Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Controller

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$112.00 - 128.00 / set
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500 Sets set
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50000 Sets per Month set/month

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Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner  


Work Voltage :14.4 V
Input Voltage:AC 110-240 V
Power:24 W
Dustbin Capacity:0.35 L
Charging Time:5 hours
Noise Level:Less 50dB
Working Time:90-120 minutes after full charging
The Minimum Area One Charge 120-150 Square meter
Battery:2200 Lithium battery
Body Size:330*90 mm
Remote Control Size:126*35.5*10 mm
Color Available:White, Blue, White, Black
Print Logo:Yes

  1) Along wall edges mode


  2) Spot cleaning mode

  3) Preset Working Time

  4) Virtual wall

  5) Mopping function

  6) Alarm function

  7) Auto-recharging 

  8) Anti-fall system

  9) Non-marring bumper 

  10) Touch-sensitive sensor 

  11) With remote controller

  12) Low Noise,less than 45dB 

  13) LED Touch Screen

  14) Can clean mass mess 



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Q:Can I remove bugs/larva with my vacuum?
Dyson vacuum cleaners need to be emptied every time you use them to maintain their function performance. Vacuum up and empty in the out side trash straight away. Treat your home with insect deterrent.
Q:Hi! Can somebody tell me if there are any (even very small) mistakes in this short text (thanks!)?
try and write it like this: The line graph shows the typical daily electricity demand in England during the winter and summer season, while the pie chart illustrates the different proportions of electricity used for the most frequent activities in an average English home. Comparing the two trends of electricity demand in the first graph, it is evident that during winter the electricity consumption doubles. Over the day, during either summer or winter, the lowest levels are recorded in the morning, between 8:00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. Conversely, the peak hours are different between the two periods. During the summer, electricity consumption peaks around 10:00 P.M; during winter the highest levels of demand are reached both in the afternoon at 4 p.m. and in the evening at 10:00 p.m. The pie chart shows that heating is by far the most electricity-consuming activity in an average English house (52.5 %). Clearly, this figure explains the reason why the electricity demand is higher during the small spans of time previously mentioned in the graph. The rest of the activities and devices used in the house, such as ovens, lighting and vacuum cleaners, use almost the same proportion of electricity, less than 16 %.
Q:Where can I buy vacuum cleaner filters in the Philippines (Metro Manila)?
You, but try asking the hardware store to special order a case for you. They normally have a special order department.
Q:Who to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners to?
most people will go to walmart or Target to buy a vac for a hundred bucks. yours can be 10 times that. what would you do? get another job someplace.
Q:My Meile vacuum works but shuts off by itself frequently. I am assuming it is an electrical problem?
All Miele vacuum cleaners have an over-heating sensor built in. It should activate, shutting off the power, when the motor gets too hot. Usually this happens because there is a clog in the hose or the vacuum itself, which causes the motor to overheat. Disconnect the suction hose. Turn the vacuum on. Put your fingers over the intake. If it feels like the suction is great and the motor sound happy, reconnect the hose. If the motor sounds unhappy (whining, grumbling, acting like this is hard work), you have a clog. Either take it to a vacuum repair shop or research vacuum clog and take it from there. (A coat-hanger often works).
Q:what is the best brand of vacuum cleaner? I'm about to buy one!?
Consumer Reports is O.K. But you need to determine what kind of vacuum cleaner you want. Canister or upright, bag or bag-less, you know what you need. Don't spend a lot of money. Most units are made so cheaply they may be considered disposable.
Q:The Vacuum Salesmen?
A classic
Q:My vacuum cleaner isnt working???? HELP!?
Sometimes when the bag is over-full the dirt, dust gets backed up into the hose. Open it up again see if the hose is free, clear of obstructions.
Yes, they only work decent on wood floors,and it takes them a very long time to do the job, you can do it yourself in a fraction of time compared to how long it takes the robot to do it and some time it won't get the whole area, justs keeps on cleaning the area it just went over, I think they are worthless, just a novelty devise.I'll sell you mine if you really want one (LOL) oh... and they are worthless on tiled floors.
Q:Is it worth it to get an old (circa 1950s) Electrolux vacuum fixed?
Most probably,it depends if you can get the parts,i would buy a new one and you could sell the old one to a collector of antique vacuum cleaners You have had a blo*dey good run out of it 50 years

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