Smart Vacuum Cleaner for Swimming Pool

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Product Description:

Swimming pool robot vacuum cleaner

- Comes complete with 10m hose, deflector ring, skimmer elbow and mouth set.
- Great cleaning on all pool surfaces. 


Galaxy Pool Cleaner

The Automatic Pool Cleaner cleans all pool surfaces, concrete, fibreglass and vinyl lined pools.

Its rapid, comprehensive cycle maximises water circulation making your pool hygienic and sparkling



The Galaxy cleans all pool areas including steps and corners with its advanced computerised steering,

the unit is high speed, high suction and operates silently. The hose connectors swivel 360 and has a

streamlined rudder.


The Pool Cleaner is fitted with Smart, 2 way gyro wheels that ensure smooth manoeuvrability.

It also comes with 4 easily changeable nozzles for compatibility with existing filter systems. The nozzle

removes easily for cleaning of debris.


The  pool cleaner saves you money on chemicals and electricity and operates unsupervised.


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Q:Who else finds this commercial annoying?
LOL LOL lucky lucky me I havent had the extreme displeasure of seeing that one!
Q:I need advice on vacuum cleaners.?
NO upright vacuum cleaner on the market will do a really terriffic job of cleaning the edges of carpet or flooring close to walls, furniture, etc. I've been repairing these things, all makes and models for over 35 years, and I can tell you with certainty that edge cleaning is nothing more than hype, by the vac companies. The best method to get the dirt and dust around the edges of your carpets is a hose attachment and a crevice tool or dust brush. Buying a high amperage vac is doing nothing more than spending more money for more electricity to run the vac motor. There are several vac's available that make tremendous vacuum with 6 - 8 amps, while there are many vac's advertising 12 - 14 amp motors that make less vacuum with less air flow. As for the Dyson, that's a real rip. The ads talk about not losing vacuum because they don't have filters to clog. I'm curious then, as to why my parts distributor lists 12 different filters for Dyson's. ???
Q:Hi Aussies, is my wage fair? (sales job) Should I quit?
Are you selling vacuum cleaners door to door, or tete-marketing? That's what it sounds like to me. I'm sure you can find a job with much better wages and conditions. If it were me, I'd tell him to stick his job where the sun don't shine. Possibly you may wish to be a little more polite than me. Cleaners etc earn more than that, without the hassles. You're being used and abused. You can do better, in my opinion. p.s. Sounds like a scam to me. Who's dumb enough to give out their bank details to someone on the street. I know they're out there, gullible twits. You'd be better off far, far away.
Q:What would be the best vacuum cleaner to get for both hardwood floors and carpets?
I clean houses for a living, and personally I like a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. They are very expensive but does the job! You have an attachment that does the carpet, then another one that does the hardwood floors, plus lots of attachments to do your ceilings and walls. The Oreck vacuum is good also. It's real lightweight and does a good job also.
Q:I'm trying to decide between these two vacuum cleaners...?
My concern between the two would be whether or not it has the various tools and attachments to do crevices, upholstery, etc. The Infinity states that it does; they Dyson does not state this, and it appears (if you look below it) that some of the tools have to be ordered seperately. The Dyson appears to have better reviews, but also costs a lot more. They both weigh about the same (a concern for lots of folks). Given that you have only about $300 to spend, unless you're willing to spend a good bit more for the vacuum and the accessories, I'd say the Infinity is the way to go.
Q:Where on Oahu can I sell my 4 rainbow vacuum cleaners?
You are the one that wanted the sales job.
Q:Brooms or vacuums ?
Broom, because I don't own a vacuum. =))))))
Q:Should we men just replace women with vacuum cleaners?
Yes. We will be happy to vacate (rather quickly) and leave you the vacuum cleaner.
Q:My PC won't startup properly after vacuuming...?
That's a big NO-NO... Vacuum cleaners create tons of static electricity which can damage computer components, especially graphics cards, processors and even motherboards. Only clean a computer with canned compressed air for electronics, never use a vacuum cleaner.
Q:Are Styrofoam peanuts bad for vacuum cleaners?
Probably not a good idea. They could plug up the vacuum hose or gum up the sucking mechanism.

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