Easy cleaning mini size blender DZ-2009P

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$6.00 / unit
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 180W
Capacity: 0.5L
Mini size
Two speeds, Plastic jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Cute appearance



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Q:Can the blender squeeze the juice?
Some mixers can, and some can not. Mainly to see the structure of the mixer bar, if it can rotate, stir, and can be accompanied by cutting function, you can use as a juicer. Put the juice into the blender, the boot can be stirred juice, but the effect is not Juicer juice, the effect is good.
Q:What's the good quality of the mixer for Joyoung and PHILPS?
Recommended to buy multifunctional cooking machine JYL-D022 electric champion machine meat shredding and slicing, grinding, mixing, ice, the Almighty king!
Q:Forced type 50 mixer, mixing the amount of irrigation for one party
I wonder if you are talking about JS500 mixer or HZS50 mixing station. 500 type mixer, 1 cans for 0.5 parties. Type 50 mixing station is usually equipped with JS1000 type mainframe, one tank is one side
Q:Fruit with a mixer into a fruit puree, and then consumption, its nutrition will be lost?
The loss of nutrition is of course not because you have to heat it or put what lossy structure of the things just smash it. Its essence is not destroyed but the fruit is really going to eat fresh no matter the whole or broken if it can be consumed immediately as soon as the volume of it after all if the protective film outside of you break after the fruit was gone to save time may be shorter
Q:Ask for great God, broken wall cooking machine, mixer, juice machine, what's different, which is better to use?
You have to think about personal needs. If you simply want to drink juice, choose good Juicer; cooking machine function more, in addition to fruit juice can also stir the meat, a chili powder, but no filter so there will be no slag, drink up Juicer juice drink
Q:Do you want the blender to bring the juice out?
If you can't filter the juice, you can put a little water.1, fruit juice is a fruit as raw material, through physical methods, such as press, centrifugal, extraction and other juice products, usually refers to pure fruit juice or 100% fruit juice.2. The juice is divided into clarified juice and cloudy juice according to its shape. Clarified fruit juice clarified transparent, such as apple juice, while cloudy fruit juice is even cloudy, such as orange juice; according to the content of fruit juice is divided into pure fruit juice and fruit juice drinks.
Q:What are the main differences between a mixer and a dough mixer?
That's the stuff. The size. The length. The use is different
Q:How do I make a blender?
Prepare the ingredients: Shandong apple and Italy lemon juice.Pour some amount of cold water into the container.Pour in the right amount of lemon juice.Wash, peel and core the apples.The cut four first into the mixing vessel in soaking water with lemon to prevent discoloration.By all the small apple.In the stirred vessel.The electricity, toss, power.I can enjoy it into the cup.
Q:What kind of mixer do you have?
Sort by devicePress device is divided into two kinds of fixed and mobile.The stationary mixer is installed on a pre - prepared base and the machine can not be moved. It is big in size and high in production efficiency. Used in mixing or mixing stations.The movable mixer has a running wheel, and the utility model has the advantages of small size and light weight, so the motor has good motor performance. Applied to small and medium temporary works.
Q:What's the noise of the mixer?
If the mixer should be the kind of home, first to check the cup body, the cup cover anastomosis is not covered, if consistent, or noise, can put a towel on the mixer table, fold the towels, and then put the towel on the pad mixer position, can reduce the noise you can try

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