and so on, should be able to meet your needs. Appliance monopoly, such as Suning, Gome, five-star, Yongle, or online can buy, the price in 100 to 1000 range, about two hundred or so will be enough.
Q:Can a food mixer make dumpling stuffing?
You can do that, but it doesn't taste good.
Q:Why do the construction mixers always strike before they are used for second days?
Yesterday, with no clean, remaining a small amount of concrete pulp, has begun to harden hard, today before work, beat knock, can be broken, fall, easy to please clean.
Q:How do blender make fruit juice?
Take tomato and apple juice as an example. The blender makes fruit juice as follows:Main ingredients: 200 grams of tomatoes, 300 grams of apples,Seasoning: 5 grams of white sugarpractice1. wash the tomatoes, scald them with boiling water, and squeeze out the juice with a juicer or sterilized gauze;2. wash and peel the apple. Put it in a blender and strain into juice;3., apple juice into the tomato juice;4., add white sugar in the juice, mix thoroughly, pour into warm water, you can drink directly.TipsGrams of food:Tomato: tomato and pomegranate with bogey.Apple: Apple bogey in aquatic products with food, constipation will lead to.
Q:The new blender has an odor. How do you wash it?
1. Break the steamed bread into small pieces and put it into the blender.2, button the mixer lid, turn on the power, stirring for half a minute.3, when the steamed bread block into steamed bread residue, the steamed bread slag poured out, you will find that the mixer's oil has been sucked out, and the mixer wall and blade is not so greasy.4, if there are peculiar smell, you can use detergent, add water, washing the mixer.5, and finally washed with clean water will be fine.
Q:The function of mixer
If it is household, usually stirring ingredients and fruit juice and so onCommercial use of relatively wide, there are used to do ice cream, milkshake, juice, ice, soy milk ah! Wait!

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