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  • Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors

  • Counter rotating main brush and rubber brushwork together like a dustpan and broom

  • Side brush make the cleaner more efficient at cleaning edges and corners

  • Fine filter traps dust and tiny particulate inside the dustbin

  • Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges

  • Gentle touch bumper to protect furniture and wall surfaces

  • Built-in cliff avoidance sensor to prevent from falling down stairs

  • Virtual wall creates an invisible wall which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas



  • Automatically returns to the dock station for self-charging

  • Automatically start cleaning when being fully charged

  • Automatically cleaning at a preset time

  • Wireless remote control allows you to conveniently control the robot's functions

  • Can easily know its working status on the LCD screen

  • Tightness, and highly modularization design, easy to do regular cleaning

  • UV lamp on the bottom can effectively kill bacteria and purify the environment

  • With Mop can sweep and mop floor at the same time

  • Fast and slow cleaning mode for your selection



  • Automatic cleaning and charging (before the batteries power run out, the cleaner will search the station and charge automatically)

  • Charging time can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week

  • With stair avoidance sensors to avoid the cleaner for falling down

  • With non-marring bumper (when meet barrier, it will rebound, but work still)

  • With touch-sensitive sensor to get out of the tight places, such as sofas, beds and more

  • With virtual wall (if you need clean one room/a certain area only, you may open the virtual wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/area)

  • With remote controller, you use it to set cleaning time, speed, docking and timing cleaning

  • With mop for wet cleaning the floor

  • With UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor

  • Low-noise, only about 50dB

  • Easy to clean design


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  • All our items are assured to be brand new and carried with fully at least 12 months warranty.

  • During warranty period, if any problem happens due to quality reason,  please be cooperative to take photos or videos on the problem and send to us for verifying.

  • For confirmed product faulty on your approval, we can send you replacement parts free of charge. 


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Q:Dyson Vacuum cleaners? Anyone have one and do you LOVE it, or is it just so-so?
I recently went to a vacuum cleaner store ( one that repairs and sells new ones) and there were at least 15 Dysons in the back ( repair) room. I asked about them and was told they are all in for repair - they get more Dyson's that need repair than any other brand. See if you can find a place that sells Sebo. I bought a Felix. It is lightweight but sucks better than any vacuum I have ever had and has great features that I have not seen on any other vacuums. It is about $500, but will last forever. I love it!
Q:Are Roomba's good vacuum cleaners?
They are good. Not the best for suction but they do it by themselves every day so even if they miss something they will just get it the next day. I love mine
Q:Which Vacuum cleaners are as DURABLE as they used to be?
I have been happy with Kenmore (Sears) canister vacuums, having bought two of them over the last 33 years. Fairly easy to get replacement parts for them.
Q:Any advice on the dirtdevil featherlite bagless vacuum?
its light weight and is esasy to move around. the bad thing is that it fills up right me
Q:Cost to get vacuum fixed?
This may sound silly, but it happened to me. Our vacuum brush roller stopped working, too. Turned out that the sliding switch that gave the bare floor/carpet option wasn't fully engaged. If you have a switch like that, check it. Also, if you still have the manual for it you may want to check under the troubleshooting section or look on their website. At any rate, I take my vacuum cleaners to Sears for repairs. It usually runs me $60.00 - $80.00, depending on the problem. You may want to shop around. Ask people in your area who they go to. Sears is more expensive, but they're reputable and stand behind their work. Hope this helps!
Q:kirby vacuum cleaners?
Kirby's are good but they are big and bulky. Shark makes EXCELLENT vacuum cleaners.
Q:In your opinion, what is the best vacuum brand/model available today?
This might be something you would want to check out. I just did a review on this particular vacuum, I hope you like it.
Q:Info needed on Drill or Vacuum-clean motor used as generator.?
Plug-in drills and vacuum cleaners have usually been universal motors, essentially the same thing as series connected DC motors. I don't believe they can be used as generators without changing the internal connections. The Dyson vacuums apparently use permanent magnet motors as do battery powered drills. Those motors would probably make good generators, but you would need to eliminate the electronic control and connect directly to the motor coils. Any motor that can be used as a generator would generate the rated voltage at the rated speed for which it was designed as a motor.
Q:How many Vacuum Cleaners do you have at your House???
Three. I have 7 dogs to vacuum up after, so I try to have extras. lol....I vacuum at least 10 times a day. lol....
Q:Why do witches fly on Broomsticks?
That question could forward to J.K. Rowling.

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