Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Controller

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$112.00 - 128.00 / set
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500 Sets set
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50000 Sets per Month set/month

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Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner  


Work Voltage :14.4 V
Input Voltage:AC 110-240 V
Power:24 W
Dustbin Capacity:0.35 L
Charging Time:5 hours
Noise Level:Less 50dB
Working Time:90-120 minutes after full charging
The Minimum Area One Charge 120-150 Square meter
Battery:2200 Lithium battery
Body Size:330*90 mm
Remote Control Size:126*35.5*10 mm
Color Available:White, Blue, White, Black
Print Logo:Yes

  1) Along wall edges mode


  2) Spot cleaning mode

  3) Preset Working Time

  4) Virtual wall

  5) Mopping function

  6) Alarm function

  7) Auto-recharging 

  8) Anti-fall system

  9) Non-marring bumper 

  10) Touch-sensitive sensor 

  11) With remote controller

  12) Low Noise,less than 45dB 

  13) LED Touch Screen

  14) Can clean mass mess 



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Q:Cost to get vacuum fixed?
This may sound silly, but it happened to me. Our vacuum brush roller stopped working, too. Turned out that the sliding switch that gave the bare floor/carpet option wasn't fully engaged. If you have a switch like that, check it. Also, if you still have the manual for it you may want to check under the troubleshooting section or look on their website. At any rate, I take my vacuum cleaners to Sears for repairs. It usually runs me $60.00 - $80.00, depending on the problem. You may want to shop around. Ask people in your area who they go to. Sears is more expensive, but they're reputable and stand behind their work. Hope this helps!
Q:Looking for someone to buy used vacuum cleaners?
we need more info please .........................
Q:Is your dog afraid of vacuum cleaners?
Yes, they run away and hide when I get it out. Kenai isn't really afraid he stays out but the other two scoot. I still make them let me vaccuum them somtimes, they like the feel of it but hate the sound of the vaccuum.. My dog Jasper is also afraid of thunder, fireworks, those blow up christmas things too lol, they also don't like cardboard tubes either.. I blow through them and my dog Kenai barks at me.. ha ha. Jasper was afraid of cords and he still is but he has gotten alot better, he will actually walk over them now. His fear of chairs has also diminished He's such a puss..
Q:I would like to hear from users of the H20 Vacuum Cleaners. Are they as good as they say?
yeah, they really suck
The adjustment settings on vacuum cleaners are there so you won't ruin the roller brush on the vacuum....not the floor. What make/model of vacuum cleaner do you have? My vacuum cleaner (a Eureka Boss SmartVac) has different height levels and then 2 adjustments for using hard floors.
Q:Why does my vacuum cleaner belt keep breaking?
Generally, they're not fragile. Without seeing it I can only guess. Is the beater bar easy to turn or clogged with hair? [without the belt] Do you keep the beater bar fairly clean? Is anything blocking or rubbing? Is the belt being cut or melted? Take it apart, clean it well, and put it back together. Make it look like new, and it should act like new.
Q:i'm thinking of becoming a door to door salesman?
No!!! the tongue is fine but I would re think the hat xxx
Q:Hoover Elite Rewind vacuum that needs a new belt?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Hoover Elite Rewind vacuum that needs a new belt? I have a Hoover Elite Rewind U5507-900 vacuum that needs a new belt. I mean the belt snapped off, so I know that's the problem but I cannot find what belt size I need! This is a vacuum that was handed down to me, so I never had the owners manual and when I did find one online, it doesn't...
Q:Is there a silent vacuum cleaner?
Only a central, whole house vacuum could come close to silence and then only if the fan/motor part was in the garage, outside or very deep in the basement. Vacuums work by turning a rather high speed fan and they are quite noisy. So, you would need to isolate that noise somewhere outside the living area to have a nearly silent system. Even then, moving air makes noise so... Bert.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners quiet in the TV adverts?
Because I think it's illegal to put a vacuum that loud on TV, it hurts our ears too much.

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