Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mopping Function

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Material: ABS Fireproof and Anti-static

Rated Power:20W

Vacuum Suction:0.5 KPA


Input Voltage: 100~240V

Output Voltage: 24V 600MA

Battery Voltage: NI-MH 14.4V

Battery Current:1500MAH

Charging Time:4 H

Working Time:about 90 mins

Dust Cubage:0.4 Liter

Cleaning Route:4

Cleaning Speed:16.5-18.5 CM/SEC



Main Features                                                                                                

  • LED touch key and one touch key to clean, easy operation

  • ultra-thin body(75mm)

  • super quiet, low noise

  • auto charging

  • multi-functional remote control

  • mopping function

  • daily scheduling function:you can pre-set to let the robot clean the house according to your schedule,even when you are not at home

  • 4 intelligent cleaning modes:auto cleaning mode, spot  cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling cleaning mode

  • intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning: when vaccun cleaner found a lot of dust, it can change cleaning mode automatically and improve the cleaning efficiency.

  • HEPA&primary filters

  • front anti-collision and anti-drop sensitive sensors

  • two strong side brushes make cleaning more efficiently and thoroughly

  • 1500mAh battery, charging 4 hours, work 90 minutes

  • suitable for home or office floors, woodiness floor,artificial plastic floor, waterproof carpet, ceramic tile, undercoat carpet


remote controller x1   adaptor x1    charging base x1   

side brush x2            filter x3      cleaning brush x1      

battery x1     user manual x1   

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Q:which is more powerful for suction, 2 amps motor or 15.6 volts motor for vacuum?
Don't buy the cordless.
Q:are bagless cleaners better then baged cleaners ?
It depends on what you want in a vacuum cleaner. Bagged cleaners are usually easy to empty, don't need internal cleaning, and bags are fairly inexpensive. However, the dust that collects in a bagged cleaner begins to block the airflow, resulting in lower efficiency as the bag fills. Bagless cleaners have a compartment that can collect debris that sticks to the sides over time, needing the occasional extra maintenance. Also, bagless cleaners usually contain an air filter that must be replaced occasionally. However, if regularly cleaned, the filter can last for quite some time, and it's more efficient in the long run. To nutshell: Bagged cleaners are good for quick and cheap. Bagless cleaners tend to be more powerful and efficient over a long lifetime.
Q:how long is the life of vacuum cleaners suppose to be?
Alyssa, 10 years is a decent amount of time with a vacuum. However, I would recommend taking it into Sears (or just call them to save you a trip) and find out what they can do for you. Kenmore is sold exclusively by Sears, and sometimes they are great about fixing/replacing things like this. That's what I would do first. If they can't do anything for you (or if it costs you more than $40 to replace the motor) then it's probably time for a new vacuum. Just be careful - the vacuum industry seems to build vacuums that last about 4-5 years now, unless you want to pay for something like a Miele and possibly a Dyson (I'm still not sure a Dyson will last longer than 5-7 years personally). There are some good deals though for less than $150 if you don't want to spend the money - the Shark Navigator and the Eureka Airspeed Bagless are two great machines you may want to look at. I'll put a resource below that gives some great reviews you can read if you do end up looking for a new vacuum. Hope this helps!
Q:Vacuum will not turn off?
Adam is correct to an extent, however, you shouldn't need a soldering iron to replace the switch on any vacuum made in the last 30 years, they all have push on terminals. Depending on where and how the switch is located in the unit, it could be a fairly simple take the handle apart with a couple of screws, swap out the switch and be done, or you may find that you have to disassemble the main body to get to the actual switch. Many models now use an actuating rod that moves the actual switch located further down in the body of the machine. Unforturnately you've given us no information whatsoever, concerning a make, model or type of vacuum, so it's going to be very difficult to help much more.
Q:The Vacuum Salesman?
Poor salesman! I hope he came up with a plan B. Lol
Q:vacuum cleaners?
Get the vacuum of your choice. Use sticky tape or lint roller to remove hair on other things. Get a 20 x 20 inch Box Fan. $12 anywhere. Get a 20 x 20-inch A/C filter. $1 anywhere. You mat wish too put a sent on the filter as well. Place a/c filter behind fan, turn on low. The will stop the dog hair from getting into other things, ceiling fan motor, refrigerator motor, computer vents and other things. You mat wish too put a sent on the filter as well. (vanilla extract)
Q:Is going door to door like a cheap vacuum cleaner salesman the best way to spread the eternal word of god?
Thunderbolting mortals falls under Þorr's (Thor to you) realm of accountability. he's the protector of mankind and the social order, yet in addition the friendliest of the Gods. As this form of friendly, solid natured fellow, he won't be able to thunderbolt anybody for knocking on your door. you will possibly desire to do something enormously undesirable for Þorr to get mad - and then that is frightening! (Like while Loki shaved Þorr's spouse Sif's hair off at the same time as she slept!) BQ: Nope. My deities gave me a suggestions and that i exploit it! additionally a notably great form of people mistake the hand carved Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) on our front door for an the different way up pass and it apparently scares them sufficient it keeps them from knocking on the door interior the 1st place. enormously nifty, eh?
Q:What are the most common problems do you face with vacuum cleaners ?
hair gets in the beater bearings and brushes and jams and burns up the belt. The other is I can't find bags for an expensive sears vacuum.
Q:Can a canister vacuum cleaner hepa filter be washed?
I have been servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners for about 10 years now so I see a lot of filters. In my opinion even the filters that can be washed really shouldn't be unless they are a foam type material. Basically the washing doesn't really get the dirt out, what you have to consider is that the pores of the filter are super small to be able to trap particles as small as pollen and smoke and water doesn't flow well through holes this small. Also as the vacuum is running it is actually trying to pull air through the filter so the dust gets pulled in really hard and effectively gets stuck. Your vacuum will last longer by replacing the filter as it will cool the motor more effectively so while there is a cost in buying a new filter it extends the life of your vacuum hence saving you money in the long term. Hope this helps! :)
Q:Vacuum Cleaners what brand do you use?
I want a Dyson, but I have a Hoover Windtunnel.

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