Rubber finishing with stainless steel housing blender DZ-802

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$6.88 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
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250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 800W
Two speeds
Stepless speed for option
Rubber finishing with Stainless steel housing
With detachable rod for easy cleaning


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Q:Can the blender break the rock sugar?
It depends on how badly you want to play. If you just want to change the size of the white sugar, you can use a mixer to play.. If you want to fine, you can use a grinder to fight.
Q:Mixer does not use frequency converter to speed up, then what can be used to speed?
Mixer without frequency converter, then you can choose more than two speed motor to speed.1, the best choice of motor speed control is frequency converter. But because of its large one-time investment and maintenance difficulties, small businesses generally use less.2, the motor speed regulation in addition to inverter speed, there are changes in slip speed regulation. But this speed adjustment method is not suitable for mixing machines.3, the motor speed regulation in addition to inverter speed, there are changes in the magnetic pole logarithmic speed regulation. This kind of speed regulation is limited by the pair of poles of the magnetic pole, so it is a kind of speed regulation, which can be done at two speed, three speed and four speed. If the mixer does not need precise speed regulation, it may be possible to adopt the speed regulation method of changing the magnetic pole and logarithmic speed regulation. Practical and easy to repair.4, in addition to inverter motor, and electromagnetic adjustable speed asynchronous motor is also called slip motor, it is a kind of constant torque stepless speed AC motor, because it has a wide range of speed regulation, speed regulation, smooth starting torque, small control power, speed negative feedback, automatic regulation system of mechanical properties for high hardness a series of advantages, and also can be used for mixer.
Q:Why can't Joyoung blender work more than one minute?
Hello, I am glad to answer your questions, food processor speed is relatively high, continuous work too long will heat, easy to heat protection, therefore, every twenty or thirty seconds to stop working, continuous cycle 3-6 on good things.
Q:How to use concrete mixer properly and safely
Operation method: 1 concrete mixer concrete mixer should be placed in a solid place, with a bracket or shelf stable tube feet, not to replace the tire support; 2 concrete mixer must be checked before starting the controller is good; 3 concrete mixer rises in the feed hopper, for safety, prohibited personnel through or stay in the hopper. After the mixer hopper fixed; 4 concrete mixer operation, no tools into the drum, more to Caution!; 5 concrete mixer on-site maintenance, to fix the mixer hopper, cut off the power supply into the mixer drum, outside to have guardianship. (concrete mixer operator (driver) must be trained in safety technology, test qualified, certified, prohibited non driver operation.) 6., concrete mixer must be cleaned after use, especially in winter, no foreign objects in the drum before use, so that it can extend the service life;
Q:How can I make mango puree without a blender?
First wash and peel the mango;Remove the mango kernel and cut into small pieces;Pour mango blocks, whipped cream and half a glass of water into the containerSqueeze mango cubes on the back of the spoon and stir;Until the mango blocks become muddy.
Q:How do blender make fruit juice?
Blender is not used to juice juice, because there is no skin separation, that is, the pulp residue, there is no place to isolate, mixer only fruit mixed. To drink fresh fruit juice, buy a special juicer.
Q:How do you make the blender out of Joyoung without bubbles?
Hello, I am glad to answer for you.Joyoung Juicer "double juicy" series. The screw extrusion technology is adopted, and the juice yield is increased by 55%. In addition, the screw extrusion technique can obtain juice at low speed without damaging the nutrition protective layer, and the juice is not oxidized, and the original flavor is more nutritious. The juice is clear and completely free of delamination and foam.
Q:How do you use the blender?
Wash quietLet's fry it inPlug inPress button
Q:Is the mixer good for Joyoung or beauty?
Joyoung old brand is good, the United States is very poor, what others do, he imitates what
Q:What types of dry mortar mixers are available? Which house is good?
Horizontal multi spiral belt dry mortar mixer model is divided into: HK - 300L, HK - 500L, HK - 1000L, HK - 1500L, can be customized according to customer demand

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