Handy Vacuum Cleaner With Blower Fuction Bst-810 Handy Powerful Suction

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$10.30 - 15.00 / pc
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3060 Pieces pc
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40000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:


Handheld Vacuum Cleaner With Blower Fuction BST-810


Description :

  • Certificates: CE,GS,RoHS,EMC

  • Technical Parameter

    Dust bag capacity(L)0.50.5
    Wire/cable length(m)4.54.5
     Complete setStandard set
    Package size(mm)345x205x240290x150x210
    Carton size(mm)355x420x500435x305x470
    Unit size(mm)275x125x170275x125x170
    Load Qty 40'HQ3500(6pcs/carton)6540(6pcs/carton)
    Load Qty 40'Q3200(6pcs/carton)5814(6pcs/carton)
    Load Qty 20'Q1580(6pcs/carton)2904(6pcs/carton)


Features :

  • Bio&carton design

  • Powerful suction

  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying

  • Compact handy vacuum cleaner with permanent filter



Certificated Approval:



Main Market:

Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America


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Making products to satisfy our customer with reasonable cost

Customer first

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Q:Does wet vacuum cleaners can suck water on floor?
Can You Vacuum Water
Q:what exactly are steam vacuum cleaners?
they clean dirty steam
Q:When did Amish people stop using elephants as vacuum cleaners?
I even have a vac that i offered from a nearby vacuume save that became equipped to their specs. It won't be in a place to be offered in any shop or perhaps on the internet (a minimum of the final time I checked). Delta is what it it called. that's has an exceptionally heavy accountability motor it relatively is seen to be advertisement accountability. Has 3 tiers of clear out plus the baggage i purchase for it are wellness facility grade hepa. What is going in that vac does not pop out of it it relatively is for particular. So i'm now not spreading greater airborne dirt and dust whilst i'm attempting to scrub it up. that's somewhat on the cumbersome section and awkward to get around with yet I even have found that with vacuumes there is often some form of sacrafice to be made. you may settle on on what's important to you with the best factors and in basic terms %. what ultimate suits you. This gadget i could have serviced and it'd final me maximum of my life. All areas may be repaired/replaced on it as needed. because of the fact it cleans so nicely and retains the airborne dirt and dust contained extremely than spewing it applicable decrease back out i opt for it over lighter weight greater fee-effective vacs that are greater handy to artwork with. IMHO you may seem at a vac shop till now procuring out of any time-honored merchandise shop.
Q:Why do British/English accents always sound so pompous and arrogant?
I'm Sweating... There's a reason why the most of Europeans think you Americans are uncultured and stupid... Because the most of American tourists in Europe are uncultured and stupid! As you think that we're all snob and arrogant, we do think that you Americans are stupid hillbillies... Even if both our ideas are wrong and uncultured... Just stereotypes! We're all the same... In the US you have intelligent and cultured people but stupid, uncultured and arrogant people also! The same here in Europe... We have intelligent, open minded people and stupid, pompous people... Anyway British accent is not so terrible for me, even if I prefer to use the American one, more open and informal, I think.
Q:i need a new vacuum.....anyone know vacuums?..?
In my opinion, I would not buy a Rainbow! My mother has one that she paid over $1000 for and I would lots have my upright that came from WalMart. You have to put water in it every time you vaccum and then empty it; in other words, it's just a pain to deal with. Before that she had an Electrolux cannister and I loved it. Like you said, you could get it underneath lower furniture. The only drawback was that it took up too much room to store. They do make an Electrolux upright now that is great. My ex-boyfriend's mom sells them. They are a little expensive, but worth the price. They pick up grit and 'fuzzies' very well. Electrolux even has a payment plan. When I buy a new vaccum, this will be my choice.
Q:cleaning without vacuum?
if your windows are open, try to keepthem closed as much as possible..especially when its windy..alot of dirt and dust comes in that way..you can use a broom to sweep the carpet, it doesnt work as well as a vacuum, but it will be able to pick up some of the bigger particles that are in the carpet...for area rugs take them outside and shake them..if you have pledge or furniture polish, you can use that with a rag to pick up dust off of smooth surfaces, if you dont, just use a damp rag.. and dont feel bad about your situation...everyone goes through hard times sometimes, we have all been there, strong families like yours are the kind that stay together forever and thrive..keep your head up, things will get better for you!
Q:Vacuum cleaners - a brand similar to Dyson?
Q:Do Lancias really suck?
All details are on their home page.
Q:Dyson vacuum is permanet filters? is there any cons of dyson machines?
I have had it 5 yrs and encountered no problems.
Q:Vacuum Cleaners what brand do you use?
I want a Dyson, are they the best?

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