2 In 1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Floor Brush

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$14.00 - 16.00 / pc
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1920 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
50000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Spray color

Metal Telescopic tube

Turbo floor brush

4 Stages with HEPA filter

5.0M cable with VDE plug

accessories: hose, belt, round brush, crevice tool;

GS/CE/ROHS/EMC  approval

Unit size( mm (LxWxH) ): 285X130X155

Gift box size: 560x150x170 mm 

Master carton size: 570x460x350 mm

Qty. per carton: 6pcs

G.W.: 18KGS

N.W.: 12KGS


Work shop corner


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Q:Dog question?
Don't worry! My dog was the same way! They are scared because of the noise and are afraid that THE THING is going to get them. Good luck! :^)
Q:MAth question!!! 8th grade (:?
8X 500 = 4000 $
Q:What vacuum works the best?
Definitly a Rainbow, a little pricey, but you can find a used one if you try.
Q:Recommend me a Vacuum Cleaner Brand?
Eureka has great moderately priced vacuums. I am on a budget too, but the BEST purchase I ever made was my Dyson. Target carries then, they never loose suction, they come with an 5 year manufacturer's warranty and its amazing what it picks up that your old vacuum didn't.
Q:How does a bagless vacuum cleaner filter the dust? Does it cost as much to replace the filter as a bag?
There are several kind on the market so can't quote cost. Mine is an Eureka Altima, comes with atatchment hose, xtension, nozel and furnature tool and a self cleaning ceiling fan and blind brush in small cylinder on the side. The basket and several filters are easy to remove to empty and clean. I have even used it's hose to clean off it's outside when needed. It uses what are called Heppa filters for dust etc and they too are washable. Got mine used for $30 at a flee mkt couple years ago and love it. I did break the brush a while back and when I replaced it I also got new filters and a belt. If you wash the filters each time you dump the basket they should last for years. The basket is large enough that you only have to dump it about the same as replacing a bag. The brush did cost me just over $ 30 but the belt and filters was under $ 10. Oh, my wife loves it too.
Q:Is it really offensive to give a woman a vacuum cleaner as a gift?
if you buy your mom- or any woman a dyson or an oreck they will love you- also dysons are over 500.00 so that wouldn't beimplying you want her to do old fashioned womans house work but it does say look i bought yousomething useful and it works really well and i spent more than 30.00 on it! flowers wilt and die- jewelry is nice but a mom likes to have other things - and trinkets just sit on the shelf and gather dust- which she probably ends up dusting- and as far as cookware goes- hell yeah buy a woman a juicer- or an expensive mixer or new knives or cookware - i would be stoked! PS. Women like tools too- how many moms have a roadside emergency kit- or tool kit- that's not their significant others' that they can use at their disposal? or a cordless drill? any of those gifts i would be ecstatic!
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner with the cheapest price-tag?
Go okorder.com and look up Eureka AirSpeed. I bought one and it cost me less than the (better) one I bought 25 years ago. I don't have pets. But, I am amazed at all the dust it sucks out of the carpet.
Q:Which vacuum should I buy? Bissell or Eureka?
Q:What can be my options?
Royal (they look old fashioned) but are very quality. You need to look online, they are not sold at places like Target or Home Depot. Similar in quality is Oreck, they are also not sold in typical stores. Both start at around $200 or $250.
Q:Do auto or robotic home and above ground pool vacuum cleaners work?
I just bought a house 2 months ago and I saw a couple of houses with above ground pools and quite honestly, they were not a bonus, but a big money pit in my eyes. Unless your pool is in nearly PERFECT condition and the deck is big, useable and clean, then it's probably not helping you. Personally, I'd remove the pool and repair the yard where it was - even turn it into a garden spot or something. Pools in general are huge money pits and an above ground pool is never going to last like an in-ground one, so I think buyers will be turned off. Not to mention, most people who have an above ground pool don't live in a neighborhood that has the value to support the pool's cost or the size of yard to really fit it properly. It ends up looking desperate and crammed into a tiny yard. My vote is to remove it.

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