Carpet Cleaning Machine Dust Collector 30L

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*Round stainless steel tank , solid and durable, not easy to rusty.


*Silent motors, with powerful suction and long runtime.


*Anti-cracking and heatproof machine, waterproof and static resistance as well.


*The large capacity tank with the flesible axle, equipped with a watershoot.


*Equipped with complete accessories, easy assembly.


*Good-looking, high flexibility and stabilization for large wheel plate and base.


*Suitable for restaurants, hotels small-scale factories and other kinds of cleaning field.


*Spare parts replacement sold separately.


functionwet and dry
tank diameter34.5cm
mode of coolingcirculating air cooling
air flow rate53L/S
vacuum suction230mbar
length of the cable7m
hose diameter40mm



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Q:Are all Shark vacuum cleaners really loud?
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Q:cannister vacuum cleaner cheap?
have self belief it or no longer, vacuuming is my sought after style of cleansing and it makes it plenty greater handy once you have the perfect cleansing approaches. So, I did this assessment related to the garry vacuum, i'm hoping it makes it greater handy which you will decide on the perfect approaches too!
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I recommend that you check the March 2006 issue of Consumer Reports. On page 30 is a full report with ratings on vacuum cleaners. They tested both uprights and canisters, and the Bosch Premium Prestige($800) came out number 2 in the canisters. The Sears Kenmore Progressive($500) came out number one, and had more features for less money. If you want to save even more money, check out the Sears Progressive with Direct Drive. It came it number one in the upright vacuums, and will save you even more money at $300. Good luck!
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Q:What can be my options?
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An idiot?
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bcuz u dont kno the secret password to get the fingers
Q:What were houses like in the 1950's in the USA?
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