1.0 L Table Blender SJ-1000 EASY CLEANING

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China main port
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500 unit
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500000 unit/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Plastic and Metal Brand: OEM Capacity: 1.0L

Product Description:

Table Blender  SJ-1000


Product Introduction

Compact size,        
Two speeds,Plastic blender jug,        
Detachable knife for easy cleaning,        
Safety system, Cord storage,       
Accessories:soya bean filter,mill and chopper 


Product Application

Food and fruit blender


Product Advantage

Big capacity, easy operation, easy cleaning


Product Specifications

Rated voltage(V):220          
Rated frequency(Hz):50        
Rated power(W): 250         
Quantity/CTN(pcs): 4        
Color box dimension(cm): 23.8*13.8*43        
Carton dimension(cm):44.2*56.8*25.5        
G.W./N.W.(Kgs): 14.2/12.8        
20'Container(pcs): 1540        
40'Container(pcs): 3140        
40H'Container(pcs): 3952         
Certificate: CE/GS ROHS        


Product Photos




1.0 L Table Blender SJ-1000 EASY CLEANING

1.0 L Table Blender SJ-1000 EASY CLEANING

1.0 L Table Blender SJ-1000 EASY CLEANING

1.0 L Table Blender SJ-1000 EASY CLEANING




1. Can you send us samples?

     Yes, we can support with one free sample, you just need to pay for the freight cost.

2. Can you accept small order?

    Yes, we can accept trail order, this means the beginning of coopeartion. But the price is different according to quantity.

3. Can you do our brand?

    Yes, OEM and ODM is welcomed.

4. Do you have quality control system?

    Yes, from in coming material to finished products, each step has QC inspecter.

5. What's your payment term?

   TT and LC is all welcomed

6. What's your factory production capacity?

    40000~50000pcs per month, this is changes according to differnt products.


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Q:What fruit is suitable for blender?
Stir fruit, pay attention to the following points:1, can not use banana skin can not eat;2, apples, pears and other fruits to keep the skin, but to go nuclear;3, it will be summer, stir fruit with a little ice, taste better;4, if you are not afraid of fat, you can add sugar when stirring.Remember these points, and you can stir up delicious jam.
Q:How many tiles are there on the concrete mixer at the construction site?
The power of the concrete mixer on the site is 75KW
Q:No mixer how to beef crumble ah
The best way to eat meat in the original way is to eat it.Cut the whole meat into small pieces first, then chop it from side to side. When the chops are almost the same, the white tendons separate themselves from the meat and pick them out. Do hold the meat stuffing buns, dumplings, do the best to eat meat.If you take a knife and then meat stuffing it, in turn, with the knife throwing techniques and meat stuffing, as before, all the tendons have to drop out. When the meat stuffing do dumplings, meat loaf.When the masters of the kitchen pay the game, the meat is made by hand, and the delicious machine is impossible.Manual is a little slower, a little tired; but personal mind inside.Don't slack off if you do it by hand. It's not advisable.
Q:Mixer does not use frequency converter to speed up, then what can be used to speed?
Mixer without frequency converter, then you can choose more than two speed motor to speed.1, the best choice of motor speed control is frequency converter. But because of its large one-time investment and maintenance difficulties, small businesses generally use less.2, the motor speed regulation in addition to inverter speed, there are changes in slip speed regulation. But this speed adjustment method is not suitable for mixing machines.3, the motor speed regulation in addition to inverter speed, there are changes in the magnetic pole logarithmic speed regulation. This kind of speed regulation is limited by the pair of poles of the magnetic pole, so it is a kind of speed regulation, which can be done at two speed, three speed and four speed. If the mixer does not need precise speed regulation, it may be possible to adopt the speed regulation method of changing the magnetic pole and logarithmic speed regulation. Practical and easy to repair.4, in addition to inverter motor, and electromagnetic adjustable speed asynchronous motor is also called slip motor, it is a kind of constant torque stepless speed AC motor, because it has a wide range of speed regulation, speed regulation, smooth starting torque, small control power, speed negative feedback, automatic regulation system of mechanical properties for high hardness a series of advantages, and also can be used for mixer.
Q:Why can't Joyoung blender work more than one minute?
The mixer so small appliances, but also with so much power generator can work for a long time, of course, the engine overheating is to the problem. This point is to note, I have had the painful experience of similar
Q:Is the concrete mixer and mortar mixer a machine?
There's a kind of machine, concrete and mortar that can be stirred
Q:How can I make mango puree without a blender?
First wash and peel the mango;Remove the mango kernel and cut into small pieces;Pour mango blocks, whipped cream and half a glass of water into the containerSqueeze mango cubes on the back of the spoon and stir;Until the mango blocks become muddy.
Q:How do you use the blender?
Wash quietLet's fry it inPlug inPress button
Q:Is the mixer good for Joyoung or beauty?
I suggest you decide on your own, the machine is good or bad is not to say, but to see how you go to use
Q:When you beat an egg, put the eggs in a blender, OK?
It is better to use chopsticks to stir up nutritious points, and the effect is better

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