0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation

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China main port
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500 unit
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500000 unit/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Plastic and Metal Brand: OEM Capacity: 0.5L

Product Description:

Mini Blender  DZ2020


Product Introduction

0.5L Mini Blender  DZ2020 Simple Operation


Product Application

Food and fruit blender


Product Advantage

Mini capacity, easy operation, easy for travel


Product Specifications

Rated voltage(V): 110/220         
Rated frequency(Hz):50 -60      
Rated power(W): 250        
Quantity/CTN(pcs): 8     
Color box dimension(cm): 130*130*375       
Carton dimension(cm):535*275*395      
G.W./N.W.(Kgs): 9/8.5       
20'Container(pcs): 3600       
40'Container(pcs): 8000       
40H'Container(pcs): 9000        
Certificate: CE/GS ROHS


Product Photos


0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation

0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation

0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation

0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation

0.5L Mini Blender DZ2020 Simple Operation




1. Can you send us samples?

     Yes, we can support with one free sample, you just need to pay for the freight cost.

2. Can you accept small order?

    Yes, we can accept trail order, this means the beginning of coopeartion. But the price is different according to quantity.

3. Can you do our brand?

    Yes, OEM and ODM is welcomed.

4. Do you have quality control system?

    Yes, from in coming material to finished products, each step has QC inspecter.

5. What's your payment term?

   TT and LC is all welcomed

6. What's your factory production capacity?

    40000~50000pcs per month, this is changes according to differnt products.


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Q:Can the soymilk machine be used as a mixer?
Soybean Milk machine is now mostly use Soybean Milk machine, his main function is to do Soybean Milk, jam, meat, and can surface, grinding powder, do tofu curd (Tofu pudding), making Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup making peanut candy, making a variety of dumplings, wonton filling made of chili sauce, shrimp paste, fish balls made of Pakistan leek flower sauce, made of mashed garlic, set stirrer juice machine, Soybean Milk machine, etc..
Q:Concrete mixer lifting motors often burn what reason?
Concrete mixer lifting motors often burn what reason?
Q:What's the difference between a mixer and a shredder?
Stirring is mixing different things together, crushing and becoming finer when crushed
Q:Mixer two days ago is still working properly, today suddenly appear mixing and feeding capacity, motor hot?
Is the three-phase motor or single-phase motor, single-phase motor may be broken capacitor?
Q:Concrete mixer inside sticky concrete how to do?
Stop for a long time, do not hit the ash, then you can rinse, and it will stick, because you operate for 1, 5 square mixer, you can put 700 kilograms of 5~25mm stones, add 300 kg water, stirring 3~5 minutes, release... Do not put too much stones to prevent accidents such as stuffy machine...
Q:Is the sand ice machine the same as the mixer?
The sand ice machine is different from the blender:Sand ice machine:Sand ice machine is designed for small appliances making smoothies, cocktails, iced cappuccino, ice cream, yogurt, strawberry milkshakes, ice, a Sprite store, banana milkshake coconut iced pineapple, papaya, orange honey ice fresh fruit such as sand ice ice drink provided by the Smoothie.Sand ice machine, the principle is the high speed impact cutting, grinding into soft ice to Smoothie. Due to the high speed of the motor, the heat is large, so it can not be carried out for a long time for a long time, so after grinding a lot of heat, long continuous grinding, will cause the automatic protection of motor function. The protective function of the motor is automatically stopped during the mixing process, and other switches lose function. The machine behind the protection switch reset to work again (protective switch in the head back, there is a plastic sleeve to cover, when the machine is automatic protection, there will be a plastic bar pops up, that is a plastic stick back to reset). Multiple motor protection switch off, said motor load is too large, need to wait for the cooling of the motor to continue to use, otherwise it will cause great wear on the motor.Blender:A machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or groove and mixes a variety of ingredients to make it a mixture or a machine for consistency. There are several types of mixer, a compulsory mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer etc.. Note: mixers and automatic feeders must be cleaned inside, especially in winter, which prolongs life. Mixer is a mixer, because the mixer is usually the role of mixing and mixing all kinds of dry mortar, it is commonly known as mixer.
Q:What's the good for blender and juicer?
Or Juicer better?. If you want to do something with Jane, don't have a lake inside. It's a juicer, and a blender can't do it. If you want to make ice with fruit residue, the juicer can do ah.
Q:How big is the power of the JS-750 mixer?
This depends on the manufacturers, mainly to see the motor power of the mixer, js-750 stands for only 750 liters of material
Q:Can a food mixer agitate the fish and break the bones?
You can't eat fishbone.. But you should be able to eat something like stone, the kind of bone that doesn't break.
Q:Mixer can't use reverse switch. Is there a button switch?
Mixer can use reverse switch, also can use button switch, general 3 phase with reverse, button is not good operation

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