Industrial Vacuum Cleaner High Suction Efficiency

Ref Price:
$110.00 / pc
Loading Port:
Taichung Port, Taiwan
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
210 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
10000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Features Of Our Products : 


1. Wet And Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
2. High Quality With Ametek Motor
3. 100% Made In Taiwan
4. Professional OEM ability

5. Consecutively operate 200 hours non stop     
6. Low noise 68 dB, High suction efficiency   
7. Excellent reputation since 15 years marketing in Japan as good quality products         

8. For commercial use,for Industrial application,Hardware field and car using

9. New Waterproof Material HEPA Filter Be Used


Product Description:




1. Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner


2. Accessories: standard

     -Master nozzle

     -Flat nozzle

     -Floor nozzle

     -Brush nozzle

     -Pipe set

     -Joint handle

     -Hose (2.5m )

 3. With Ametek Motor



100V / 110V

Body (tank material)

PE (plastic)


1200W, 2 stage


13.2Amp / 12Amp

Max. Air Flow

3.5 (m3/min)

Max. Vacuum Pressure

25 Kpa



Capacity of Dust container



406*433*633 mm



Gross weight


Motor power

Two-stage adjustable

High : 1200W  Low : 650W

Box size




Price(F.O.B Taiwan)






Products Rangs : 

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Water filter vacuum cleaner
Central vacuum cleaner
Kitchen Range Hood
Pond vacuum cleaner



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Q:Why is my vacuum so loud?
Wrong area. But anyway, don't confuse a vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. Between your ears in this case must be a vacuum or a black hole to post such a ridiculous question, and post it in the wrong area of questions.
Q:Does anyone have one of those robot vacuum cleaners? Is it any good?
Well those who consider it to be the ultimate way to clean all the mess around the house then i believe they are looking in wrong direction, but on the other hand if you are looking for basic cleaning purposes, then yes i suggest you have one, plus it will help you a lot maintain and keeping room clean. One more thing, with advancement in technologies they are much more power management efficient. So yes , yes , yes you should have one
Q:Which brand is better – Miele or Dyson for vacuum cleaners?
I, I called up because a buddy of mine actually told me he went into their store and got a discount and got $150 off for calling up. Had it the next day in CT at $949 flat. Definitely would recommend Miele though. Germans always make the best
Q:why are cats afraid of vacuums?
Because vacuum cleaners arent what u think the are. They're really big scary monsters trying to take over the world!!! I think your cat knows something most humans don't. DESTROY THAT EVIL VACUUM CLEANER BEFORE IT EATS U AND UR FAMILY UP... IM WARNING U!!!
Q:Someone knocks. You open the door. It's Jesus selling vacuum cleaners. Do you let him in for a demo?
If he can clean a person with blood, then I'm sure he can get the crumbs out of my carpet. I'd let him in.
Q:Which of the following is a physical separation method and which are chemical changes? Match classsifaction?
physical separation= air filters in vacuum cleaners, oil filters in cars. chemical separation= catalytic converters in cars and boiling an egg.
Q:Vacuum Cleaners or Brooms?
Vacuum Cleaners ftw (:
Q:My mom has a vacuum cleaner that gets clogged up what can we do so it dosen't get clogged up any more?
First of all, unless your mother is very enthusiastic about her vacuuming, don't fix it for her birthday. Take her out to dinner, buy her a nice pair of slippers and her favorite perfume. Not a vacuum. All you can do is clean it out as much as you can. Look for larger objects that may have been sucked in and remove them. If it is clogged with a bunch of hair from someone or some pet, try and stop that hair from reaching the floor. Combing your pet on a regular basis and throwing away the hair not only helps your animal in the summer heat, but also keeps the hair off the floor. Good luck, and find a better gift for your mom than a working vacuum.
Q:best vacuums cleaners on the market today?
i've got tried a Dyson before and it grew to become into spectacular. I went on line and started procuring for one when I discovered that individuals had many courtroom circumstances on the subject of the Dyson. human beings have observed that the canister cracks particularly and it somewhat is tough to interchange. Then i began examining on the subject of the Bissell healthful domicile Vac and individuals have been raving approximately it. I examine greater helpful comments approximately this vacuum than the Dyson. i offered one for $250 (plus tax) and it somewhat is spectacular! I even have 2 cats, one medium and one long haired. you won't have faith how lots hair it possibilities up each and every time I vacuum. I vacuumed my residences popcorn ceiling by using fact it catches the cat's hair and it grew to become into like I pulled 4 stay cats of the the ceiliing. The hose is super and long and there are a minimum volume of attachments. the appropriate ingredient of all is that it somewhat is a million/2 the value of the Dyson. It additionally has a HEPA filtration device. it somewhat is amazing and does basically a sturdy of a job as a Dyson, possibly greater valuable. in case you seek for Bissell healthful domicile you may desire to locate sites that sell it and there could desire to be comments approximately it besides. it somewhat is great and that i like it.
Q:Canned Air for laptops vs Vacuum Cleaner?
well vacuum i think. canned air is wwwaaaayyyyy to expensive. and it sturs up dust. the vaccum will do

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