1800W Hepa Cyclone Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Cs-T3301

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$20.00 - 23.00 / set
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850 Packs set
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50000 Packs per Month set/month

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Product Description:

New Style Mini Bagless 1400w cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner VC CS-T3301  


2.Brand Name:Cleanstar
3.Technology: Stepless Electronic Speed Control




Nice Design

High Efficiency

HEPA Outlet Filter

Shared Handle For Dust Bin And Whole Unit

Airflow Control On Handle

360 Swivel Hose




Product Size: 330*236*300mm

Giftbox  Size: 380*300*350mm


Loading Quantity:


20 FT:800 pcs

40 FT:1630 pcs

40 HQ:1850 pcs


Delivery Date:


New Order:        30 Days After Artwork Confirmed

Repeat Order:    25 Days

Sample:             10 Days After Request


Accessories & Parts Information:


2 in 1 Small Tool

Normal Brush,Hardfloor Brush


2 Pcs Plastic Tube Or Metal Telescopic Tube


Technical Details:



(1600W Motor Recommended)

Noise Level70 dB (Under 1600W Motor)
Dust Capacity1.5 L
Airflow2.0m3/min (Under 1600W Motor)
Vacuum> 20 Pa (Under 1600W Motor)
Suction Power230W (Under 1600W Motor)
Filtration SystemHepa Filtration
Cord Length5-6 m

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Q:Can I remove bugs/larva with my vacuum?
Dyson vacuum cleaners need to be emptied every time you use them to maintain their function performance. Vacuum up and empty in the out side trash straight away. Treat your home with insect deterrent.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for someone with cat allergies?
Most bagless vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. You should be able to just go to your local target/wallmart/sears and pick one out. Another thing you can do to help is buy an air purifier for your roommate's bedroom. Most styles are basically a fan that pulls air through a HEPA filter. It would do a lot of good because allergy symptoms are usually worst in the morning right after someone wakes up since the person has been laying down sleeping which makes them prone to congestion.
Q:Are hand vacuum cleaners noisy like the regular vacuum cleaners?
I'd say slightly less than a blow dryer. Or maybe about the same. Depending on the brand. :)
Q:Smell from bagless vacuum?
I have yet to see a vacuum cleaner that don't add a smell to the air. Try vacuuming up some backing soda this helps.
Q:Why is it when the majority of wives decide to depart they act like giant vacuum cleaners?
They cannot take responsibility for the action which destroyed the marriage. They point the finger, because they were taught growing up they were princesses all too often. They also see marriage as more than a contract, that a man has to endure any abuses they dish out. Not that men are perfect m, of course, but women have pent up anger concerning their own fathers and take it out on their to be ex husbands.
Q:Will future vacuum cleaners have a small black hole to improve suction?
Yeah. Since this whole Higgs Boson thing turned out to be no big deal, maybe the LHC can concentrate on mass producing tiny black holes to clean up dust in carpets and hard to reach corners.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners have headlights?
I don't build them, but I know someone who repairs them. He always said it was for modern day witches who switched from the traditional broom to a high powered vacuum. seriously, the lights are just for dark corners and underneath couches and things.
Q:Stupid string and vacuum cleaners... Grrrrr?
because we except our vacuum's to do what they are made for. To pick stuff up off the floor. I'm not saying I except it to pick up a ball of yarn, but a stray thread from a sweater or something should go in!
Q:Can vacuum cleaners make you deaf?
stop being a ***** no they won't make you deaf watching a movie at the theaters or going to a concert is worse than a vacuum cleaner. i'm sure you blast your music high on your ipod or computer
Q:Vacuum Cleaners what brand do you use?
We have a Sharp Twin Energy 12 amp at work and it has amazing suction. In fact I have had to put electrical tape on the cord in a couple of spots. It's suction pulled its own cord in and tore it a little. It's about 5 or 6 years old but it still works great!

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