Blender with Pure-copper motor

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Blender with Pure-copper motor


VDE Plug,3*0.5MM²*0.8M
Pure-copper motor
11000~22000 loop/min
CE certificate


-minced meat,
-dry grinding, mixing,
-made milkshakes,


Gift box Size:  
32X 16 X25CM, 6pcs/ctn
Carton Size:    
20' Container: 1848 pcs      
40 HQ : 4488pcs
G.w/N.w Ctn: 9kg/10kg

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Q:What's the difference between mixer and mixer?
Mixer is a kind of mixer
Q:What's the difference between a horizontal feed mixer and a vertical feed mixer?
Advantages and disadvantages of vertical feed mixer.Advantages: the vertical feed mixer has the advantages of less power consumption, small occupation area, low price and high cost performance, and is suitable for small-scale feed processing.Disadvantages: when this kind of vertical feed mixing equipment has the biggest weakness, the mixing uniformity is low, it can only reach about 87%, and the mixing cycle is longer, the production efficiency is lower, and the output is about 500-1500 kilograms per hour. One of the drawbacks of this vertical mixing device is that the discharge is not complete, and the bottom of the barrel often has surplus material which can cause waste.Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal feed mixer.Advantages: the probability of horizontal feed mixing machine used in feed processing is very large, because this feed machine has high mixing uniformity, short mixing time, high production efficiency, fast unloading, unloading clean, and many other advantages of small residue. The more common horizontal feed mixer is stainless steel double blade mixer, horizontal screw mixer and so on.Disadvantages: compared with the vertical feed mixer, the horizontal feed mixing equipment has the disadvantages of large size, large occupation and high price. It is also difficult to operate and needs regular inspection and maintenance.
Q:Why do the construction mixers always strike before they are used for second days?
Is it possible to have bonded concrete inside? If it's clean, you don't have to use it
Q:Joyoung blender fish you can do
The general mixer can only be broken and mixed materials, as made of fish, also need other tools or hand-made ball shape.
Q:What can mixer mainly stir?
Large and medium-sized can be made of cement concrete, animal feed preparation, highway asphalt, stone and so on. Small household; used for food processing, household pasta and pasta. It is specially used in scientific research and laboratory.
Q:How do you fix the blender?
What kind of machine is it? It's broken there. What's the model? It's clear. Good answer
Q:Milk mixer does not turn, the power supply is no problem, what is the reason?
Internal circuit breaker, or motor burned, find an electrical repair shop, half an hour can be done.
Q:What's the difference between a blender and a blender?
Blender, some products are only a special mixer of the machine, the blender, there are juice, grinding and other functions
Q:Apple, water and sugar, and then put the blender into apple juice, can I drink it?
Should be able to drink, I have done before
Q:What kind of mixer do you have?
Sort by stirringAccording to the way of self falling type stirring stirring, mixing two.Self falling mixer is the mixture on a rotating drum mixer, mixing with the rotation of the drum, the drum blade within the mixture to a certain height, and then rely on self free fall. Repeat this until you mix it well. The mixer is usually made of plastic and semi plastic concrete.The forced mixer is a stirring drum which is not moved, and is forcibly stirred by blades evenly arranged on the rotating shaft of the drum. The mixing machine has the advantages of good mixing quality and high production efficiency, but the power consumption is large, and the blade is worn quickly. Generally used for mixing dry hard concrete.

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