Big powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaner with stable structure #C03

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Product Description:


Model: C03



Stable structure and comfortable for using

(HEPA cyclone)



1000W-1800W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 2L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder


Product size: 420*270*330mm

Packing size: 450*320*360mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 500/1134/1316 pcs



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Q:Can you help me with science about vaccum cleaner fans? Please!?
the fan causes the vacuum cleaner to suck-in the air. as the moving air passes by the dirt particles, it's the INTERACTION of the moving air and the dirt that causes the dirt to be drawn along with the air. basically, the air molecules bash into the dirt particle and impart energy (momentum) to the dirt, and this is what makes it move. if there was no air motion over the dirt, then the dirt particles would not respond to the vacuum cleaner.
Q:Why do the VELOCIRAPTORS in Jurassic Park sound like vacuum cleaners?
they use stock footage
Q:Does the sound of vacuum cleaners piss anyone else off?
i just hate the sound of it. if you want to stab someone when you hear a vacuum..then you just might have some anger problems... O_O
Q:What should I do with an old vacuum cleaner?
I usually donate that kind of stuff to my local charity if it works at all or post it as the other writer said. Someone somewhere can use it as long as it works. Peter
Q:What's the best way to clean laminate flooring?
I use the Swifer WetJet - it is safe for the floor and cleans beautifully!!! It took a bit to dry, but it dries without smearing or streaks. Everything else I've tried leaves streak marks. Also, you can get a $5 off coupon from swifer on their web site. ...otherwise you can follow the advise of the guy who installed my floors...he said just a small amount of dish soap and water, but I found that to leave streaks.
Q:would a vacuum cleaner pick up dust from a rug on the moon?
No. Fluids move from high pressure to low pressure. Vacuum cleaners work by making a lower pressure system inside the vacuum cleaner, but because you cannot make pressure lower than what it is in vacuum (space), so the vacuum cleaners cannot pick anything up, because the pressure is higher than the vacuum of space.
Q:My vacuum cleaners' brush wont spin when on floor----spins when you take it off the floor, belt is not broken?
If your vacuum's belt is, in effect, a big black rubber band, then D S is absolutely correct, it is the belt. These things seem to be too short when they are being installed, but are made that way purposely so that there's enough friction against the motor pulley and the agitator to turn the brushes after they are in contact with the carpet. Over a period of time, usually, dependent on how much and how often you use the cleaner, the belt stretches out and loses it's tension on the motor pulley. The pulley is much smaller than the agitator and is usually very shiny and smooth, as opposed to the large wooden or plastic agitator. Actually, the belt is the only part on most cleaners that isn't covered by their warranty, because they are considered expendable. Get a couple new belts, install yourself if you're capable, and keep the second on hand for when the new one strectches out.
Q:As a consumer, technician, or enthusiast, would you buy a book about vacuum cleaners covering everything?
no i have instruct already
Q:which are the best vacuum cleaners?
For years, I always had Eureka. They are good, but 4 yrs ago, I bought an Oreck and I would not buy any other brand. It is lightweight, is great for allergens and it cleans well. I take it in for maintenance once a year. The first three or four years it is cost free for maintenance. I like the fact that it is self leveling when you go from hard surfaces to carpet. I recommend an Oreck. They may cost a bit more, (varies as to styles,) but to me they are well worth their price. I use my on tile, linoleum, parquet wood flooring, and carpet with ease and efficiency. I've never had my Oreck to kick out any dirt particles to the back of the vacuum as I have had with other uprights. I also have an Oreck cannister/with shoulder strap that is lightweight to use for cleaning upholstery, stairs, baseboards and ceiling fans etc.
Q:Certified air purifier/vacuum?
Any vacuum cleaner you want like that is going to be pricy. And usually when my vacuum cleaners start blowing dust, either a filter needs to be changed, a hose is clogged, or the dust catcher- whatever form it might take- needs to be emptied. I understand that Rainbow Vacuums, while cumbersome, are very good at controlling blowing dust because of the way they work. Try running a web search on hospital-quality vacuums: Those have to be very good at controlling dust because of where they''re used. Good luck!

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