Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mopping Function

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Detail Information                                                    

Material: ABS Fireproof and Anti-static

Rated Power:20W

Vacuum Suction:0.5 KPA


Input Voltage: 100~240V

Output Voltage: 24V 600MA

Battery Voltage: NI-MH 14.4V

Battery Current:1500MAH

Charging Time:4 H

Working Time:about 90 mins

Dust Cubage:0.4 Liter

Cleaning Route:4

Cleaning Speed:16.5-18.5 CM/SEC



Main Features                                                                                                

  • LED touch key and one touch key to clean, easy operation

  • ultra-thin body(75mm)

  • super quiet, low noise

  • auto charging

  • multi-functional remote control

  • mopping function

  • daily scheduling function:you can pre-set to let the robot clean the house according to your schedule,even when you are not at home

  • 4 intelligent cleaning modes:auto cleaning mode, spot  cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling cleaning mode

  • intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning: when vaccun cleaner found a lot of dust, it can change cleaning mode automatically and improve the cleaning efficiency.

  • HEPA&primary filters

  • front anti-collision and anti-drop sensitive sensors

  • two strong side brushes make cleaning more efficiently and thoroughly

  • 1500mAh battery, charging 4 hours, work 90 minutes

  • suitable for home or office floors, woodiness floor,artificial plastic floor, waterproof carpet, ceramic tile, undercoat carpet


remote controller x1   adaptor x1    charging base x1   

side brush x2            filter x3      cleaning brush x1      

battery x1     user manual x1   

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Q:The polynomial 56.69x + 66.74z describes the revenue a company generates from the sale of three different handheld vaccum cleaners. The?
Profit = revenue - cost = 56.69X + ??y + 66.74z - (49.94x + 27.77y + 25.82z) = (56.69X - 49.94X) + (??Y - 27.77Y) + (66.74z - 25.82z) = 6.75X + ((??Y - 27.77Y) + 40.92 you did not give us the revenue for the 'y' units.
Q:What makes vacuum cleaners work?
They suck
Q:what products should the USA manufacture that aren't being manufactured at the present time?
For a strong future America I would like to see them working on Magnetic train tracks across the continent.
Q:Does dog hair ruin vacuum cleaners? And if so, what do you recommend for pet hair control?
Oh yes I go through at least a vacuum cleaner a year. Feed Nutro ( its the only dog food in America that guarantees less shedding, and it does). Proper grooming as well is very important
Q:What are the important parameters of the vacuum cleaner?
Noise: 1000W or so vacuum cleaner, noise is generally around 80 decibels. Excellent motor technology, of course, can reduce noise
Q:how did they clean carpets before there were vacuum cleaners?
you would hang them on a clothes line and beat all the dust out
Q:Good Vacuum cleaners?
I have a Dyson vacumn cleaner..I always had such problems with all my vacumn cleaners until I bought this Dyson...I had to buy one about every 2 yrs..for some reason or another...I got so tired of it one day ,I went and splurged on this one...I have it over 4 yrs now and NO problems ever...I don't need to replace bags or filters....The cord is extra long...It is very strong,,(In fact the first time I used it ,,I knocked it down my cellar steps and I thought it broke on the concrete..I did come apart, but I put it back together ,no problem...I talked my sister into getting one...We both swear by them... It was well worth the extra money.. Good luck.
Q:What are some good upright vacuums?
1. Dyson 2. Dyson 3. Dyson, expect you get the picture. The first time you use a Dyson in your house you'll be amazed how much muck it picks up, then you realize all the previous times all you were doing was moving dust from one place to another. Dyson.
Q:Where do I store my vacuum cleaners?
Do you have any closets you could put them in? Don't put them back in the box, that sounds horribly full of unnecessary work every time you want to vacuum. Other than that, I can't think of anything. Look for weird little nooks in your house-- there's a good sized gap between the side of the fridge and the wall that's probably big enough for a vacuum in my apartment, so maybe you could find somewhere similar.
Q:Im a man and i love Vacuum Cleaners?
I LOVE my Dyson!!! BEST VACUUM EVER!! :)

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