Pretty/cute appearance safety system blender DZ-2018

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$5.70 / unit
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 180W
Capacity: 0.45L
Mini size
One speeds,AS blender jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance


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Q:How big is the power of the JS-750 mixer?
It does not display the motor power, but when you buy a mixer general manufacturers will let you choose the motor, because the import and domestic prices are a lot worse, even if the domestic price is not the same, unless you are buying it in trading company or brokers, it is scheduled to die, you you can ask the dealer
Q:Why can't Joyoung blender work more than one minute?
Instructions on the instructions "do not work continuously for more than one minute."". Because Joyoung cooking machine mainly rely on the motor, so the motor has overheating protection device and waterproof device and so on protection.
Q:Is the concrete mixer and mortar mixer a machine?
The principle is the same, but the design condition of the mortar mixer is much worse than that of the concrete mixer, so the concrete mixer can be used to mix mortar, but it is not suitable to mix concrete with mortar mixer
Q:What's the noise of mixer? What can be done to reduce noise?
Is yours a large industrial mixer? First: replace the imported bearings. Second: add glycerol between the gears. Third: the motor plus a frequency conversion or reduction of gear ratio.
Q:What's the difference between a cooking machine, a blender, a juice machine, a juicer, a soymilk maker?
The mixer includes blender, juice machine, juicer, and can stir, grind, squeeze juice and make soya bean milk. The biggest difference with soya bean milk machine is fully functional, but without heating function. Recommended to buy separately, after all, soybean milk machine is professional, regardless of convenience, taste aspects are the best, and the mixer is convenient for kitchen needs
Q:What kind of mixer do you have?
Classification by type of operationBy operation with cycle operation and continuous operation two.The three processes of feeding, stirring and discharging of the cycle operation are carried out according to a certain time interval, that is, according to the parts mixing system.As the mixing of various materials have been accurately weighing, so mixing quality is good. Most of this type of operation is used.The three processes of continuous operation are performed continuously in a longer barrel. Although its productivity is higher than that of cycle operation, the mixing quality is poor due to the mixing ratio of each material and the difficulty of mixing time. Use less.
Q:Does anyone know that blender can add water to juice?
When the juice has been stirred, dilute it with some warm water
Q:How do SUPOR mixer make soybean milk?
The mixer should have added that the Internet filtering grinding Soybean Milk net cover good beans into the water slowly into my doubts is very strange how slag waste after grinding to boil to drink
Q:How do you use the blender?
Pack the machine and wash it. Put in some fruit or something. Press the button. End。
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete mixers?
Labor saving, quick, mixing evenly. The biggest drawback is the clean-up is difficult, the scene must have power supply, operation, lack of anti touch facilities

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