Industrial Vacuum Cleaner High Suction Efficiency

Ref Price:
$110.00 / pc
Loading Port:
Taichung Port, Taiwan
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
210 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
10000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Features Of Our Products : 


1. Wet And Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
2. High Quality With Ametek Motor
3. 100% Made In Taiwan
4. Professional OEM ability

5. Consecutively operate 200 hours non stop     
6. Low noise 68 dB, High suction efficiency   
7. Excellent reputation since 15 years marketing in Japan as good quality products         

8. For commercial use,for Industrial application,Hardware field and car using

9. New Waterproof Material HEPA Filter Be Used


Product Description:




1. Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner


2. Accessories: standard

     -Master nozzle

     -Flat nozzle

     -Floor nozzle

     -Brush nozzle

     -Pipe set

     -Joint handle

     -Hose (2.5m )

 3. With Ametek Motor



100V / 110V

Body (tank material)

PE (plastic)


1200W, 2 stage


13.2Amp / 12Amp

Max. Air Flow

3.5 (m3/min)

Max. Vacuum Pressure

25 Kpa



Capacity of Dust container



406*433*633 mm



Gross weight


Motor power

Two-stage adjustable

High : 1200W  Low : 650W

Box size




Price(F.O.B Taiwan)






Products Rangs : 

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Water filter vacuum cleaner
Central vacuum cleaner
Kitchen Range Hood
Pond vacuum cleaner



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Q:Can you help me with science about vaccum cleaner fans? Please!?
the fan causes the vacuum cleaner to suck-in the air. as the moving air passes by the dirt particles, it's the INTERACTION of the moving air and the dirt that causes the dirt to be drawn along with the air. basically, the air molecules bash into the dirt particle and impart energy (momentum) to the dirt, and this is what makes it move. if there was no air motion over the dirt, then the dirt particles would not respond to the vacuum cleaner.
Q:What was the top selling consumer product of the 1920s?
Im just guessing but I would say radios
Q:Vacuum cleaner went ka-put?
Check to see if the drive belt is damaged or broke. That appears to be the problem. Normally just need a Phillips screwdriver.
Q:Can you use Dyson vacuum cleaners at 220~230 volts?
Dyson Dc40 Specs
Q:I need a good pet vacuum?
Check into a bissle
Q:What is wrong with my vacuum cleaners?
you need to invest in a high quality cleaner instead of the $50 dixie cups that you are purchasing at wally's world. I have had an Electrolux for 15 years and it works just as good as they day I bought it. It sounds like the belt on the vacuum is burning.
Q:How many products can you name that are intended to only last a short time?
anything that has to do with medicine
Q:Abs max in calculus( Biz calc)?
You are on the right track. We can find a linear equation to predict the number of vacuums that will be sold at any given price. At $100 it is 800. At $103, it is 794. Think of this data as two points on a line. The points are (100,800) and (103,794). Find the equation of the line. y=1000-2x. The Revenue generated is the number sold * the price. y is the number sold and x is the price. R=x*y=x*(1000-2x) R(x)=1000x-2x² R'(x)=1000-4x The critical number is when R'=0 == 1000-4x=0 == x=250 So, it looks like we should charge $250 per vacuum. Is this really a maximum? R''(x)=-4. The Second Derivative Test tells us that our value is a maximum. This makes sense. The revenue function is a parabola that opens downward with a vertex at (250,125000), The price is $250 and the revenue is $125000.
Q:What Industrial techniques and Materials are used to make the Dyson Cyclone and Ball Vacuum cleaners?
Various polymers and injection molding. THe motor will use copper wire, which was drawn. Look on their website for more info.
Q:can I use commercial vacuum cleaner for home usage?
commercial vacuum cleaners are usually just bigger and more powerful. i have one that i got at work and i use it at home all the time

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